Monday, June 06, 2011

War On The Game: Fuck Stylelife

The War is back on:

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Yeah,you are right.I saw your infield on youtube,Jon.Some guy never show his actual infield.I think this is one of the checking point of good writer and PUA.

    If that guy is not recognized by many people.He must proved himself at his live workshop or infield videos.

    I don't believe the guy who never shows infield in public.

    Ok,if you are very best coach,you can show your student's pick up.

    If you run forum base service,pick up guruu guy inspected his skill and then post his infield on the video.Only coach can answer the post.Those two requirement is the must for forum style service.

    First you don't know the guy who give us advice is great or not.

    For name dropping,Mystery is the one people want to use his name and if not guys on the TSB magazine ranking guy or some other guys on the ranking.

    Even Mystery is the past for main stream people.People remember the guy in the hat was teaching pick up to social inept guys.Normal people remember the show but not really remember the name.

    I know those people's name.I am creepy some sort.

    I did not know those people and lines until this year.But now I found out the lines I heard a lot at bars are from pick up guys.I heard "Do you like horses?""are you spontaneous?"You are the most cool I ever met in 5 minutes.'"Oh,my god Are you Russian girl?You and I can't get along with"etc countless of expressions,I heard at the bar was from pick up community.I found sometimes,when I talked a girl,she name dropped some name I know.I was freak out and then she said 'you learned from xxxx".Routines are good but if it is too much known,I think it's just a joke to those girls now.

    I agree about field report.It is really depends on individual and does Lay report too.The guy who does good at this can do same thing over and over but it did not tell it how you become close to that guy.Like Sinn is saying it just sounds brag.

    you can't skip important small steps,if you skipped it you stumble fall down ladder over and over.Jon always says so many people skip the process.I think he is honest person as a coach.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    This whole "war" is boring Sinn.

    Why do you care so much? If someone bothers you then ignore them, it doesn't matter, you're supposed to be an alpha male who doesn't give a shit. You sound like you REALLY give a shit and this all seems petty. All you've said so far is "Neil is a dick" over and over and over again in a variety of different ways.

    Care to answer? Or are you going to ignore this comment and choose not to approve it like so many other similar ones before?

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Do real videos and you'll be able to do "quotes". They're better than still images and slide shows.

  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Hear hear. Talk about being reactive...

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Sinn, eventually, you have to come to grips with the reality that this "war" on Neil Strauss was a bad idea from the beginning. Because of that, though, there's really no way to exit gracefully. You just have to say, "war's over. Time to get on to other things." End of story. If you did that, you'd earn a hell of a lot more respect than posting more pointless videos week after week after week.

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    This is's still working.

  7. I've been lurking these war on the game posts and I think they are just fine. Everyone is obviously looking for some dick crack and wants the juicy gossip now. Honestly I bought into the whole Style bullshit years ago and I appreciate the direction you're taking with this critique of him. Keep exposing him as a charlatan the way you are. Let the number of people watching the youtube videos and commenting speak for themselves. I'd rather this be a recurring segment every week with lots of buildup rather than one exposé thats forgotten after a weeks time. Just keep pushing the information and hype marketing that is style; people will continue to watch these regardless of what their comments may suggest.

  8. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I want to hear about Bravo story next youtube.

  9. Anonymous10:45 PM

    so...Vin Di CArlo?

  10. Style Life was a scam right from the start

  11. Special Guest Bravo next monday!If it's his story, might as well have him just be on it too then.

  12. Anonymous2:37 AM

    If you factor in that each of your YouTube videos are only getting 1000-2000 views, that's a pretty pissweak impact and if much more than that read the blog, it's obvious most readers aren't even watching them, myself included. If you want to make an impact, attend any big PUA conferences this year in the US, if there are any and give a big verbal diatribe about Neil at those .

  13. Ali, he hasn't exposed him as a charlatan at all, he's just called him a dick, over and over and over. He's exposed nothing at all and offered no real reasoning behind it other than bitter remarks about sales spiel (guru/master/coach/etc) and talking about how everyone in highschool hated him too? What the fuck? Long ago enough? Is that even relevant now?

    As for "gossip", this side of the pua industry is fucking retarded. People need to stop revering well known members of the industry as some sort of celebrity figures and stop giving a shit about their lives. Their lives don't matter one fucking bit and nobody should care.

    As for the other person here mentioning "infield" skills. This doesn't matter one bit either and I'll explain why - Let's say you go to college to learn business studies. Does it matter whether a teacher is a good teacher or whether they're a millionaire because of all their business knowledge? (rhetorical question) Of course what matters is whether they can teach! If your selector is based upon infield skill I can point you to a bunch of guys who are fucking amazing, you won't learn a single thing from them though because they CAN NOT TEACH.

    This same "infield" bullshit stems from the same bullshit causing people to rate the girlfriends of figures in the industry. It stems from the socially retarded line of thinking that rates men based on the quality of their girlfriend or wife... The "trophy girl" thinking. The funny thing is that physical attractiveness changes based on your perceived connection with a person. An "8" (as people in pua so unpoetically would put it) becomes a 10 as you fall for her, regardless of who she's compared to, you see her as better.

    There is also a cut off point where physical attractiveness stops mattering. Where what really matters is the connection built. Most people would MUCH rather be with a 7 they love than a 9 they can't stand. That said, the physical attractiveness of the 9 becomes lessened while the attractiveness of the 7 goes up because of the bonds and dislikes for each.

    So, in short, it's about time some of these retarded foibles of the industry stopped. It doesn't matter what another person is doing, it doesn't matter who they're with, it doesn't matter whether he's being a dick or she's not as physically attractive(completely subjective anyway), what matters is the quality of work going to new guys out there and the help they're getting. What matters is the quality of a teacher, how well they can impart their knowledge on a student and how well those students go on to perform.

    The rest is all just schoolyard bullshit. Talk about things that help people Sinn. You're better than this. You don't have to acknowledge any end to the war if that feels like succumbing too much, just stop talking about it and move on. It would take a bigger man to admit the cause of this bitterness though, to admit the flaws in your personality that caused you to react so much. That would be an interesting post/video, potentially helpful too, something guys can actually learn from and realise that well known figures aren't flawless either. That would be the man way out of this, that would be the best way to be respected - at least by those intelligent enough not to buy into all of this gossip, bitching and "us Vs. them" attitude.

  14. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Jealous much?

  15. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hey Sinn, you must grow up. I don't know Neil Strauss, but in these videos you look like a little, petty and stupid schoolgirl:))) Grow up amigo!:)

  16. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I have not seen Style himself sarging in the club etc.I have seen yours on youtube.Seeing is much better than reading.I agree with field report thing.

    Rob Judge also mentioned he is a write and wrote a lot of routines but he did not see the result wanted.He learned from filed.He always says best thing you can learn is from interaction.Reading does not give you right experience you need.It helps some but reading is just good if you read bit and go back field.

    Style life has now unpaid coaches?If they posted their infield,we could see who is good.

    I would say the guys who is protecting Neil Strauss need grow up.

    Each one train newbies and take them to the club and see the results.Then war is over.which one do you think win?

  17. Anyone spearheading a protest initiative like this seeks some sort of outcome. What is it? What do you want to happen as a result of all this effort?

    I respect your undying commitment to content and the game, Jon Sinn. But I just don't get this initiative on Strauss. It is a real drag on your name and your blog.

  18. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I don't get it why so many people are still supporting Neil Strauss.

    I don't know why so many people wants to connect to Neil Strauss.Brad P says his program and Style life Academy are the only worth year program on his interview with Neil Strauss.I know this is also marketing reason.Some gurus need Niel Strauss for marketing reason.Like I was in the book blah blah etc.

    You can listen Brad P and Niel Strauss interview.Some guy like him still endorses Niel.

    As I cam to this place,I mean seduction community.I have pain and that pain is deep.I start to talk different language from friends who I used to meet.I met them and they said you changed so much in weird way.You used to be popular among girls but now you are creepy man.

    Yes,I was fine and never think about this way until I had a bad relationship.It was my responsibility to read Neil Strauss book.The game.This book is so bad specially if you have scare in your heart,this book ruin your life.Start seeing women with number rating?A lot of weird things,you will start.Replication value?This thought really destroy me.Some girl can't have baby for some reason but I start to think oh,she can't have a baby no value.

    It really change me worst scumbag.Yes,reading his book was my responsibility but if I have a time machine.I would not read his book.Then I never did see people with value basis.It make the guy evil.Honestly,beauty is subjective and it's just how you feel to that woman.

    Some are really trying to help but I can say Neil is business man.If he like to help people he should do live program himself.

  19. Seraf2:18 AM

    Hey Jonn,

    I had the chance to meet Bravo and Gypsy and a PUA Summit/Conference in LA a couple years ago (That's where we first met too. You went up on stage with Brad P. to do the whole absurdity thing).

    I would LOVE to hear some of the stuff Bravo has to say. I'm sure it must be hilarious!