Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays...

Is What Communists say :)

Merry Christmas, from your
friends at Sinn's Of Attraction.

And as a token of thanks from
myself, Karen, Ron, Dave, Alex, and Ken,

And Because Although
the holiday season is a great time to
be giving gifts to your friends and family, it's
also a great time to GET cool gifts as well.

So, I've decided to do a special
holiday blow out sale where you can get any of
the products in the Sinns of Attraction catalog
for up to 50% off!

(Make sure you check out the "Mother of All Offers"
where you can get a private, 30-minute coaching
call with me as a FREE bonus).

Check it out at: Limited Time Blowout

This sale ends at MIDNIGHT, ON MONDAY DECEMBER 27TH, so
don't wait!



P.S. Let's be honest, there's not many gifts that you can
give yourself that are better than "the gift of more
naked women in your bed." Get started here:

Holiday Sale

PPS: I'll give a free product to the first
person who emails me with the TV show and
character that my opening quote was from.
Sinnstravel at Gmail dot com.

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  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Time to prepare the 2010 pickup community charlatans list, of which there's quite a lot as usual.