Monday, February 21, 2011

The Beauty BS

It's Monday and I'm in car buying hell,

Let's get into the article.

I've already addressed the rating issue years ago publicly, but I still think there is too much focus put on getting the prettiest girl, as opposed to the girl you have the most in common with or the girl you actually have chemistry with. Not to say that all of those can't be the same girl.

I personally blame Mystery. When other guys were talking about tactics on How To Pick Up Girls, he went out of his way to disparage picking up the girl at the magazine rack, because and I quote

" I want the girl on the cover of the magazine."

Great, so do a gazillion other guys, but unless you live in LA, NY or Miami your chances of meeting a famous cover model are slim to none, let alone having the game to get her.

So the first problem with the 10s parameter, is a find problem. There just aren't that many girls that look like the girls on magazine covers.Especially in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Denver, and Alaska where many of my students live.

The second problem, is that girls don't actually look like that. There's expert lighting, photography, and photoshop that goes in to making the girls on the cover of the magazines look like that. The girls themselves don't look like that first thing in the morning and I say that as someone who has slept with 4 girls who have been in Playboy( The actual magazine not cyber, or college or any of that bullshit).

The third problem is that it's shallow as fuck. If you're most guys reading this, you want a girl to look past your surface level defects and like you for your confidence, social skills, charm etc... Yet girls are only getting judged on their looks?

Not fair.

And to make it clear to the idiots who read my blog, I'm not telling people to start dating ugly girls with good personalities.

What I'm saying is that you should aim to find a girl or girls(s) that you are physically attracted to ( If you're like me you're attracted to a decent amount of girls who aren't perfect 10s) who you have a lot in common with, who you get along with, and who you actually enjoy spending time with. Rather than consistently putting yourself around girls you hate in order to have some orgasm with a girl whose name you won't remember 3 years later.

Not that that's ever happened to me or anything :)

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous3:36 AM

    "I say that as someone who has slept with 4 girls who have been in Playboy( The actual magazine not cyber, or college or any of that bullshit)"

    Pics or GTFO with this bullshit;)

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Lucky me I live in Sweden. I'd go so far as saying there are tons of chicks here that look BETTER than many of those magazine cover girls :) (imo).