Monday, May 21, 2012

On Promiscuity Part 3: Getting Back At Women...

 So I was feeling very lazy last week and didn't do much, including finishing the series on promiscuity.

 To Re-cap part 1 was about boosting your self esteem and part 2 was about filling a hole in your life.

 Part 3 today will tackle guys who want to sleep with girls because something happened to them and now they want to strike back at women as a whole.

 This third guy is REALLY easy to identify.

 First of all he openly admits and brags about horrible things that no normal dude should ever admit in public, things like:

 Sleeping with a girl then deleting her phone number immediately afterwards.
 Not telling girls where he lives on purpose.
 Having girls slap him, break his car windows, destroy his clothes, personal property etc...
 Fucking an ex GF's friends/Roomate etc.
 Peeing in a girls mouth
 Being proud some girl cheated on a guy with him

 And the list goes on but I'm getting grossed out just typing these things( and yes I've done some of the less horrible things on this list but not for 5-6 years)

 But it's not just the activities he brags about it, it's how he talks about women, sex, and relationships.

 Have you ever found yourself saying things like:

 All girls are whores
 All girls cheat if a guy's game is good enough
 Women are just after a guy's money
 Girls manipulate guys all the time
 Guys get used by women all the time

 If so then it may be time to face the idea that at this point in your life you hate women. Or are a misogynist if you wanna get all fancy pants academic about it.

I've definitely hated women at times in my pick up career, I've also gone through phases where I was too into women and put them on a pedestal which is not healthy either.

 In order to get over this hatred, you have to learn to accept women as fully fleshed out formed human beings. You also have to stop making "All women" statements, because the truth is every woman is different and yes there are some women who are real assholes, but women as a whole don't all do anything. You also have to come to terms with the idea that women can do things you don't like but not be horrible people because of it. All women are not bitches because they reject you, they may just have good taste :)

 You also have to get over the way dating, sex and relationships go down. A lot of time guys focus their anger on women and want to get back at them because they are annoyed at how difficult it is a dude to date attractive women. It's not the women's fault so you have to separate the individual women from the process.  The process is often shitty, women are often awesome.

 Inherently people seek their own self interest, so we should not be offended when women do what they think is best for themselves even if this results in you getting rejected, embarrassed, hurt, or heart broken.

Or in other words hate the game, not the women.

 JS- The King of content


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    yes, I know this guy. Says all girls are whores, except the one he's dating....5 weeks later he's dumped...and she joins the whore hoard of the world. I don't have that issue. whew!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Gay Sinn is still gay

  3. Anonymous7:16 PM

    sorry sinn i'm gonna have to disagree with you here on this part number 3. women really are evil

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Most guys go through this phase. Almost all the guys currently involved in "the game" are going through it currently. Trust me, your anger doesn't matter as much when you realize you've truly hurt someone. Even if it's a girl. Go through it, get out of it, get over yourself.