Monday, June 20, 2011

War On The Game: The Hypocrisy of Neil knows no bounds...

What's going on?

Happy Monday! That most glorious of days where we shine a spotlight of truth onto the algae soaked Rat's underbelly that Neil Strauss calls a life.

Let's get it popping.

Leave a comment cause I love haters :)

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Yes,I am desperate that's why I came to seduction community (industry)to ask help.I know natural guys and they are really good at with women but all they say was " Be confident " for " be confident",first you should be fit.It is not completely wrong but I did not feel enough.

    After I learned seduction technique,I learned from Jon's products.I start understand they does the same things Jon said but they learned it naturally.I observed them and found except they don't use gimmicky openers at all but for me they look like using those techniques naturally.

    Jon is rare guy who can explain attraction formula easy to understand and can show practical practice from newbies to advanced guys.

    I started from "the Game".It gives you fantasy like a perfect pick-up.No,it is just in the nobel.You do mistakes and then recover from that.Like touching too long for initial contact but move next action and recover.I tried a lot of Neil Strauss stuff but it did not work on approaching part.

    Yeah,it is good for us to avoid something hard to learn.I admit for entertaining girls after you get attraction palm reading,some of routines help you get giggles and laugh but for initial part.If you already have no problem with cold approach.It maybe help but for newbies.I would not recommend it.For guys feels ok with heavy routines maybe fine but many guys feel weird to do that.

    It is not natural but you can learn something more genuine,close to natural like Jon Sinn and some other guys.I think Rob Judge and Zack ,Stephen Nash are really far from conventional one.I think Jon digested almost everything and then reconstruct to the way anyone can easy to understand them.Make difficult thing easier is his best talent.I would say if he learned some other area,like pick-up.He can teach really well and create great amount of results who learned from him.Robert Kyosaki said many of expert can talk difficult things difficult.Why Rich dad series became popular is"I explain everything even elementary school kids understand."Jon wrote great recipes for many guys who is desperate.Of course if you take live training from decent guy and corrected your week point is the best but it is not affordable for time and money.Only one weak point is you are not forced to do it but if you follows him.You will see result.

    Not like Mystery method,Venusian arts.Those are kind a karate school.Teach kata and then you apply it for real fight.For getting black belt it will take two years.I am not sure about this but I heard 95% drop out before seeing some results.

    The difference between Neil and Venusian arts is they have good coach or not.From Jon's story it seems like coaches were selected from writing skills.

    I think this has some good cause for consumer somewhat.

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Excellent points! Juicy stuff! Please add the URL of this newsletter, I want to examine how much of Neil's madness lies within the writing.

  3. Konen3:24 PM

    The article is called: neil-strauss-speaks-out

  4. Jesper3:40 PM

    You have probably seen this by now but if not :

  5. lol...

    seriously, all the crap you talk about are nothing more then theories and opinions based on no shit. This "war" is a total fiasco.

    Where the hell are compromising real deal over the top neil strauss pictures you talk about? Where the hell are those hardcore stories? And don't tell me Neil couldn't get a girl back in 2006 or him trying to steal your girl is an hardcore story ( appearently, you agree with this kind of shit as " a girl the other guy gets is a girl i'm not getting)

    And do you know what a neurosis is? Your therapist is clearly not doing well.

    I was expecting more from the world 2nd best PUA...

  6. Anonymous8:03 PM

    It's funny how you automatically assume that if you receive a negative comment, the poster must be in league, or a fan of, Neil Strauss. It's not a zero-sum game like your snide comments on your "haters" who are also "lovers" of Neil Strauss suggest. Many of the people who are against your "war" on the game are people, like me, who don't care either way for Strauss and find your efforts lame-o shame-o. Aren't you one of the coaches who have always said "attraction is who's reacting less in any interaction". Obviously I'm not suggesting you're attracted to Strauss, but he's winning the war without firing a shot.

    And just to be clear, you talk about his hypocrisy. If someone actually took the time though, they could find many MANY things you have criticized Strauss for, and others for that matter, that at some point you have said or done very similar things on this blog. You're like the reactionary, revenge-seeking villain in movies. It always brings them to a place darker and worse than to the harm they attempt to inflict on another person. Not only in popular culture does it turn out that you're the villain (almost like the bad guy in the incredibles), but from a psycho-analytical perspective- and this is something you've criticized Strauss on heavily... you might not be able to help it either... but you do realize you exhibit symptoms of sociopathy?

  7. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Sinn has incredible teaching abilities compared to any other pua out there. Honestly, Strauss is a great pua but just isn't in the same caliber. I just read these for pure entertainment. Let Sinn bash the man if he wants. If you don't like it, avoid his Monday blog.

  8. chicks dig sociopaths. sad, but true.

  9. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Neil "Douche Dwarf" Strauss

  10. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Vice versa! Hahaha fuck all the haters and doublebuttfuck for the bald bitch.

  11. ""

    PRICE: $100,000 what the fuck is this?!

  12. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Who the hell is stupid enough to pay $100,000 to anyone for dating help?

    Sinn, attack this outrageous price next monday.

  13. Anonymous12:35 PM

    jealous much?

  14. Anonymous12:37 PM


    ^Monopoly, thanks for the link.


    GOOD GOD!!!

    For those of you who think Sinn is overreacting, just go look at that link and understand that Neil Strauss is an absolute fraud and full of shit. He also requires his "clients" to fly him first class and book him into 4 star hotels?? All for a guy that still teaches rehashed mystery method?

    Strauss needs to be exposed, and I for one am glad someone has the balls to call out this charlatan. Btw I thought the nickname "Douche Dwarf" someone posted above was very fitting.

  15. Anonymous12:39 PM

    "Learn to turn strangers into soul mates with Neil Strauss, the world’s most legendary Attraction & Dating Coach."

    ^Sinn please respond to this statement

  16. Anonymous10:35 PM

    ANyone know what Sinn's beef with Vin DiCarlo is?

  17. Anonymous6:43 AM

    you know what Jon, you should have done this when the game was released. Not now. It' s all soo old now.

  18. Anonymous7:27 AM

    nice post sinn, but a friend (a better writer) than he is is maybe tim ferriss

  19. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I'm looking forward to


  20. Sickpup8:08 AM

    What do I get for my $ 100K with Neil

    Oh I remember willing shmucks who paid for his 15 thousand {? } dollar video/ workshop !!!! there were about 8 of them - I assume there all MASTER PU artists now?

    Yes I got that video - at a "discount"
    rate. I watched it once, rehashed
    MM suckage!

  21. NEIL LOST8:31 AM

    As I become more and more despised
    what's next for me?

    HOT GAME was a joke.


    HB " your - a what? "

    NEIL " I'm a aaa... writ.. er ...a ...uh....pick up artist.......uh... FAMOUS!
    im fahmous....

    HB " No, Tom Cruise is famous"

    NEIL { can't think of a neg}

    NEIL Yeah, but you have a tom
    cruise smile.

    HB I have to find my friends.

    Hello community, I'm lost --- what sort of game do I need now? COLD? HOT? TEPID?

    or ______ GAME?

    Please help { or just send money}

    your coach , Neil

    PS Do you think plastic surgery is
    whats needed?

  22. JPBacri1:45 PM

    I'm very emotional too "Jon"... I bought The Game and I liked it but as you may know, is all this stuff real about Mystery ?

    Do you still agree with his concept of "social robot" ?

    And about naturals in the community : what do you think about Cory Skyy ?