Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Social Circle Game is A SCAM...

Today I'm kinda pissed off.

Every year there is a new and more pathetic "Magic Bullet"
in the pick up community,that promises to land
supermodels in your bed in 10 seconds
flat with 0 chance of ever being rejected.

One year some jackass in a
top hat says you have to "peacock",
the next year some a**hole tells
you he can teach you how to
NEVER get rejected again..

The latest trend to sweep our
little community is something
called social circle "game",
and it's a complete scam.

First of all how many guys
actually have time to participate
in 4-5 different social circles
or manage a group of 50-60 friends?

Unless you're a 20 something without
a day job or a club promoter, chances
are not many of you...

Secondly, most of us have friends
from years and years ago. These people
already have set images of who you are.
Some of us(like myself) have had some
friends since High school...

You're not going to suddenly transform
yourself and your friends into
a group of pick up navy seals or
some other such ridiculous notion.

And lastly like all the great pick up
scams it promises a quick fix.

Never again will you have to go to a bar
or club,

Never again will you have to approach a

Never again will you have to learn to deal with

and on and on.

Look let's be real here,

Chances are if you're reading this,
you DON'T have a huge social circle
teeming with attractive women, or the
time to build an elaborate network of
friends like some insecure loser trying
to re-create his glory days from high school.

In fact, chances are you're reading this
because you're not that social of a guy.

And that's ok.

You don't need to have a million
friends or reinvent yourself to be
successful with women. Whether that means
finding that one special girl or dating

What you need to do is stop looking for
"Magic Bullets" like Social Circle game
and focus on becoming a more naturally
attractive person, who understands women
and the process of how sexual relationships

Hope that helps,

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Marcus5:22 PM

    Another thing of the so called "Seduction Community" is that you have to be social, talk to everybody and have 100+ friends in order to have great sex with hot women...

  2. Andrew7:12 PM

    I just want to address the issue about how much time/effort goes into social circles.

    For young people like myself making a ton of friends is useful because when I meet girls through friends I enter with already established high value. But when I get older, and have less time, I want to use value (from my career for example) to facilitate friendships with a 3 or 4 guys who still have time to manage a lot of friends. With this strategy I only have to deal with 4 friends but when I meet their collective ~200 friends I come in with high value. Big social circle, little time.

    The only reason I try to explain is because I like reading your blog. Keep an open mind to it :)

  3. Social Circle game is not bad. Just don't think that you will have a steady flow of girls coming your way.

    It is by far one of the more easier ways to get women but there just are a lot of women to get with.

    I think the best approach is multipul streams of income.
    Day Game - Night Game - Social Circle - Internet - The work place

    Just my two cents

  4. chris311:23 PM

    i am quite shocked that you don't like social circle game as you are such a big fan of afc adam and even gambler( he is always saying you don't need to approach and was on your top ten list). I think growing your social circle is a far more constuctive use of time compared to learning "game"

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Camilo S

    I really like this post. It could be very controvertial and misunderstood but I see your point - All the crap "somepeople" tell you to try to sell you some "magic bullets" to have tons of social circles full of 10s avaible and starved of you.

    Nevertheless I think there is good advice to keep in mind to make some good friends that can bring value to your life. And in general make your pu carreer an lifestyle easier.

  6. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Mostly for guys in college IMO