Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Promiscuity Part 2: Filling a hole...

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  2. Anonymous2:32 AM

    pure gold..

  3. Anonymous4:15 AM

    good always

  4. good stuff bro!!, that how i feel when i failed to progress in all areas of life.

  5. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Gay Sinn is gay

  6. Ablaze9:35 AM

    I've really enjoyed your last few posts and can relate to them both.

    The "hole" for me is a little different though. Anytime I'm turning away from that which I want, that which I need, my desires, I feel a twisting overwhelming negativity come over me. When I see the hot girl bend down to look in her purse and half her ass is hanging out of her jeans and I get that "rush", I have to follow it. When I don't I feel like I'm being weak, I'm turning away from my desires, I'm caring too much about what other people think, simply put I'm allowing fear to rule me.

    Pickup for me is very much about filling a hole inside of me and feeling whole and complete. I want to walk through this world unafraid and free. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending how good my performance is I guess) for women, part of that feeling complete means following through on my desires to seduce. It's not so much that I'm trying to fuck my way to freedom to fill the hole, but it is a part of it.

    The end goal, the lay, isn't the goal. It's the process of pursuing that which my emotions are pushing me to pursue that fills the hole. The hole can only be filled with a complete and balanced life and pursuing women is a part of it.

    Dare I give you some advice Sinn? I've had "the hole" in the sense that you described. Sex and seduction wasn't fun anymore as it was more a job and it zapped all of the excitement out of it. What made it better for me was to stop worrying about the numbers I was racking up and focusing more on the quality of the girls and the way I gamed. I became radically picky, only approaching girls that were so my type I wanted to punch myself in the face. I was radically myself. I never put on another face or act. And I was radically honest about my intentions with girls. That combo 1) Super picky 2) Being myself 3) Honest about my intentions... That was the magic combo for me. The girls I get now are just built for me. I get laid less, but the satisfaction is so much greater.

    I appreciate your blog Sinn.

    1. Ablaze10:55 PM

      Seriously, take my advice Sinn. Peace

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Your advice sucks.

      The only solution to fix the "Black Hole" issue is to not have it. Think of your body as either a Sun or a Black Hole. You can either take attention, love, kindness, respect, praise, etc or give it out. But if your stuck recieivng, how do you know what it's like to give?

      Pickup is a lame as fuck; Seriously. Most healthily individuals have an assortment of friends, male and female, and focus on one healthy sexual/emotional relationship that's fulfilling, Picking up A WOMAN and NOT WOMEN.

      P.S. you can't walk through life unafraid and free, there are always constructs place upon us.

    3. The Real Ablaze6:59 AM

      I never said "Seriously take my advice Sinn. Peace."

      I was just stating what worked for me. It got me out of Puatron mode and into real person mode and made me a little happier. Sex with girls was no longer a sales operation, but an enjoyable experience.

    4. The Real Ablaze12:38 AM

      One day I want to be a dating coach. I feel I have a lot to offer.

  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I see that therawness resonated in you. And I'm kinda proud of your honesty to yourself right now. Keep it up.

  8. icantstopfarting12:10 PM

    Good post Sinn. I'm in toronto and there's one guy I've been running with for about half a year who's an OG pua. He hung out with Mystery and 26 back in the early 00's and he's still at it. I won't say his name/handle, but he says he's met you too.

    Anyway on the point of rejection being a constant in approaching even if you're good, I remember he once told me the following: "In pick up, your identity is so transient. You can talk to one set and they'll think you're a total loser, and then you talk to another set and they'll think you're the coolest guy in the world. It's like you have to ask yourself, 'Who am I?'". That bit stuck with me.

    As for the guy, he freely admits that he no longer does pickup primarily to get laid, but for the validation.

    - I Can't Stop Farting

  9. Anonymous3:00 PM

    lol wtf who likes the validation more then the pussy? gay

  10. Anonymous12:38 AM

    It's funny how much people start to realize that being good in "pua" is simply learning to be a successful, independent, well adjusted guy.

    BTW, props for actually owning up to this Sinn. I know you say it as it is, and it's a bit refreshing. It's human nature to want to believe in a fairy tail when your life sucks. The PUA community largely just feeds off the desperation of guys who are too lazy to put the effort into simply being better people.

    It's not that self improvement isn't viable, and that guys can't learn to pick up girls, but what quality girls are you picking up? Does it really feel that much better to pick up random bar sluts who lead an even more pathetic life than you do? The more you get into pickup, the more you realize that girls who actually have a personality are actually attractive (*at least for me).