Friday, August 13, 2010

Club People VS Non Club People

Ok here's a quick post that can actually make you a lot happier and more successful with women.

In my experience(and for the sake of this article) there are two types of people in the World; Club people and non club people.

Club people LIVE for the club. It is the highlight of their week and they go regardless of whether they actually get laid, meet people they like, or even have a single social interaction with another person. Some of them go to dance,all of them like to drink, and most use drugs recreationally if they don't have a full blown drug problem.

On the other hand we have non club people or as I like to refer to them "my readers." I would say 99% of guys who get into this are not club people. Meaning that if you took away the alluring possibility of getting laid, these guys would NEVER go to bars and clubs. I should know, because I am one of these people.

Now for years and years I believed that in order to be good at this, you have to be going to bars and clubs, because that's where the hotties were. I tried for years to like bars and clubs. In fact when I was living in Dallas and Miami I was out by myself in bars and clubs 3-4 nights a week, and 6-7 nights a week total.

Yet even when I was having outrageous success, I NEVER looked forward to going to these places.

Eventually it hit me, the truth is you're either a club person or you're not. And I was not.

So about 6-7 months ago, I stopped going to bars and clubs outside of bootcamps and dates.

I was expecting my level of success with women to take a small hit, because I wasn't going to be around the drunk and slutty contingent which is so integral to bar and club success.

Instead the opposite happened, I started to go eat lunch at various malls in the Scottsdale area and was amazed to find hotter and much cooler girls there than I was meeting at clubs. Instead of sleeping with less girls a month, I was sleeping with more.

It was then during a conversation with Jay Formhandle that I got the second piece to the puzzle. He remarked that you NEVER meet club girls during the day. I thought about it for a second and outside of flights to and from Las Vegas, he was completely right. Club girls don't come out during the day and day time girls (Like grad students, nurses, lawyers, and most real models as opposed to "Models") are rarely found at night.

So take this post as a guiding light, if you HATE bars and clubs; STOP GOING TO THEM. You don't need to interact with scumbags in order to meet attractive women. They are literally all around you as you go through life.

And in the meantime you can make fun of ridiculous club people on websites like this one:

The Dirty

That is all.

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Thanks for this! I feel exactly the same way... I'm not a club kind of guy and even though i like to go out sometimes with friends, i just don't feel like having to meet out women and running around doing opinion openers etc. I wonder why the seduction community has focused on this instead of other ways of meeting social women be it warm approaches, in a class, a social meeting, or social circle. It's actually much more rewarding, natural and healthy. You actually get to have real friends! Not pseudo friends we met at night for 20mins in a drunkish environment...!

    Btw, i have to say that what i most love about you is how you once in a while break free from preconceived ideas. Like the "you can be de-selected by women, destructor of loved ones, but if the women are having fun..." etc. Sometimes people need someone to think outside the box, so thanks for all the good you've brought to the community! Keep on rockin! :D

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  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Are there by-laws for provincial readers in naive, isolated towns?

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    This is pretty much counter-intuitive to everything I've learned from "other places" where it's pretty much gospel that to get to the "next level" you have to go to the clubs. It's kind of a hard pill to swallow, but thanks for this post. It's really food for thought.

  5. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Agree 100%, the community is ridiculous with their stupid club obsession IMO. Characters like Mystery, Tyler, Savoy, Mehow and all the other community clowns are really a disgrace to human intelligence.

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Ironically, I thought I saw you at the club a week ago..but it was your twin brother!

  7. Anonymous3:00 AM

    I'm a club fan, but after reading this post I might stop trying there, just have fun & up my day game.

  8. I enjoy clubbing but I get most of my girls from day game. I started out approaching girls in clubs but ever since I switched to day game ... everything just flows, naturally! When I started training guys I only taught day game, there are a lot less variables and you can get constant results right from the beginning.

  9. McNulty9:15 PM

    My experience is different. I only see fattie-grossos during the day, where as the right bars/clubs can be depended upon to have attractive women. Here in Baltimore the bars are full of nurses, med students, hospital workers, etc - normal, successful people with careers like to go out too. I find daygame to be so time consuming. Sure you see a hottie every now then but for the most part it's representative of American society where 99% of the population is obese and disgusting, I don't have 7 hours to waste for 3 decent sets on a Saturday at the mall. Not saying you're wrong, just sharing my experience.

  10. Anonymous6:30 PM

    >He remarked that you NEVER meet club girls during the day.

    Couldn't that be a framing/subpersonality issue?
    Same girl has a normal personality and a club personality. you first meet her during the daytime and she always presents her normal personality to you at your guys' dates. you first meet her at night, and she will always tend to be more 'club girlish' at day2, day3, day4....

  11. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I wouldn't go to a mall to "hangout" unless it involved meeting women, either. I suppose the moral is that you should just do things you enjoy. Meet the women doing those things. Unfortunately few women share my love for playing basketball.