Monday, August 02, 2010

This Guy Got Laid 3 Times Last Week... No Joke!


When I told you that the Seduction Roadmap was the
most powerful seduction system on the planet, I
was NOT joking.

For example, Here's an email that was sent to me
literally minutes before I did the special Seduction
Roadmap encore teleseminar last Saturday:

"Hey Jon. from last Thursday to Tuesday i went out
four times and three of the times I got laid. Breaking
my record.

The Seduction Roadmap is giving me the results I had
alway dream of. My pick up on tuesday night was
awesome. The first girl that I approached I ended up
taking home.

She was so attracted to me she ended up convincing
her friend to come home with me and her. I haven't
even got good at using the any cold reads yet.
the stuff is awesome."

Troy B.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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