Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As I lay here on the couch trying not to go back to sleep and making a small effort at restoring some sort of order to my life, I decided to report a little on the superconference.

I think as an homage to Clint Eastwood, I'll lump everything into 3 categories. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

Moxie and I went on the rollercoaster at the Sahara while under the influence. It was a pretty intense experience to say the least. Punctuated by me finding a moment of complete acceptance and freedom from the fear of heights etc... Fucking awesome. Pretty much the entire time I spent with moxie was great.

Going to dinner with Brad P. Brad is such a cool guy to hang out with. He also told me about the funniest opener I've ever heard. He gave it to a guy with bad sexual anxiety. It was something like.. " That camera work good? People say I work real good too" With a cheesy porn star smile.. Awesome!

Badboy- As I repeatedly said at the strip clubs over the weekend, I need more Badboy in my life. I just want to ask him questions about random issues and hear him talk about them.

5 out of 10 students in the groups I went out with got laid.

My new habit of getting drunk and texting other instructors... leading to many texts to Jlaix simply stating JEFF.A!

Guys reactions to my speeches. Savoy asked the guys at the meet and greet Fri night what their favorite part of the program had been and 8 of them liked my stuff the best. I'm really glad that soo many guys were able to relate. My teaching is always reflective of my life and it was great to see guys who were also somewhere along the journey I'd been through over the last few years.

Running into a bunch of guys I've taught over the years and seeing the ways they've changed. There was one guy who had taken a program a few months ago and I literally did not recognize him until the Sun of the program. During the program he had been unable to scream, was super in his head and even left the club during the first night. He showed up in Vegas dressed well, having lost about 20 pounds and gained some muscle and with stories about girls he was dating... It really made me feel like I was helping people and more than ever revalidates my decision to teach smaller more custom programs.

Monday night. A bunch of the instructors went out and we all decided to play the busting chops game where you make fun of someone for their deeply personal issues. Sheriff and I of course started this. But good times were had by all... Except Rokker and Braddock, but they're tall and good looking so they don't count :P

The degenerate-ness of walking out of multiple strip clubs while it was light outside.

Getting to hang out with Fader and watch his ridiculous tolerance to alcohol.

Dinner at Nobu with The Don and Moxie. Amazingly good food, super hot girls. And Sake. Props to the Don for suggesting it. And Moxie for suggesting we let them put together a dinner for us.

The Bad:

Smoking too much, drinking too much, and not getting enough sleep. Seriously self-control and me are not friends.

The food. We were staying at the Sahara and we kept having to eat at the same shitty buffet or shitty cafe. Brad and I decided the buffet was better as at least you got a lot of bad food. Plus you re-connect with your white trash roots...It got to the point that we had to go to Nobu to make sure my taste buds still worked.

The Ugly:

The Sahara and how I felt on Tues. All you need to know about the Sahara was that when I checked in my room was torn apart had potato chip bags strewn on the bed, food wrappers all over the floors, and smelled like cigarettes. And it got worse. Yesterday I was literally dying all day and the idea of doing anything was repulsive. A fun feeling to have while speaking for 5 hours about day game. Thankfully Savoy changed my flight to get me home last night. Allowing me to sleep for 15 hours and be almost 50% productive... Maybe less.

Overall the weekend was great. And I got some great new ideas about stripper SNL game... I'll post some more on that later.



  1. Fader5:14 PM

    Nothing better then not knowing how you got to the hotel, only to try to get more alcohol, only to get blown out by the bartender with "there is no way in hell I am serving you more alcohol", only to wake up and find out you won 600

    Always hit on 16 holla

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Back in the day, I was at a strip club, for work. I felt really out of place because I knew intuitively that the girls there were naked for money, not because they liked me. So I sort of just stood on the perimeter. A stripper pulled me aside and started talking to me, because I looked "awkward." I had a shield on the whole time we were talking, just because I was naturally uncomfortable with the arrangement. She asked me what I did for fun - I said smoking weed. She wanted to know if I wanted to go smoke with her when she got off in 15 minutes. I was too much of a pussy to go back then...

  3. good times man, good times.

    I was one of the guys who told you your talk rocked fri. night. Its not just the material...your teaching and presentation skills make a huge difference. Obvious you put a lot of thought and effort into this stuff...thank you.

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Did you ask thundercat why he seems so incredibly bitter?

    isnt he speaking at the conference? he releases fairly expensive products then decides that certain companies products should not be bought.

    His arguments are full of holes and he just seems to be one of the biggest haters around.

    Then again its possible his social mask is pretty friendly and he would seem like an ok guy there.

    But just look at his writing

  5. Hey just wanted to swing by and say great meeting you man. The way you carry yourself and the value you gave out at the conference really helped put some things into perspective for me.

    Btw I wrote my own post on the conference


  6. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Your role is cunt, Dicklax.