Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Video blog.


  1. niceee

    Thanks Sinn

  2. kicknitinkc12:40 PM

    This is really helpful man. Thanks for the insight. It helps remind me of those basic essentials you need to always keep in mind.

    I look forward to more blogs. Maybe next one talk a little more about inner game and how to adopt the right "mindspace".

  3. Thanks sinn, Hope this is not a one off, keep it up.

    Please cover attraction too.


  4. Dang almost a major change since the last time I saw you.


  5. awesome sinn

    I like this idea of a video blog

    you give all the time best advices

    keep it up bro its awesome

    greetings from germany

    dj casshern

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Hey Sinn! I've been reading your blog since the very beginning but this is my first message. I realized by seeing you literally talking to us, that you are a very dedicated person. Your video blog has been a revelation to me, not only because of its content, but because of your dedication.

    There's not a lot of teachers out there who seems so concerned about other guys'success.

    English isn't my spoken language so there's no chance I'll be able to attend a bootcamp soon, but I want to thank you sincerely, for me and a lot of others that don't necessarily write on your blog.

    Keep this blog up man, it's really helpful.


  7. Mikenyc3:18 PM

    I'm trying to figure out that hair....

  8. MikeNYC3:24 PM

    oh shit nevermind that's a headset haha.

  9. Awesome sinn, keep the videos coming. I'm going to be in Vegas tomorrow for the superconference so I'll see you there! I'm looking forward to your talks on inner game, day game, frames, and your breakthroughs.

  10. Nice Sinn. Thank you.
    On the forum you said to recommend things for next week's blog.
    Could you talk about increasing social freedom, or qualification?

    I enjoyed the video blog. cya.

  11. Anonymous5:08 PM

    i usually do not write comments, because i'm no active blogger myself and leaving a msg as some anonymous is not my type of thing. but this time i have to comment:

    i first noticed you on the cliff's list dvds 2005 and i am an enthused reader since then, because you are always straight forward and on point. so, i love to see that you improved a lot just by comparing the cliff's dvd and this video blog. there's a different vibe in your voice and your eyes. you seem to be more calm, content and happy somehow. nice! really made me lit up.

    the idea of a video blog is absolutely awesome! thanks for giving that much value out for free.

    keep going!

    after seeing you in the video i think you really deserve some more attention.



  12. I really dig the video blog! Can't wait to see the next one! 8-)

  13. Hey Sinn, first time poster long time reader. Id like to see you put your attraction forums archive into videos. Each of your posts have very interesting detail that i think would come across even better if you talked about them. I.E. microcalibration.

    love the blonde streak, my ex gave me one awhile back and it definitely adds flavor to the interactions.


  14. Anonymous8:00 PM

    How did I know you'd look like that lol.

  15. Lol Sinn you look like ass!!

    This is proof it doesn't take looks to get laid, haha.

    I dunno if you just smoked or whatever, but you sounded a lot more chill/zen than when i last heard you speak.

    Loving the video blogs, keep em up!

  16. Anonymous11:40 PM

    What's that thing on your lip?

  17. Right on dude! FANTASTIC video and insight as always. I will be sure to share this video with my forum and wings.


  18. JamesT7:50 AM

    Great work keep them coming!

  19. Thanks Sinn its great that you do this for the community. Since you have been talking a lot about the fundamentals recently I thought your blog would be the most appropriate place for my question. A lot of guys who get into this do so because they are introverted, shy and lonely. I'm unfortunately one of those people. I don't have any friends and due to my job I spend my day working from home by myself. I see a lot of guys with similar problems practice routines and lines and go out regularly and they get nowhere because they havn't built the firm foundation of a healthy, socially comfortable personality. I would really appreciate it if you could give me and others some suggestions for becoming more socially comfortable and more extroverted, especially someone in my predicament who has an unsociable job and for whom the only way of socialising is through cold approaching. In my opinion these fundamentals are super important but no one ever discusses them.

  20. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Love it. But next time, try framing your head in the middle, lol.

    Great advice. Thanks

  21. Cool video, Sinn.

  22. Hey Sinn,

    I like checking out people's v-blogs cuz you can really get how they feel about the subject. Sometimes it's hard to grasp that with text-based blogs. So cool, keep it up, v-blogs are the next generation!

    As part of my 2-cents, I'd like to give you the lowdown on the application I use to do some v-blogging of my own. Have you heard of, by any chance? It's a pretty cool application that allows you to create a channel [in this case, perhaps a channel directly solely for your v-blogging] and create multiple shows on there [like chapters in a book, catch my drift?]. What's also nice about kyte is the chat feature. Unlike youtube and blogger -- where people can leave you comments -- on kyte, it's like chatting it up about a topic on instant messenger with your buddies. Once someone says something, you can say something back and get a conversation going! Pretty cool, huh?

    It's also quite convenient with the ability to embed your channel just about anywhere! Myspace, facebook -- hey, even on blogger! Or just any other website you'd want to share these videos on [that allow you to embed things on there, that is!].

    I'd definitely recommend checking it out -- you could take your v-blogging to a whole new level! ;)

  23. that was great Sinn, thanks.

  24. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Solid, as usual.

    Great job, keep it up.

  25. awesome. this was great. thank you.

  26. TimmyD1:48 AM

    Hey whats up John, Nice video blog.

    Keep up the good work-

    advent reader-

    the asian on Sinn Tuesdays @ republic

  27. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Now I understand that it's probably easier to stream a video but, If you're not going to be shaved or have anything cool else then your dyed hair (it actually is) you should be making podcasts.

    I don' really care about your looks but, if you're going to teach guys to be groomed then you should be groomed. (I've seen you on Cliffs list and not ontly thought you was the coolest but also looked the coolest)

    Other than that - awesome! I remember the first time you wrote about the triangle about one year ago and it hit me with awe!

    - Xtreeme

  28. Holy crap, man, what is that thing on your face!? Haven't seen you much since you taught me how to be a man in San Francisco a couple of years ago, but happy to see your hairy face saying what you say. Keep it up (not that you need advice in that dept.).