Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winning The Game Part 2: The Where

On Monday I talked about the concept of winning the game and how it really boils down to answering 3 questions for yourself.

We discussed the first question of " Why are you here?" Monday.

Today I want to move on to the second question you have to answer. Where exactly are you right now?

As I discussed in the first post, most of us do not live in reality. Which is why in NLP they say " The map is not the territory" instead we live in a clouded mess of distortions, deletions, generalization and most of all rationalization.

I've always thought you had to hit rock bottom in order to get the psychological leverage needed to get good. The problem of course with that kind of thinking is that 9/10 students could be at rock bottom and somehow rationalize that they're not really that bad.

You MUST be able to take an honest look at yourself and admit that there are parts of your personality, lifestyle and way you come across socially that are NOT helpful and need to change if you want to actually make progress moving forward.

You cannot improve, until you admit to yourself that you're fucked up.

And oh the ways students run from the truth. My favorite is when they bring up situations that obviously made them uncomfortable and then say they don't care about it. like on my last bootcamp a student mentioned that as he was leaving a group of girls he had talked to pointed at him and laughed. I told him he creeped them out and he should care and he immediately responded " I don't care." Which obviously he did or he wouldn't have brought it up 12 hours after it happened in the seminar room. Or when students tell me their happy with their sex lives. Yeah cause a lot of guys who are happy with their sex lives sign up for 5K programs on getting better with women. If your life has gotten to the place where you felt the need to go online to solicit help from other guys on how to get laid; you are FUCKED UP.

No judgment I was fucked up too, so was every other guru out there, it's just like Alcoholics Anonoymus though admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Seiya2:30 PM

    Dude I get what u mean with the ego protection issue..

    But really.. fucked up is also a definition question... I get laid as an average single guy.. 4-5 girls a year... id say thats even higher than average knowing lots of single guys and some statistics...

    The only reason I did not yet apply tough is that Im broke. The reason I think that im i need a bootcamp is because my ideal would be to lay 2-6 different girls a month and not necesseraly that Im fucked up..

    why?? im brazilian and have been surrounded by enough people for whom this is a reality (and i learned a lot from..)

    the hitting rock-bottom to get leverage thing is really self developement community biased... mostly cuz its full of losers who want whatever.. "normal" people identify a problem, fix it to some point and most people dont even notice..

  2. Anonymous4:59 AM

    "If your life has gotten to the place where you felt the need to go online to solicit help from other guys on how to get laid; you are FUCKED UP."

    While I'll admit there's a lot of dudes like this in the community and I'll even admit to being one of them, I think "The Game" brought a lot of much more normal people to the community.

    And frankly, there are a lot of decent people who are even dating fairly normally, but they find this stuff because they want to fuck more than 1-2 girls a year or they want to fuck hotter girls or they've watched too much porn and want to fuck all the time and think the SUISC is their ticket. In which case, I would say that the person isn't fucked up but their expectations have gone through the proverbial roof whether because of Maxim, Playboy, Internet Porn, the SUISC, or whatever.

    Not getting laid a lot with hot girls is fairly normal unfortunately. Also wanting to fuck lots of hot girls is normal. I don't think you're "fucked up" automatically just because you're into pua. I think reality kinda sucks and god made beta males, most of whom would rather be alpha males.

    Anyway, my 2 cents.

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    love the blog but stop being a jackass and sprinkle in some more NBA tweets

  4. "The map is not the territory" Isn't that originally a Alfred Korzybski quote in reference to General semantics.

    Its basic assumption is that “language ‘enslaves’ us by conditioning our brains to perceive a false reality”.
    (yes I've quoted from wiki)

  5. I may be in it for all the wrong reasons, I am a 25 yr virgin, with a bad case of acne and it's accompanying self deprecating mindsets.
    New mindset are "I suck at getting laid, fake it, until I make it, and use whatever tools learned

    The first step of undoing yourself is to NOT BE YOURSELF, Fight Club - boy - durden - fight - man.

    I was an academic pu junkie and a lot of times I was looking for the magic pill. i Have read Sinn gives the how to "sex" content by Making it Up through INTERACTION. ACT as in ACTION.


    I just finished doing 3 direct approaches, that sucked, the street one was worst. 2 at work 1 by going out in the street. But my ratio for approaching was 3 out of the 6 attractive woman
    EXCUSES - 2 in groups with mom, dad, and one across the street.

    Learn this belief _ WHEN IN DOUBT FUCK IT. -J LENNON

    "fuck comfort", chase unhappiness because results are a side effect of discipline and real bliss is involuntary.

    My goal is to focus and to have sex with 40+ girls, or have a really hot compatible girlfriend, I want an understanding of myself with woman in a sexual side.

    More importantly I want to be able to be 100% Honest. And still convey sexual attractive qualities, through real pre-selection i.e. getting laid.

    I'm an artist, looking for an extreme life change, i.e. drama via sex and getting use to the chaotic reality called LIFE (Which I have 0 of...mostly cause of my social environment, beliefs, and producing, learning, understanding music) to fuel the ART.

    Connections and Turmoil shake me out of this blandness.

    Then there is money, career, and knowledge, health, and music training (i also know i need improvement).

    Even this fucking blog post is a fucking waste of time, anonymous venting. I could of been looking for new pussy, learning new skills, memorizing a sexual story, working out. What am I doing writing a fucking Blog Post.

    Take Heed People. BE REAL, CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS. I have a lot of shit to take care of.
    Love is a Fighter's World