Tuesday, June 07, 2011

War On The Game: Rob Judge Does The Damn Thing

I usually restrict the War on the Game stuff to Monday but today Rob Judge(Who I think is easily the best writer in the SUISC) posted an epic article on why he hates Neil Strauss.

It brought almost brought a tear to my eye...

Check it out:

Why I Hate Neil Strauss



  1. Sinn, you continue to bash on Neil Strauss, and while that could be completely fair, or just karma making its rounds, there is still an elephant in the room making you look like.. a dick.

    Adam Lyons compliments Neil and calls him a "normal guy"* Having listened to a good number of Adam's stuff, I remember hearing him compliment Neil at least once, if not twice more, probably on one of his talks at the 21 convention. If everybody hates Neil but Adam, does that mean Adam is just some pickup robot and has no personality? Or what?


  2. Damn! Rob "the Truth" Judge delivering an Grade A ass-spanking


  3. Anonymous7:27 PM


  4. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Rob,You are normal guy with seduction skills!You and Zack are great.They know why guys are here.

    I enjoyed the Monday video too.Name dropping of somebody most of people does not know was funny.

    I mean those name are only know SLA students.

    Here's how I got PUA name.

    First,I read the Game.Then I googled Mystery.I fond VH1 show.I saw those movie clips.Since I get to know the book 2011,I saw it online.Then I got to know Matador,J-dog.I got to know TD when I read the Game but I felt,that guy's character's are evil and manipulative so I did not google his name.
    After I read the book.I bought the book called 'the Mystery Method.'and 'the pick up artist'.I went the link on the book.I found lovesystem.I look around love system website but I did not find Mystery's name.I googled lovesystem and I found the best guy among them is Jon Sinn.Then I searched Sinn on google then I found his website.From the pick up artist book,I found the guy called Mehow.

    when I searched Sinn from the google.I found his podcast.I found many other guys name there.I did not any of them if you did not do podcasting.And I got to know many other guys name from this blogs archives.Brad P,Adam,el topo,CJ,Speer and Rob Judge,those are name I found from your blog or podcast.Oh,even TSB magazine also I found the name from here.

    Generally,PUA guys does not mention other guys and companies name except when they bash some PUA really hates or wants to have endorsement from marketing reason.Sounds like in this industry Niel Strauss is Kosher mark.If you have Kosher mark,you can charge more.It certify some sort of quality too.I guess Brad P and Adam wanted to have Kosher mark stamp.The guy used for kosher Mark is generally Mystery or Neil Strauss.

    Now I found who is serious to help guys.The guy who write blog himself and update frequently.Look Venusian arts.You don't see Mystery's blog or Matador's blog update even once a month.

    I heard when they were really dedicated to pick up and teaching.They post a lot of stuff on the BBs.They are good but it sounds like a the pick up pensioner,like Jeffy jlaix said.

    you can tell who is active when you look at their website and blog.I mean,you can tell that guy has passion to teach or passion to pick up.

    I don't know why you were promoting other PUA guys?They should say thank you to you.Because not just me.Other guy find those guys from you.

  5. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Sinn why would you waste so much of YOUR time to bash Neil for his stupid shit?

    I mean you aren´t there to educate them all.

    if they fucking can´t see that writing a book full of false info and recruiting coaches on the base of Field Report writing skills is not a criteria that stands for good teachings or PUA skill...

    then isn´t it their own fault for exposing themselfes to that guy?

    and by the way, even whilst some of the infos in there are wrong it helped me a lot on the beginning of my journey

    it only took some critical thinking to not buy into the marketing and use the useful stuff out of the book to learn a lot that i didn´t want to miss in my life now.

    Let it go,

    take your time and use it for doing something more senseful, more helpful and more positiv like this videos...

    ...which are by the way kinda lame,

    and i say this though i like you and your teachings ver well

    but boy let go the anger and get back on track with your own stuff

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Mib is spot on here and the question needs addressing Sinn. Especially given Adam's reputation as such a nice guy.

  7. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Jealous Much?

  8. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Fuck you Neil Strauss! for wasting a fucking year of my time trying to use Annilation Method for online dating.

    I would tell you to go to hell but I think your already there.

  9. Anonymous2:51 PM

    The more Sinn does this, the less of a dick he actually appears to me.

    Granted, I still find Sinn's tone a bit childish and needy, but it is possible he is just THAT offended by neil. He dealt with him before, I never did; may be I'd be even more pissed off and outspoken had I been in Sinn's position.

    And it had been entertaining. It isn't like Sinn dropped everything else to just do this 1 thing (which I worried about at 1st). But there are still regular articles that are interesting to read, and these videos every week.

    I am entertained. And I am happy.

  10. Anonymous3:25 AM

    I don't know why Neil can get away from Bashing.Why?Why?

    I really don't know why?He does not do boot camp himself.I just heard they use old materials and no update.As far as,business side,I think bashing is not childish.

    I don't know the reason why you guys support?I really don't know about it.

  11. Hey man I learned so much from you and all the time suggest your stuff to my friends as the best content on the web. After all that been said I have to say that I am shocked by this childish war posts, even if you are right and Style is a dirty dog, that way , it can't achieve anything positive for you. Think about
    new guys that are not familiar with your work
    what impression are they going to get ? It will and already damage your image.

    Love you man.