Thursday, February 07, 2008

I've decided I'm no longer sick...

I finally succumbed on Sat night to the evil virus of death that CJ caught from his daughter last week. I stupidly spent 3 days hanging out at CJ's house bouncing ideas off each other for better sexual framing etc...

And then Sat night I went out with my only female friend(former FB AnnaFerris girl) she had been dumped that day and she needed someone to go drink with her. I am very much trying to develop more female friends and I keep accidentally sleeping with them and messing things up. I know quality problem but not really as having only 1 female friend is not a very balanced life. SO I know I have to do stuff like listen to her bitch about her ex, because it's part of being a friend. I honestly didn't mind that much as she's a fun girl and there's no sexual tension between us anymore. But when I came home to change before getting back out, I got chills and a headache. No problem right? Just need a night of sleep. Nope.

It got worse and Mon night around 5 AM when I was laying on my bathroom floor puking and wishing I would die. I eventually got to the hospital and was hooked up to an IV. 5 hours later they told me there wasn't much I could do as it's a virus... Grrr. So two more days passed and I finally can walk around and eat normally, but I still have a cough and some stomach pains. But I've decided that I'm not sick anymore and I will be fine from now on. I don' have time to be sick and I'm sooo bored of being in the house and watching scrubs.

It came at the worst possible time too, as I was kicking ass getting ready or superconference and my game was super on last week leading to 4 new girls. 2 of which have come from my new experiments with internet dating(Including a 9 stripper). But now I have to get back on form, again.

I got to catch up on some cool blogs while I was sick like This one

I'll also be posting my outline for the Roles and Frames talk I'll be doing and some other notes I've made over the last few days...

Down with Sickness... Up with glory!



  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Just be honest, Sinn, you and CJ did more than just talk! ;)

    Glad you are up and about! I can't wait to read more stories between you and CJ... what you two have uncovered (not just your love for each other!)

    I kid. Your blog and his are money!

  2. The Scarlet Pimp8:45 PM

    Get well Sinn.

    Glad to hear you're getting some female buddies. It's like you always end up coming full circle...

    1. I don't want to be their friend and listen to their shit, I just want to fuck her.

    (years of training and trial leading to multiple lays)

    2. I just want to be friends and now I have to listen to her shit and NOT fuck her.

  3. Damm dude! I was sick too. It must have been the same evil virus of death. I got it from this retarded Korean chick who kept asking for help in class. Now… my mom has it. I also know this rocker who cancelled his show cause he was sick with the same symptoms. He got it from his roadie. It's contagious! And everybody is related!!!! At least we’re better now… as far as everyone else, I think a lot of people are still gonna get sick.

  4. Antoine - Map to the G Spot6:06 AM

    Hope you get better soon m8. This blog just gets more and more deep and profound the more I read this.

    Wow. What an interesting problem: You have a hard time making female friends but you have no problem finding women to sleep with? Just goes to show the diversity of problems that really exist in this world.


  5. Cyrano11:08 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    I think that this product is going to be great. I am trying to do the exercise, and I realised that I have utterly no idea how I would answer the very first question. I was wondering if you could guide me along with some questions?

    I have tried writing down what I want, to see what the underlying theme might be, but nothing is turning up thus far. I have a feeling this would take days, maybe weeks, but I know I will get there. This post itself is a ton of value to me. Thank you.