Monday, April 30, 2012

The One Interesting Chapter in The Upside of Irrationality

 The Upside of Irrationality is a boring book.

 It's the sequel to Predictably Irrational which I don't think helps you understand dating as much as it helps you understand that people are prone to irrational behavior which you'll see in dating time and again.

There is however one good chapter in The Upside Of Irrationality on of all things online dating. The chapter contends that online dating is a market in failure. There are a series of experiments that back up this idea in the chapter but much of it is focused on how online dating doesn't simulate a real date because you are essentially window shopping based on pictures and a few descriptions that anyone with half a brain could fake.

There's also some good stuff on ugly people and how they rationalize not being able to get the mates they really desire.

 It's probably not worth reading the whole book, but if you have 30-45 minutes free to read the chapter it's pretty interesting.




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    Ok, this post may have been worthy of the duke of content, but not the King of Content.

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    Or the BRENT OF CONTENT. Nice distinction!

    Sinn tells some nice stories in this blog, where guys with bad teeth want to learn technique -yet resist changing the 'outer game.'

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    There was a bit of a debate recently at PUAhate about what you were studying.

    Given your last few posts, Psychology is pretty much a given, wouldn't ya say ;)

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    fuck off whoever said that shit on the duke of content. Anything Jon says is interesting no matter how trivial. Nice stuff Jon!! :) p.s. would love to hear the podcast again on your fav movies and TV shows and shit like that...

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      Hi Mrs. Sinn! We like most of your son's stuff, but this post definitely comes up short.

      PS - Jon's jeans have holes in them, so please send him a new pair.

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      Dear Jon's illegitimate child,

      Poppa Jon or myself (Mrs. Sinn) need to give you a good spanking cause you're such a naughty little boy. If homosexuality pops in your mind, its obvious that you have a deep seated desire to 'bring out the gimp' so to speak rather than recognise that you need to heed the message when told to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

      P.S. Go to your room and shut the fuck up. Me and Poppa Jon have some making out to do ;)

      Mrs. Sinn xx

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    has anyone tasted pussy?

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      No, but Obama tasted dog.

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      cool i will bear that in mind

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  7. You can watch the author summarizing the online dating findings on youtube.

    Fits in with my thoughts on online dating. Trivial things that keep people apart are pushed to the forefront. Age, religion, favorite hobbies, height, etc.. People get ruled out for these reasons, often the people you'd like most if you met them. On OkCupid, they try to match you with people who answer *moral* questions in ways similar to you. Imagine getting to know someone by discussing a question like this: "If you have something to tell your partner that would only hurt them, should you tell them?" Compatible people can disagree on this, but OkCupid wants you to weed people out based on how many of these questions they answered exactly as you did. In trying to bring people together, they're actually pushing them apart. Dumb!