Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Report Topics?

 Hey there,

 Because I"m your friend, i'm gonna write a special report just for my blog readers.

But, since it's only for you guys, I need you to comment below and tell me what you'd like the free report to be on.  Depending on what you guys want the most I'll create an awesome report exclusively for you guys.

Be sure to leave a comment so that I can create a report on the topic MOST of you want to hear about.

 Talk soon,

 JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Daytime Approaching and Approach Anxiety. Also, I find myself self conscious about accidently gaming a married woman, when looking for single women.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Nice idea. I'm definitely into a report on going out solo.

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I have noticed in my travels all over the country and even outside this country that the culture of the city affects to a huge extent how you game the girls depending on what the girls are expecting . For example gaming in Los Angeles is quite different than gaming in Raliegh and is different from seattle. I want to know if you have ever found yourself noticing these differences , meaning are they real or is it something that only few of us are experiencing . If it is real then, what is your calibration strategy or game plan to find out the most effective game for getting quick lays (not ltrs, since most of us are in the city for short time while travelling )


  4. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Talk about where captain jack is and when he will be back

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM

      yeah the internet is not the same without Captain Jack. Where the hell is he?! The guy is a gold mine of originality and genius.....

  5. Nothing basic please. There's ten million reports on A.A., opening, ect. Something on a "deeper" inner game or maybe something on how to accelerate the whole process. I'm bad at opening ( getting better by not relying on an outcome and just trying to have fun meeting people.) But once I'm in, I'M IN (70%ish). Just normally takes me a few extra "hang outs" ( I NEVER USE THE WORD "DATE". On that note, I'm very careful when I use words like "pretty" or "beautiful" instead I opt for "awesome", "cool" ect... but I digress.) to reach the finish line and would like to be able to do this at the very first engagement or a hang out or two. Sinn, you have rekindled my fire with your 100 days to rock solid inner game. Not just with pick up, but interacting and being social with people in a social setting in general and I thank you very much.

  6. Nothing basic please. There's ten million reports on A.A., opening, ect. Something on a "deeper" inner game or maybe something on how to accelerate the whole process. I'm bad at opening ( getting better by not relying on an outcome and just trying to have fun meeting people.) But once I'm in, I'M IN (70%ish). Just normally takes me a few extra "hang outs" ( I NEVER USE THE WORD "DATE". On that note, I'm very careful when I use words like "pretty" or "beautiful" instead I opt for "awesome", "cool" ect... but I digress.) to reach the finish line and would like to be able to do this at the very first engagement or a hang out or two. Sinn, you have rekindled my fire with your 100 days to rock solid inner game. Not just with pick up, but interacting and being social with people in a social setting in general and I thank you very much.

  7. Anonymous12:10 PM

    The minutes between your opening and attraction material to which you refer as "coming across as a normal guy".

    In this phase even though I am just social and do not use attraction material I usually get rejected because I'm boring. If I skip that and instantly use your attraction material I get rejected because of needyness/creepyness (oh wonder!).

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    a report about escalation because is not always that i don't want to do it, but rather that i get confused about what i have to do because i'm touching unfamiliar territory , thx!

  9. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Physical contact-Physical connection, or "kino" in the power rangers jargoon... including:

    - Best moves (like grabbing girl's waist and reeling her in, the spin, arm on shoulder, etc.), explaining how to do them, when to do them, for what it's most efficient, and everything else that could be important

    - Beliefs, explaining the "inner game" of physical contact, the most healthy way to think and codify it on our minds

    - And something else that i'm surely missing

    Another interesting topic besides physical contact could be interruptions that happen all along the interaction between you and a girl and how to handle them propperly.

    Good luck buddy and thanks in advance for the report

  10. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hey Jon,
    It would be great to have you weite a report on approaching hipsterish girls, in low key venues. Seems alot of of stuff out there is geared towards bigger venues and party girls. Also really looking forward
    to the cold reading product, whens that coming out?

  11. Anonymous2:10 PM

    a) overthinking
    b) not believing that the techniques work
    c) going out alone
    d) making a decent connection with women

  12. Tattoo3:14 PM

    Well nobody said it here,but maybe some tips about picking up strippers?
    U never talked about it so it would be great..

  13. nafta3:18 PM

    1. How much and what kind of comfort is necessary for different kinds of girls/situations?

    2. Different kinds of escalations (kino, sexual framing) and what works best in a specific situation(night/day/conservative girl/ 20 vs 30 years old)

  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    The best report on inner game Jon Sinn can write. How to deal with this bitch called game.

  15. Anonymous3:37 PM

    The most important factors that guy should have in order to get laid.

    There are too many pickup techniques out there and lot of them are crap.

    Would love to hear your opinion on the good ones.

  16. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I vote strippers and hipster girls !

  17. Anonymous5:52 PM

    I think you should repost a guide that explains how to become REALLY good at the game.

  18. Anonymous5:55 PM

    It seems most of us are asking for differences in Real world gaming for different girl types , places etc rather than what most of the 'gurus' talking about 1 entity Game. They talk as if we apply the same Game to all the girls expecting to disregard the distinctions between girls and cultures . I guess you could go in specifics with few examples of differences you had in los angles and Dallas and then give a higher perspective of general differences and how you calbrate or go about finding changes and tweaking game , besides just hitting up crazy

  19. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Real Houswives Commentary!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous6:56 PM

    How to convince a girl to try anal.

  21. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Winning the girl over so you don't fall into friend zone. This would require good flirting lines and emotional attraction spikes

  22. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Going out solo

  23. Anonymous7:21 PM

    opening to after attraction

  24. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Since you started pickup very young... How to pick up girls in high shook great guide that only you can do

  25. A lifestyle report (job, car, fashion, home, hobbies etc.) that explains how to live an attractive lifestyle and maintain it while going out and meeting women.

    It would be nice if the advice takes into account 40+ hour work weeks and living in the burbs.

  26. A lifestyle report (hobbies, car, job, fashion, etc.) that defines an attractive lifestyle, suggestions for how much time to dedicate to different pursuits (dating, hitting on women, chilling with friends, exercising, etc.), while keeping in mind 50+ hour work weeks and guys living in the burbs.

    Thanks Sinn!

  27. Anonymous8:58 PM

    im gonna go with stripper game as well

  28. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Can you talk about starting from scratch? Literally having no friends and not many hobbies.

  29. Anonymous10:27 PM

    sexual anxieties and escalation issues. alot covered in seduction roadmap but more info and tips would be nice. theres enough stuff on AA, innergame, attraction, etc. more sexualized game is more helpful.

  30. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Something on inner game. Maybe along the lines of the inner game of feeling adequate enough to ask for the number, calling a girl, asking her out, going for the kiss (my issue), and so on and so forth. I gather this is mostly a self-esteem issue.

    Thank you by the way.

  31. 1)going out alone
    2)being in state

  32. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Hi Jon,

    I've checked out many pickup dudes and I knew right away you were the best. You skip the inner game fluff and get to the details right away. I was especially impressed by Mehow's infield video of you and how quickly you escalated the interaction.

    I am now able to move beyond my opener and up to qualification.

    For the report, I suggest covering common sticking points and ways to overcome them. other than that, I would like to see more night time infield videos.

    thank you, you're awesome

  33. Anonymous1:17 AM


    I would like to read something about comfort and how to make deeper connections, then the average "I do this, live there and like animals". Especially in the daytime.

    Great idea, by the way!

  34. Anonymous4:02 AM

    1) going out alone (!)

    2) the number’s game aspect

    3) screening

    4) helpful mindsets

    5) the backlash against the community and how to not lose faith in cold approaching (!)

  35. Anonymous5:39 AM

    FR in restaurant, line, mall, or else in day time.

  36. Anonymous5:41 AM

    The frames, skills, and habits of socializing in general. Most socializing is done with people through work, church (for some), hobbies, and friends (and making new friends) and then you only have to add a small part to get better with hot women.

  37. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Talk about developing Robin Hood-like swagger.

  38. Anonymous8:40 AM

    going out solo

  39. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Talk about new openers, attraction material, and new qualification material.

    Tricks to pick up girls at concerts? When everyone is going wild in a group, anyway to transititon that into a conversation and escalate?

  40. Anonymous9:36 AM

    any tips on how to do phone game when ur locked down. i want my girl to stick it out but im in here for two years, only get one phone call a week plus conjugal visits dont want her cheating. how can i make the most of the phone calls/visits make her feel she still got a man in her life

  41. Anonymous9:53 AM

    hey Sinn
    Tell us how to game girls in high-vulnerability environments, like when the girl is going through a difficult time and feels very vulnerable (for example, I am a high school grief councellor and many of my students have parents going through a divorce, just broke up with a boyfriend, etc). It doesnt make sense to use cocky+funny in that scenario because it comes off as uncalibrated. thanks

  42. Anonymous9:58 AM

    how do you take a professional connection and make it personal? I'm a clown in a travelling circus and some of our clownettes are hot beyond belief..although I will grant you that they often have issues. How do you talk to someone in your workplace? When is the best time/situation to approach? should I approach when i'm in makeup, or without my makeup - and should I be "in shtick" or "out of shtick" for the opener? its so hard to be real with people when everyone is dressed up, running all around the place plus there are animals everywhere, loud music, children screaming, etc.

  43. Anonymous10:20 AM

    1 of 2 Topics:

    1. PHYSICAL ESCALATION (theory, but especially practical techniques and routines).

    2. How to allocate weekly time when improving at the game, assuming a 50-60+ hour work week, exercising, eating, improving career skills outside of official work hours, hobbies, etc.

  44. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I have an identical twin brother who has always been a player and at any given time he is banging 2-3 girls (Im 100% sure even tho he says he only has one to our family). I've got a similar wardrobe to his and I had copies made of his keys and his cellphone's SIM, plus he doesnt care if I use his stuff and generally he is very laid back. I want to start fucking his girls by pretending to be him, and since his cellphone calls also go to me (so I listen to his calls with the girls), I can tell when he is about to break up with one of them, and then I go over pretending to be my brother and make up with them and of course I will tap that shit. I dont want to fuck his main girl of course but this is just for his FBs(of which there are many). any tips would be great man, how can I keep this from messing up my relationship with him and my family, because they already think I'm a freak. keep up the good work sinn, D.

  45. Anonymous12:28 PM

    How to seduce a friend who already trusts you, has fun with you and even think that you are attractive, but doesn't have any sexual chemistry with you.

  46. Anonymous3:54 PM


    tell us how to date asian chicks from the perspective of an asian man, maybe a whole report dedicated to gaming asians as an asian oneself.

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      1. going out alone and opening mixed sets
      2. what to say if you have an all girl set and their boyfriends come in later and interrupt

  47. Anonymous3:59 PM

    maybe a sci-fi themed seminar about how much early 1900s pussy were gonna bag when time machines are invented - how to game women from different eras, etc. Im more in the theoretical part of my learning curve at this point anyway so what can it hurt?

  48. Anonymous4:05 PM

    How to be Lord of a nightclub. So that you walk in and everybody knows you, you are the center of attention, and its like 'who is that guy and why does everyone love him so much? oh wait im starting to feel it too'. Also how do you stay in state permanently, like a permanent chudder high, keep it floating forever and get your nimbus on a roll?

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      center of attention thing sounds cool

  49. How the game is played when you're over 30. There starts to become the risk of being the "creepy old guy" if you come on too strong, too fast. Lots of things need to be dialed back. Probably ties into work environments aswel?

    Any long term self development thoughts? Since a lot of us are trying to get our entire lives together.

    Leveraging social circle to meet new people?

  50. Anonymous5:58 PM

    STATEMENTS OF INTENT AND SHOWING THE GIRL YOU LIKE HER, an indepth version of the post you had "brainstorming: ways to convey direct interest"

    That would be great, thanks

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Some of the things mentioned, Mr. Sinn has covered and if you get his newsletter, there's usually a link provided at the end of a message, to a product he's done:
    Talking about different pickup methodologies - Game Acceleration 2.0 PDF, that's free. He hasn't talked about African American Alan Roger Currie's Mode One methodology, that's basically about always being direct, but I couldn't see that working very well in day game, as it'd weird most women out.

    Getting out of the friend zone – a product has been done on it.
    Inner Game – a product has been done on it.
    Opening after attraction - a Sinn Inner Circle audio titled 'Transitioning' and the 5 Minute Chemistry and Masters Program for it.
    How to allocate time if you work and/or study 40 or more hours a week - a Sinn Inner Circle audio titled 'Motivation' covered this.

    Whether it was a report, or a Sinn Inner Circle, I have 3 things :
    1) Since pick up encourages guys to be polyamorous, which is fine with me, as I currently want to be, how to openly break that to women and showing that it's quite different to being a player, where you'd be dishonest and deceitful.

    2) Since most guys don't have the luxury of having their own home based online marketing business earning an annual 6 figure income, how to handle both the time management and relationship management aspects of pickup, if you're wanting to be polyamorous, as most guys who are fully occupied with career and/or full time college study, probably can't handle it.

    3) Successfully running game on women of different ethnicities. I'm not generally into Asian women, unless they have big boobs and the large majority unfortunately don't, but for those occasionally encountered who do, it'd be interesting to know how to game them, as most are reserved and quiet. Same with darker skinned women (Indians, African Americans), Hispanic women. I know Dean Cortez and a colleague did a product on Asian women, but it was absolute crap and incredibly stupid, like all of his products.

  53. Anonymous12:35 AM

    How to be cool and bang a ton of chicks! No just kidding.

    How to identify which pua "techniques/routines" are just bullshit!

    And a 2012 List of your top 10 PUAa/Top 10 scammers :)

    And a word about the 21 convention, would you go there sometime?

  54. Anonymous12:45 AM

    1: Adjusting for different types of girls, especially different nationalities.

    2: Flying solo.

    Thanks, love the blog!

  55. Stripper and Hire Gun PLSSSSS

  56. Anonymous1:26 AM

    A report on whether a federalist Europe will lead to a greater role on the world stage, and how to shake it like a Polaroid picture. Either or, I'm not fussed.

  57. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Cool. I'd like to know

    1. What is your stack these days (in 2012) ?

    2. How have "the game", cold approach, dating, girls, etc. changed in the 8 or so years you've been doing this? So, say, 2004 vs. 2008 vs. 2012?


  58. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Great idea :)

    How about day game, and how to keep going when you're not getting dates (I'm in a rut right now)..

  59. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Elaborate more on things like Daygame, SNL, Hired Guns.
    e.g the first two are explained in the Seduction Roadmap but could be explained more detailed.
    How to adjust the game accordingly, e.g when you want to go from normal Daygame to Hired Guns.
    Little more information on thing that you didn't touch in the Seduction Roadmap

    Infos from your experience and mistakes so that we avoid mistakes.

  60. Anonymous8:09 AM

    lol he's not asian. herp derp.

    Write about the taste of neal strauss arse

  61. Anonymous1:19 PM


  62. Anonymous2:44 PM

    how to do damage control after you went through a pickup phase and approached literally every woman in your village and your now 'the village crepe'. please for gods sake they have labelled me and put me in a box!

  63. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Some guys talk about banging girls with a 10 minute lead in: find the right girl, take her to the bathroom. How can i do that? And another question: I still have oneitis for a girl from my school... how can i win her back?

  64. Anonymous3:25 PM

    1) getting laid on spring break

    2) gaming hotties and getting up in them on the SPRIZZING BRIZZAKE. When that time of year rolls around its like time to take a break, gents...SPRING BREAK. Fuck yeah fucking spring fucking break coming up, whoa

  65. Anonymous3:43 PM

    All the basic stuff has been covered many times, how about a report on how to consistently get threesomes within your own social circle?

  66. Anonymous4:35 PM

    daygame logistical escalation

    -how to instant date
    -best time to instant date
    -how to instant date within shop, then take her outside
    -instant dates that lead to same day lays
    -2 set instant dates

    1. Anonymous4:47 AM

      isn't this in the seduction roadmap product?

  67. Anonymous6:38 PM

    How to force a girl to like you if you're shy. Any methods for shy guys? Methods to make her like you then into relationship then sex.

  68. Anonymous7:09 PM

    How to come back from friend zone.

    First,month kiss,making out,spend time in the bed.Then fall into friends zone.SEX to hug relationship.

    How to sex after certain month.One night stand happens but I am not into those.

    I want to know her better but if I knew her really great,it is too late to move to physical relationship.

    I want to learn about slow but steady love.You taught us quick road to sex.I see enough stuff.Thank you for teaching us getting laid quick but It is not easy when I want to know girls better.

  69. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Sinn doesn't do night game anymore, so there's little chance of a night game report or product happening.

    Sinn already covered hotties (9s and 10s) on an Inner Circle and it requires much more advanced skills. I'd like seeing a 2nd daygame product, with a lot more in field footage than the first one had, of Sinn and guys he's coached, covering more advanced daygame topics, where more difficult logistics sometimes come into play (approaching on public transport, in a supermarket, etc.) and daygame for older guys over 35.

    1. Anonymous4:55 AM

      2nd daygame product idea is good

  70. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Top 10 Puas of 2012

    Top 10 freaks and Charlatans of 2012

  71. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Pls a post about "How to be not gay like Sinn?"

  72. Anonymous10:35 AM


  73. Anonymous11:44 AM

    handling 3somes

  74. Anonymous4:27 PM

    verbal dump of everything you know on logistics, ways of getting past objections - hers and others. Nothing basic. Drop teh whole and complete science of everything you know.

  75. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Somthing id really appreciate is if u write drills to work on. For beginner, intermediate and advanced people. Be cool shit to make sure u have ur foot sinked in in one of those stages. Then how u know which level you are at and what u need to do to get past that. Just shit in general.

  76. Increasing success rates by where you choose to meet women and which women you choose to go after. A lot of material out there seems to assume an "approach any women, anywhere" mentality. By this mentality, if there's a Jamba Juice right across from a modelling agency, you'll do no better there than approaching women on a random street. Choice of where and when, and which women to pursue, can either make meeting women much easier, or totally impossible. Guy dressed as accountant pursuing 22 year-olds at a dance club -- nearly impossible. Same guy at place where women in business hang out -- much more likely. Essentially, arranging your lifestyle to run into more receptive women rather than trying to coax random women into being receptive.

  77. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Unless most blog readers are doing a minimum of 50 approaches every week and already have half a dozen FWBs and/or FBs, threesomes game requires a lot more advanced pickup skills and is probably too advanced for most guys.

  78. Anonymous1:49 AM

    Why did you move your blog to Sweden?

  79. Anonymous4:12 AM

    - Why some Guys never get good, although they constantly approach ?

  80. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Bantering/Teasing Women to bed.

  81. Anonymous4:16 PM

    post your biggest fuckup in detail, how you couldn't recover and how it changed you.

  82. Again, as Ive requested earlier. Look up RSD alexanders new material and give your take on it. IT would be really valuable cause u are about the only "guru" I look up to these days.

    Just search for "alexanderfreetour" on youtube and u will find his videos. Check out the 2 hour video "Natural instincts method" and give your take on it, would be really, really awesome.

  83. Anonymous9:23 PM

    what specific banter and teases to bring up according to nationality. e.g. colombian vs. brazilian vs. french vs. italian vs. russian vs. croatian. There's not enough specifics to help when you meet people of weird countries you never been too.

  84. Anonymous9:30 PM

    how to seduce girls that want to trade up their boyfriends, when they clearly aren't happy with them.

  85. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Explain "attraction".Without it there is no game...Please describe it..

  86. Anonymous9:30 AM

    how to suck donkey cock, lovesystems braddock style.

  87. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Talk about getting girls out and first
    date ideas. Also any physical or logistical
    escalation tricks.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      yeah second the logistical stuff. There is more to it than just does she have anything to do in the morning and who did she get here with. I tried asking that and doesnt help me overcome all her friends and even her own objections. I like the way you put it - logistical escalation tricks

  88. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Pulling and SNL's

  89. Anonymous3:16 AM

    How about a Sinn "hotseat" video
    Like the day game ones you did for
    The day game product

  90. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Sinn has explained attraction on an Inner Circle audio on the topic, 'Intro to Attraction' and has also done an Attraction
    Mastery product, so any report on it would recycle what he's covered on those. At least he's probably got some good topic ideas from here, on future product and/or Sinn Inner Circle audio topics to cover.

  91. Anonymous6:29 PM

    sinn your blog just got bukkake'd with comments

  92. Ablaze8:34 PM

    My biggest sticking points...

    1) Getting over AA when approaching large quantities of girls. I'm good with a few approaches, but as soon as I try to take it to the next level I feel weird. Your post on "variability" helped with that.

    2) Negative self talk. I tend to focus on the things I don't like about myself and it draws attention to it from the girls, too.

    3) Getting over AA when approaching the super hotties. I'm good with 9s and below, but when I see the girl that's so hot I want to punch myself in the face, I lock up.

    4) Getting over the weirdness of pickup. Sometimes I think I enjoyed gaming girls more before I had the avalanche of info rammed into my skull. I feel weird and creepy and like I'm breaking some unwritten code of conduct when I approach a girl with the intention of seducing her.

    5) Breaking out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of early success with women and I still have a decent amount, definitely more than the average guy, but I've become a lazy pua. I'm pretty good at getting girls to approach me or being more sniper like and approaching girls I know I can get. But it's not making me happy. I'm stuck in a rut of gaming the same girls that gravitate to me over and over. I can't seem to muster the desire to approach what I really want because I always have "good enough" girls falling into my lap.

    I could go on, but those are the big ones off the top of my head right now.

  93. Anonymous6:09 AM

    How to pick up cougars! The guide for guys in their twenties to pick up girls in their 30's and 40's!

  94. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I don't know if he's wanting to share and/or expand upon what he said in it, but older women is a very interesting topic and Sinn did cover it very well on his Sexual Triggers product.

  95. Ablaze1:08 AM

    Can you discuss how to be a pickup coach? All the best.

  96. Ablaze1:11 AM

    Also, I have no life. I prove my worth to myself of being a man by picking up girls. Do you have any advice for that? Thanks bud.

  97. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Sinn already put out a report on how to go out solo years ago. Hit on the 1st group of girls you see, because otherwise you are going to feel weird for going out alone.

    Also if you have the choice of daygame where its normal to hit on chicks alone, versus nightgame. I am not sure why one would pick night game.

    Specific types of girls would be amusing.

    1. Anonymous2:32 AM

      because ppl go out at night alone as well ... *smh*
      You can find a lot of info on Specific types of girls as well

  98. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Picking up girls in a social environment without a wingman. How to function when you are alone and without a buddy or a group to back you up.

  99. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Breakthrough comfort