Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Notes from Tim's Transformations speech

I liked Tim and Jeffy's talks the best and wanted to re-watch both of them, so here's my notes from re-watching Tim.

Tim talk notes:

Girls just want to be taken

What does it mean to step up and take a girl?

Delusional belief of being the pimp of the world

Your game is a 10

What does it feel like to have 10 out of 10 game?

Champ and Chump:
two people who live inside your brain and talk to you.

One thing separates a champ from a chump:
100 % belief

Beliefs of a Champ:
Deserving of every girl around him
Offers value to the world
Abundance mentality
Delusional sense of coolness-Coolest guy on the planet.

# 1 Rule:
Do not give a damn about what anyone on the face of this earth thinks of you.

Girl-hot girl-get hot girl

Creativity separates the good from the best

The party-Be the party!
Venus fly trap of desire


  1. I like Tims way of thinking. And it probably works too. But, as easy as it may sound (all PUA-teachings seem incredible easy), it is terribly hard to achieve.

    Of course its not hard to consciously think that you are a champ. But your conscious mind has to think consistently and persistently over month and years to actually convince your unconscious chump that it is right. And until that, you are not perceived as the champ you think you are.

    So the real question should be, how can you (your conscious you) win this fight over you (your unconscious you)?

    Implementing good habits?
    Overall positive thinking, or even affirmations?
    Friends/PUA-Colleges that push you?
    Observation of champ-turned-chumps?
    Even more seminars?
    What ever inner game technique there is?
    "Training wheels", like routines and lines?

    If you use one, or all, does not matter. It is hard work in any case and never as magical easy as it seems.


  2. Sinn,
    Great posts and I liked the one about the girls and the dinner even though that was a shitty night for you. Glad to see you are human and make errors just like all of us (haha even though most of your posts seam otherwise). And it just goes to show that many small mistakes go a long way. I was wondering if you have a link for the Jeffy show. I have read many post about the show and was wondering where I can find it. I'll do a Google search too. Thanks man.