Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Watch This Video Or Struggle for YEARS...


I just put up a very controversial new video that
explains why some guys struggle for years
despite doing exactly what the "experts" are
telling them to do.

You can watch the video here:

The Truth

In it you'll discover:

* The truth about sleeping with beautiful women
that no other guru will dare tell you!

* The 4 things you MUST do in order to get the
results with women that you want!

* My "brain dead" simple process for becoming successful
with women that works every single time!

* Why some guys who go out consistently still can't
get laid to save their lives and how to make sure
this doesn't happen to you!

* And much more!

Please watch the video now while it's still

The Truth


JS-The King Of Content

P.S. Due to the controversial nature of this video,
I'm probably going to have to take it down soon.

Find out why here:

The Truth

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sinn, you make some good points, but I feel this was probably better put on a slideshare?

    Also, as far as eye opening truth videos go, have you seen this one?

    His other videos are hilarious, specially if you have learned about the community for some time! Oh, and one more video:
    Maybe you can get them to rebrand it as a Sinns of Attraction pickup study guide and make a better pitch for it. I am still quite AFC but the second guy's approach reeked 'creepy'. I think they need your help.