Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Don't believe everything you hear...

Did you know Gullible isn't in the dictionary?

It blows my mind, how soooo many people take everything they hear on face value.

The other day at my MMA gym, I heard a story about a friend of a friend "punking" a famous and very large football player.

Sounds cool right?

Until you examine the story. I'm not gonna get into how I can prove it never happened, but suffice it to say anyone with access to wikipedia and more free time than they know what to do with, could have come to the same conclusion.

Consistently people overrate their ability to withstand persuasion and figure out lies. In persuasion we call it the "Myth Of Invulnerability". We all assume that all the cons, lies and deceptions that confuse other people, would never work on us.

My Dad used to tell me that there was special paint on the roads of the Pacific Coast Highway that whined when you crossed the lines to let you know you were crossing. This sounded like a perfectly reasonable explanation of things at 12.

We all are programmed to believe anything we hear, especially if it comes from someone who is supposed to be an authority figure.

I wanted to write this post to remind you (Especially when dealing with pseudo authorities and "gurus") that not everything people tell you is the truth. And you should look at everything with a discerning eye before accepting it as gospel.




  1. This is especially true in the days of the internet where practically anyone can claim they're an authority in any particular field.

    The internet marketing industry is FILLED with these type of people - guys who have only made money online by selling other people how to make money online.

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM


    Are you going to do a top 10 PUA list again this year? Last years show with Cameron Teone was awesome. My fav part was the top charlatans. I could not stop laughing.

    I hope you do it again this year.

  3. I agree. Btw, i would love to have your thoughts on what are the ideas in the community that does more harm than good in getting guys become better with women. Ideas like strange peacocking, state, ego vs no ego etc. What theories are wrong!

  4. Tegan4:01 PM

    They use that paint here all the time. They just paint it in very thin strips so when you drive over it its a lot of little bumps and your tyre makes a high pitched noise when you start to cross it.

    Jon maybe you should also have more faith in people :)

  5. Tegan4:03 PM

    haha from wikipedia:

    Rumble strips are commonly used for the same purpose. A rumble strip can be a series of simple troughs (typically 1 cm deep and 10 cm wide) that is ground out of the asphalt. Other alternatives, similar to the Botts' dots, use raised strips, painted or glued to the surface. Uses can be across the travel direction (to warn of hazards ahead) or along the travel direction (to warn of hazards of not staying within a specific lane).[8] Their main way of function is creating a strong vibration when driven over that will alert a driver to various upcoming hazards both by sound and the physical vibration of the vehicle.

  6. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Don't believe everything you read. I edited that wikipedia entry so that you would get tricked.

  7. Anonymous5:35 PM

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