Monday, June 27, 2011

War On The Game: What 100K buys ya...

Hey hey,

Today I have an informational video on what you can buy if you have an extra 100k laying around.

Check it:

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Neil the RAT10:56 AM

    Neil is just a rat . On that self serving VIEW VIDEO he gave away 5 good MM techniques to THE ENEMY.

    Hes like a pigeon yapping to the cops.
    Thanks you bald headed slimy Schmuck!

    He sold out the community! and he hides behind that Smirky gay mask.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Finally, this is by far your best neil strauss bashing. TBH, the previous ones just arent that funny, but I fully support this one. I think you could have make it even longer. This is too ridicolous for just a 7 minute bashing!!

  3. For $100000, a pua private 3 day lesson = I don't care to teach

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    10 times one on one with Mystery himself = one weekend Neil Strauss=Ivy League 4 years=house in Texas= Dream cars

    Oh,it would be funny all Major PUA companies start to charge like this.

    Yes,Capitalism,We only coach Rich client.It was so funny in his book.

    From The Game Acknowledgements
    He finally found a worthy business partner,Savoy,who has turned his finacial life around.He runs workshops nearly every weekend.The price is staggering $ 2,250,but from what I've seen,everyone leaves happy.

    Unnn,He may coach prince of Arabs.I want to know whoever taken this training.
    The price is staggering $ 2,250

    The price is staggering $ 2,250

    The price is staggering $ 2,250

    I say the price is staggering $ 100,000.I hope Mystery and Venusian arts find this.Then now my training is big discount $50,000 weekend training.I go anywhere with first class flight and hotel.I wanna see that!It's time to raise the price......Unnn,sometimes I wanna see their limit!Tony Robins silver membership training was $ 200,000.I don't know the contents but it is more than that.I heard it was some years ago.Maybe,he wants to be PUA industry Tony Robins.Good for you,Neil Strauss.

    But Jon,Is it good for Majority of people?I am sure for the most of guys.That price is crazy.You don't worry about guys go for him for training.

    You have already won this battle.I think many people start to think waste of your time.Simply,not worth to talk this.Maybe next week is rap up.It's joke now.

    People are smart,I believe most of people.They just pick they feel reasonable.Price per value?His program is joke.

    You are right learning process is not just weekend (like you said it only work the guy who are ready to learn).I believe the best high end service is long term program is live training early time,mid-term and final.I believe you had live and long term training combo service.

    I hope you don't change from now.If you became like a Neil Strauss.Everybody trying to find those videos.


    We Aren’t Visiting Your City?
    Unfortunately with all the major cities in the world we simply can not do all and unlike other pickup/dating training companies, we don't just send junior coaches to teach you – You deserve the best, so we always commit 1-2, sometimes even 3 Master Pickup Artists at Super conferences. But how does that help you if we are not visiting your city this year?….

    Well for a limited time only, our Master Trainers, Mystery, Matador, Lovedrop and Discovery (UK) will be making themselves available to train you or you and a couple of friends personally. We are each committing to 3 weekends each in the next 6 months. So if you want in – you better hurry!

    Training up close and personal with a Master Trainer can be a life changing experience:

    Have all those essential questions answered,
    Give your routine an overhaul,
    Be 'in set' with a Master while he demos,
    Get live feedback and advice there and then in the bar/club,
    Discover the up close and personal secret tactics Masters use to 'Get the Girl'
    Chill with us and have lunch while debriefing the previous night.
    Learn first hand the proven strategies we have used to get good fast!
    Grow rapidly in your skills, awareness and ability from one night to the next.
    An the list goes on

    So what will your investment be – NOT as much as you would think, especially considering who and what you are getting!

    So whether you come stay and train with us in LA or London, or we to come to your city, you can either invest in the whole weekend yourself or get 1 or 2 buddies to share the cost with you as follows:

    Master Trainer 1-on-1 2-3 Persons
    Mystery $10,000 $10,000
    Matador $5,000 $8,000
    Lovedrop $5,000 $8,000
    Discovery (UK) £3,000 £5,000

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Game over bitch. I thought your previous videos were kinda...retarded. But this justifies everything. Sorry for doubting you Sinn. Not sure if you can top this video though lol.

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Venusian arts one on one looks like super discount after I saw Neil Strauss one on one price.

    Keep this video forever!Maybe Neil Strauss delete this blog but you can show evidence any time.

    Game over!Game over!

    Maybe his looks really helped to attract some students.He is not tall,good looking muscle guy.then some people think he must have good technique.

    Good looking coach under rated sometimes.Under average looking coach maybe over-rated.You need to learn how to be look good too.

  7. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Holy shit! $100k for a 3 day bootcamp. This is the best video yet- most of the previous videos lacked substance- not this one. I doubt he's sold very many of these bootcamps though.

    Just a side point- Reagan didn't know anything about economics. He cut taxes, but didn't cut government spending at all- leading to massive deficits that ran through the Bush Sr. administration as well. In 1980 government debt was 26% of GDP, and by 1993 it was a staggering 50%.

    Anyway, very good video.

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM



    WHO CARES????

    Let's focus on what gets guys here the results they want!

    Thread Locked


    Hi Jon Sinn I think everbody got that Neil is full of shit and dont purchase his products or idolize him but why are u hitting somone homeless more when he is laying on the ground dont waste your energy bro. Youve been seriously my idol, but now Im seeing this and its not anymore funny as it was. So please stop, and by the way now I hate Neil seriously. Focus to help guys and not to hitting a homeless person

  9. Anonymous2:44 PM

    100k could buy you 75 high class escorts. i'd rather that than spend a weekend with Strauss!

  10. fuck Neil, 100,000 gs lol this is a fucking huge trainwreck for his stupid ass.

  11. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Keep going! I wan't this bitch to not even be able to walk in the street without being taken as a fraud. If only a news reporter could get this on TV?

  12. Anonymous4:55 PM

    When you first started this I thought it was unnecessary and you would be discrediting yourself by coming down to such a low level... but then I started listening. This guy is a everything you said he is, and you prove it every time with his own words, from his own website and by himself humiliating his own company with his absurd deals on bootcamps! How is this not on the some sort of trashy TMZ-esque website or TV program? This crap deserves a humiliating sound-bite on international TV, because after all his books are sold internationally... unless of course no-one cares about him?

  13. Anonymous6:18 PM

    where is the best place to post this thread?Some where really has track and every single guys who is interested in picking up women.

    This should be posted to some public BBS.People want to pay fair service.

  14. Honestly, who cares? you're welcome to charge whatever you feel you can - $100k for a weekend, or $1mil, if someone wants to pay for it, it's their money. Simple market dynamics and supply and demand. Obviously he's capitalizing on his fame from the book, which may drive a lot of people to want to be coached by him, which in turn is not what your average coach has backing him. If Sinn or whoever else had bookings every weekend, with long waiting lists, he'd be raising his price too.

    Having said that, any 'consumer' worth his salt (or $100k) would very soon figure out that $100k can pay for a lot more training from equally qualified instructors.

  15. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Honestly, who cares? Sinn is welcome to write whatever he feels he can - if someone wants to read/watch it, it's their time. Simple market dynamics and supply and demand. Obviously he's capitalizing on his fame from the "war".

    No need to be captain obvious, man. You think regular people don't understand this? They are 2 steps ahead of you.

  16. Anonymous6:25 AM


    This time i have to say i was expecting less from the WORLD 2ND BEST PUA... NEIL STRAUSS! ahaha!

  17. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Good post.

  18. Anonymous8:33 AM

    FUCK NEIL!!! :P

  19. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I'd BET $100k that Neil uses some of the fee to pay some high class escort girls to sleep with the student when he approaches (without the student knowing they're paid girls) that way the student thinks that Neil's methodology works and that it was money well spent lol. I mean, if I WERE an asshole that deceived consumers to make money, that's what I would do haha

  20. Anonymous9:28 AM

    There will be someone who pays for this, who is going to feel pretty empty come the end of the weekend. Unless of course, the only people stupid enough to buy this will be multi millionaires who probably see this as pocket change!

  21. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Ha,ha,ha so true.If it won't work he is in trouble.Three days nothing happen?Just lectures and going out with Neil Strauss with no result could happen.It's well enough money to pay the girl for his program?

    Prostitution is illegal,you may see famous writer and dating coach arrested for selling prostitute to his rich client.If this is busted he is in jail.It's risky game.You don't see national headline but maybe LA local news or some PUA gossip goes around.I don't think this happen.He is smarter than that.

    he could prepare girls around clubs and talk this guy is loaded with money to girls.Tell them his DHV stories.Maybe work as social proof?This case he does not go to jail.

    Has anyone used escort girls for boot camp?Naaa,I have not heard of it.

    It's not smart move.

    Everything started when his book " the Game " published.This time community turned into industry and boomed when Mystery was on TV.

    Now,bad economy and no-media exposure,it came down from the peak.I know sometimes latter another wave comes.Neil Straus picked the wave well,then he became rich.It's nothing wrong with it.But what he says is so hippocratic statment.He is the one started.Business wise great producer.

    There is a some line in self-help business.Some keeps his/her faith,never cross the line.Once cross the line,it seems like no hesitation.

    I guess Jon Sinn mad about this guy dominate like a pick up authority.It's sad many people start from this guy or Mystery.But when the time goes by things will change.They have exposed too much past wave.

    Next wave is not by them.If they made next wave again?I will take off my hat and no word.

    If the price is too much,everybody will have second thought.I don't like some companies does not put any price tag for service.I know they want to talk into by phone.I hate that style.I do not waste my time and his time.If you know the price first,you decided you are down or not for other factor.If the price is beyond that guy,it just waste of both guys time.

    At least Neil saved my time.Ok,I can't,plus too much.ha,ha,ha.If there is no price tag on the service.Never show interest that service.

    some place like a Social man,there is no price tag on the service.Neil Strauss is better than this because saved most guys time.

    Some companies blog is hard to find service and price.Please leave e-mail and phone number and where your pick up now etc question form is so fishy.

    I just can say Neil is not for everybody for rich guys.

    >>>Anonymous said...
    I'd BET $100k that Neil uses some of the fee to pay some high class escort girls to sleep with the student when he approaches (without the student knowing they're paid girls) that way the student thinks that Neil's methodology works and that it was money well spent lol. I mean, if I WERE an asshole that deceived consumers to make money, that's what I would do haha

    9:02 AM

  22. 100k for super-hero pickup skills taught by the best PUA in the world.

    Yea...I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya too ;)

  23. Two words explains this...




    He must be seriously hurting for funds to advertise such a rediculous amount for a fucking bootcamp.

  24. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Neil is a fraud and needs to be exposed. period.

    I applaud you Sinn, continue to expose the douche dwarf.

  25. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I hear you sinn.. its ridiculous. I would never pay that. I don't know anyone who would.

    But if he even gets 1 person to pay that. then the joke is on us right?

    I personally think neil is a rat. I think he has zero game, i think his whole ploy is retarded. BUT

    If one person actually signs up for that. Damn... thats like a years work.


    Ivy league school is more like 40-45k per year.

    If you click on the link on that page to the blog, the original price was 125K... so maybe he didn't get any takers had to give a discount.

  26. Anonymous2:20 AM

    This series should start seguing into a 'war' on PUA charlatans in general, rather than any one specific individual, but the problem with taking that up, is you'll make a lot more enemies, plus some of them unfortunately include ones that Sinn occasionally does affiliate marketing with, from time to time.

  27. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Can anyone give me the website address?

    I think people are just jealous of the guy!

  28. Anonymous11:52 AM

    a few of you guys that have responded to this video have horrible grammar, anyways good video. Neil is a rat, claim you actually care about students then charge 100,000 for a personal coaching weekend? let's take a stand, don't buy his books.

  29. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Don't really see the point in making fun of this. Kind of like making fun of a retarded kid. Don't think anyone who has ever accumulated 100k in their life would be dumb enough to spend for this course unless they got it from the lottery in which case I would not feel bad for them. I say good for him if he finds anyone stupid enough to fork the money but I really doubt it.

  30. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Neil Strauss= charlaten

  31. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I count 5+ grammar errors in the grammar Nazi's post (multiple capitalization errors, multiple sentence structure errors, and multiple misuses of commas). Hahaha

  32. 100 Grand!! That can buy a lot of hookers and lap dances. If I had 100 grand, Id travel the world and bang hot strippers, porn stars and escorts!

    Fuck Neil Strauss!!

  33. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    what do you offer for 100.000$?^^
    Omg, who the f*** books him for 3 days?

    With 100.000$ you could get laid like 3 years every day^^...

    Poor community..

  34. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Watch this video on Neil. Very revealing about his character and substantiates a lot of the things sin has said about him:

  35. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Couldn't pay me 100k to hang out with Neil Strauss.

  36. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Q. How do you know when you're a retard?

    A. When you take Neil Strauss seriously.

  37. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Q. How do you know you should see a mental health professional?

    A. When you even consider for a moment a guy like Neil Strauss has anything worthwhile to contribute to the human race whatsoever.

  38. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I'm concerned Neil may be suffering from an infection of syphilis that has involved his central nervous system as he seems to be suffering neurological damage. Symptoms are showing as delusions of grandeur, an inflated sense of self worth and a general misunderstanding of reality.

  39. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Venusian arts no longer running bootcamps, rumours of mystery's death and feuding between staff over the remains, Strauss getting desperate enough to put this out there hoping that at least one sucker bites. Looks like these jokers are on their way out. Liars, charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

  40. Anonymous7:46 AM

    If I get an apartment and a second hand or leased Aston Martin and go to community college will I still have enough left out of the $100k for some hookers?

  41. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Top 10 things to do other than waste it on Neil Strauss.

    1. Hookers. Lots of em! 500@$200 each or 100@$1000.

    2. Weed. High grade kush. Smoke it or sell it $100k gets you lots. Maybe even turn a profit and great for curing approach anxiety.

    3. Holiday. You can go on a long vacation. Girls are easier to lay when they're on holidays. Remember it doesn't count on holidays.

    4. Cocaine. Cook it into rocks and sling it at your local corner homie. Profits abound. Just remember to invest in protection. A lawyer and a gun gets things done.

    5. Vegas. Feel the highs of winning big and the pain of losing it all. Get in touch with those emotions and feel what it's like to live.

    6. Hookers. Can never have too many. 7 hour rule hahaha I scoff at thee.

    7. Fireworks. Celebrate not giving you hard earned money to Neil by blowing shit up. When it's all over you won't have anything left but at least your not carrying the shame you spent it on a worthless weekend with an asshole that taught you nothing.

    8. Ten Venusian arts one on ones. No just kidding. An equally worthless prospect.

    9. Bribing officials. $100k gets compliance. More in third world countries less in the developed world. Nothing beats getting your own way though. Dirty cops, crooked politicians and desperate locals value your currency more than a bald short conman ever did.

    10. Your own militia. DHV stories and being "the leader of men" come hand in hand when you have a private army. Girls look hot with guns. See where this is going?

    Feel free to combine the above to rid yourself of that pesky money that's burning a hole in your pocket. For example smoke weed with your militia then do cocaine off the hookers (multiple) while letting off fireworks on holidays.

  42. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Someone should send this to Gawker. Powles tries to keep his "real" life separate from the seduction community - having all his cool friends laughing about this shit might be a good icewater wakeup for his scamming ass.

  43. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I love Neil Strauss, but it's hard to disagree with the arguments...