Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Bare Minimum

Short post today, really more of a reminder.

There is NO prize for getting extra social comfort, attraction, qualification, comfort or arousal.

Instead we should all (Myself included) be aiming for the bare minimum amount of communication between us and the women before we can have sex.

Think about that for a few minutes, what is the bare minimum way that you could:

-Start a conversation
-Tease a woman
-Make a woman emotional
-Build attraction
-Convey value
-Build Comfort

Food for thought eh?

Post some ideas in the comments section and if there's any good ones, I'll share them in a follow up post...

JS-The King of Content


  1. Since I can't really flirt with women at my job as a cashier, I go for the "I wanna fuck you look".

    I put on a shit-eating grin, stare directly into the girl's eyes with my eyes slightly squinted and think in my head "I want to fuck the shit out of you".

    Amazingly enough this gets girls really turned on without having to say it out loud (which would probably get me fired from my cashier job).

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Hey man, I'd love to find out more information about your bootcamps. Cant find any info on them, let me know!!

  3. Haha

    The bare minimum on bare minimum,

    I like it

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    less is more

  5. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Yeah I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine about how we might be mentally masturbating a lot of the time when trying to "game" a women. I mean you´ve got to approach, be confident (not ALPHA or shit like that) carry the convo and be funny/tease, generally be attractive, but really SHE decides if she likes you´re vibe probably even before you´ve approached. plus everybody who goes out and approaches knows that there are women out there that are sort of in the grey zone. They give off the vibe that they are attracted but really just want to talk/be entertained. But I go out to get laid so I want to be efficient with my time. So yeah the bare minimum to save time and get to girls that are DTF.

  6. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Hi Sinn!!I write to you cause this post really confuse me and seems contraddictory with everything that many other company teach out there..why should i go to a bootcamp or buy a DVD if all i need to become a great player is the "minimum" with all the amount of free articles&info on the forums out there?I'm already good at opening, attract, put up a comedy show ecc but i've not yet gained the results i wished and i believed that in order to gain decent results i've to become extremly skilled with this techniques and not to do less..if this techniques don't help me at minimum level what other route should i take tofind an hb7 girlfriend?Thanx 4 the attention ;)

  7. Anonymous11:47 AM

    It is advance level !If you have solid each skills mention above.You can use each component of skills in one interaction.

    I am not master level guy.If I tried to say something about this.This is real KJ.Not many guys can give idea about it.They have ideas but still skills set did not reach to try this.

    Create super chemistry and then isolate her.Seduce her.Of course you should have good logistics too.You have to know how to do it plus you have to use it all the time.You need to master two skills.For cold approach,super chemistry creation is first half and second half is seduction.

    Master guys are "Don't think,feel it"Like Bruce Lee said.There many masters in the field but not many guys can explain those guys know it or they just did not know what they are doing but work right.

  8. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Looks pretty much like the Mystery Method model

  9. Anonymous9:47 AM

    vincent i feel you i am a fruit man, no homo, why would a homo come here, anyway i am off to work So i approach in the middle of work, it ain't working but i still a trying, until i get better, thinking about a 2,000 dollar bootcamp 3 day i wonder will that really help?

    bruce lee said "keep it simple stupid"

    you gotta hear without fear, you gotta feel to reveal, you gotta touch without taste, beefheart

    you quote to god damn much - someone

  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Sinn,I think it depends of proficiency of skill sets.What you mean is if you mastered all these skill sets,you should go Bare minimum?

    For the learning process.Your broke it down small pieces and do it with baby step.Then you ask your students kill each sticking point( weak point).

    For newbies overload is something you say it should be avoid.Do it small thing each week.If you can go further,it is bonus.Do not think results while you are learning.Results oriented learning increase your chance to drop out,you need to stick with it some certain term.

    For the guys intermediate to advance guys.Don't over do it and it kill your game.

    That what you want to say?

    It is interesting.Nick Quick says,you should know and use all element even you are may have a chance to get results in quick.

    While Nick Quick says cover all element style.Your advice is step by step.Do not think about next element while you are learning one skill.Mystery also tout step by step learning approach.But there is a difference once you learned skills,it should not be linear.You should use techniques right timing even you should do some elements together.

    Sinn's style is kind a like MMA while Mystery M3 kind a like a Karate or Judo type.Actually he said night club is "Venusian artists's doujo".

  11. Anonymous9:45 AM

    guys this really isn't that complicated, if you go through the motions but spend an hour attracting when she was attracted after 10 minutes you have potentially wasted 50 mins

    sinn i most of those points we know about but i think stirring emotion in a girl is a sticking point for most guys, i would appreciate insight into this please


  12. Anonymous11:23 AM

    How do i make a gal emotional?