Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Positioning In Dating

Positioning is a term from marketing that refers to creating an image or identity in the mind of a perspective consumer for a product or service that is being marketed.

Positioning is extremely important when it comes to dating.

The way you position yourself upon first meeting a woman, can determine the entire course of your relationship with her.

When it comes to positioning the magic question, is what can I do for her?

You have to position yourself as someone who has something she wants.

Now what that something is can differ from person to person, but to have the greatest amount of success you must position yourself as someone who has something she wants.

Let's look at a couple of examples of good positioning.

1. Potential Boss/source of income: We did a video shoot a few months back and I saw the power of this positioning first hand. If you want to get all evolutionary psychologist here, you could say it relates to survival and security.

2. Club Promoter: This one only works with girls who go out in the area you promote in, but club promoters always start with higher positioning because they control (easy)entrance to the club. Anytime you have a "hookup" you can use that for positioning.

3. Expert in an area she's interested in learning more about. Being able to teach a girl something simple and basic or letting her see you be way above average at something creates higher positioning. I took a girl with me to a kickboxing class the other day and helped her learn to throw punches the right way. The key here is that it has to be something they're interested in. I don't talk to girls about pickup even though I'm an expert in it and can explain things in great detail.

A classic example of positioning is the way nightclubs in cities like Miami, LA, and Vegas work. Unless you have connections, you line up outside of an empty nightclub. This wait time positions the club as exclusive and popular. As opposed to letting everyone in at once, which would position them as half full.

Also look at the difference in positioning created by nightclubs in how you offer to buy a woman a drink. If you open with it you're positioning yourself as willing to pay for her time. Needy, and loserish. However if you buy overpriced bottles(again without a hookup then they're $60 in tip, I know) and open by inviting the girls to the table for a drink, you're positioned as cool and trendy. Even though in both situations you're offering the girls free alcohol to hang out with you...

So let's re-cap this post: Positioning is all about how you differentiate yourself from everyone else in relation to the woman you're dealing with. We want to create positioning based on what we can do for her. This is one of the things that can cause women to chase you.


JS- The King Of Content


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    you "word" yourself? nice bro

  2. Offer and demand! What can be more simple than that, guys?! :)

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