Monday, May 14, 2012

On promiscuity Part 1: Boosting Self Esteem Through Sex

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  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    First of I don´t know why you dissmis the evolutionary component so quickly, going against nature is the only thing I know is 100% guarantied to make you miserable thats why a lot of people in church live a cicle of sin/guilt/missery. Second nothing in life is going to give you real accomplishment thats how it is you succeed feel good for a short time then back again life is a game you cant win. Third give yourself a break man I think you do a great job at teaching all this buffoons (Myself included) how to be better with girls. Why do I sleep with girls? because is enjoyable and whoever says its not its a two faced hypocrite.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Agreed. I have found myself going to bars and night clubs every weekend. Normal interaction with women isn't enough, the more I get from one woman the more I have to get from all of them otherwise I get so damned bored. I don't even care about women, they are just meat bags to make out with and masturbate into. It's a hollow existence, even a little effort on my part leads me walk away and the passion I had at the beginning of learning game is gone.

  3. Excellent words of wisdom. Reading this post made my day. Thank You Sinn!

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    That's bullshit.

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I think that this article is well worth publicizing. What kind of sick fuck just wants to fuck a woman for another notch on the bed post?? I actually enjoy women. I don't worship them, and I enjoy fucking them, but I certainly do not have the disdain that many in the PUA community seem to have for them. I actually fear my two fuck-buddies finding out about the other, as each thinks that she is my exclusive woman. I do not want to hurt either of them.

    Many seem to treat all women as stupid bitches. If all you know are stupid bitches then perhaps that says something about the women with whom you fraternize.

  6. This post could also be written with a few minor tweaks and directed towards women. Cheap easy women who whore monger and validate themselves only through the male gaze and how much attention they can suck out of a sea of beta shmucks or how much alpha cock they can ride on the carousel of life.

    Anyone who seeks validation from external sources instead of within will always lead a miserable life, no matter how big a smile they might force onto their face, be it male or female.

    I definitely fit the bill for #2, and got married to fill that void. Once i discovered the manosphere after my marriage imploded, i was surely on path #3. Will be waiting for those 2 posts intently.

  7. It's a new subject here Sinn has touched upon. It didn't cross my mind lately.

    My take is that you have to like girls and enjoy sex FIRST or else nothing can and will help you. U have to come from the right mentality and set of beliefs. If you got that, women will see it and reciprocate.

    Yes we do all start with passion about the game to leanr the secrets, really not so many secret formulas once you get it... BUT Sinn did help a lot throughout the years, been reading this Blog since its inception I think circa 2006/2007?? I don't remember. Sinn had evolved, I have evolved and so many others I am sure of it. Some guys will have more success than others it all depends on the person, their way of life, job, friends, beliefs, skillset, etc.....

    I used to count lays, now I prefer not to remember and move on, it's not really a numbers game you're trying to beat or to get back at women.

    If you understand and like women and are willing to change for the better then this is for you, you're not a pua or guru or anything of that sort, NORMAL you have to be normal, getting called a playboy or womaniser or player way better than PICK UP ARTIST = LOOSER,

    At the end of the day those who havent found this blog, understood it or at least had bought some of the Sinn's products will be lost without a shepard for an eternity.

    It was so refreshing to read the Bobby Rio MM new e-book, I gave it a fair review, but Sinn (which happens to be my fav) is leagues away and above the current products on the market which I dont even bother to look at.... I confess I had bought ALL of Sinn's products at one time,,,, which in turn built my foundations with solid PRACTICAL theory and I picked up the pieces along the way in accordance with me and my life.

    And since I like to repeat myself and trash David DeAngelo for putting me on the wrong path initially, I hope he's still doublING his MasturbatING as a groom :))

    At the end, I am not saying that I dont enjoy the occasional ego boost when a game/ seduction goes my way... but i learnt to chill and relax and NOT let it get to my head, became humble about it not arrogant, it doesnt help, I also dont boast in front of guy friends anymore, it jinxes game and there is abs no NEED to tell to impress, this immediately lowers your social value and if friends as stupid they will believe, if they r smart then u r a would be.... this category might be called the would be PUA. LOL.

    All of the above stems from personal experience, in the field, in the trenches, in the clubs, in the beds, in the cabanas during beach parties, in the clubs, in the hotels, in the car, etc, etc.... I had to earn it the hard way which is the only way

    1. Anonymous4:51 AM

      double your masturbating. lol. thanks to this post, i just realized that i am an externally validated pussy. all the while i thought i was above society. oh the irony of life. damn sinn is tha man.

  8. Anonymous4:23 PM

    You know what that is why i quick the "pick up girls and get laid game" for a while after reading David Deangelo and other pick up gurus such as Jon Sinn. I realize the reason why I suddenly wanted to learn the game is because I felt really shitty about my self. I thought that getting more girls would make me feel better. However I now realize that the more I work on my self esteem and getting a better job to improve my life the happier I am and the less I need woman(sounds odd but yes). I feel much better trying make a better life than filling that empty hole called "loser" by getting laid with a shit load of girls. I need to fuck so many girls to feel better.

  9. hehehe Always love to trash David DeAngelo :D and that dwarf ugly kojak looking Neil Strauss.

    These two back in 2005 singlehandedly made thousands of poor guys wear black nail polish, cowboy hats and fluffy drag queen stuff running after girls asking them "hey you got e-mail?" lol to make it worse, I'm sure half of them were virgins..imagine the hundreds of girls that got scared to shit from this army of retarded puas :)

    I thank God I never went down that path, some things ring true to a sane guy, it all started for me when I started reading Ross Jeffries the looney toon back in hypnotising women lol... However, not everything is wrong with all the systems, there are jewels here and there, but the systems that existed at the begining were just infantile in nature...not there yet until Sinn came on board and took it to the stratosphere... There is cohesion now and some kind of a blue print with rules......

    Can't wait to read the next post :)

  10. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Check that out you imbecile. There is a whole department dedicated to evolution and ecology at my school and I took numerous courses on the subject. Clearly, you are an ignoramus of epic proportions and your opinion holds no validity whatsoever.