Friday, February 18, 2011

Winning The Game Part 3: The How?

Welcome back,

We've already talked about The Why?

We've talked about The Where

Now we're going to discuss the How?

Keep in mind this is not the how of the question How To Pickup Girls this is actually the question of how do I win the game?

Knowing why you're here and where you are help, but there is only 1 person who is going to be able to tell you what's going to actually make you happy.

And unfortunately that person is your undecisive ass...

The reason I called you undecisive is because if you're like most guys who get into this, you get enamoured with the various products out there thinking that you need to be able to do EVERYTHING with women in order to be able to choose what will make you happy.

This completely ass-backwards.

You have to think about what you want and then SYSTEMATICALLY ignore all other options. You must become consumed, by one goal and one goal only. Then if you get this goal and it turns out you don't actually want it, you set a new goal and go after that.

The problem here is the idea that there is some sort of master Pick Up Artist. Even when you're amazingly good with women(like I am) there are certain kinds of situations and women that you will NOT enjoy. Even if you're getting laid.

There's a reason I no longer go to bars and clubs despite having literally hundreds of same night lays in bars and clubs. It's because succeeding in bars and clubs, wasn't helping me win my game.

In the end the How comes down to how you're going to get from where you are to what you ULTIMATELY want. You can choose to skip the intermediate bullshit where you're stressing out and go straight to your end goal, but only if you're honest with yourself about what you actually want.

The final piece of information for finding your end goal is this, go with your gut. Your mind can rationalize anything and a lot of the goals guys have with women sound really amazing. This doesn't mean you'd like them. You may find that sleeping with a lot of girls makes you a hypocondriac or that juggling multiple women is too stressful for you, or conversely you may find yourself feeling hemmed in by monogamy and wanting to run free. Whatever your gut tells you will make you happy is what you should pursue.

In conclusion, the reason so many guys fail to win the game, is that they fail to understand it. As they say on " The Wire" "The game is the game." whether you succeed or fail in it depends on you.

JS-The King Of Content


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