Monday, August 30, 2010

990- Emotional Fludity


A lot of guys even some of
the top gurus out there,
think that the goal of an
interaction with a woman
is to get attraction from

This is somewhat true but
misses the point.

See, attraction is an emotion.

So in reality what we want is to
get the woman to first emotionally
react to us and then to allow us a
degree of what I like to call
Emotional Fluidity.

Emotional Fluidity, besides being
a term I just made up, refers to
what happens when a woman allows you
control of her emotions. It's not
a conscious process and it's also
where a majority of techniques come
into play. Especially those based on

I'm sure you've had what I'm about to describe
happen to you at least once.

You start talking to a girl,
you're attracted to. You're throwing
your best game at her, you're doing
everything right, and she just doesn't

Not an annoyed word, not a blowoff,
just apathy.

In reality apathy is worse than
hate and anger, because a person
has to at least care about you to
hate you.

When a person is apathetic you have
no emotional fluidity. They don't
regard you as important enough to
sway their emotions in the slightest

Sometimes this has to do with value,
sometimes it has to do with looks, but
most often it has to do with communication

You must communicate with women in a
way that early on sparks an EMOTIONAL
reaction. That reaction does not have
to be attraction, it can be curiosity,
annoyance, confusion, or a ton of other
things, but the goal when you start talking
to a woman is not to get attraction, but to
get EMOTION. Almost any emotion can become
attraction, but without emotional fluidity,
you CANNOT get attraction


JS- The King of Content


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Great article!

    the wider the oscillation of emotions = the greater and more intense the attraction

  2. Another reason why laughter is important in a first interaction. If you can get the girl to laugh or smile, she will link you with a positive emotion and thats always a good start.

  3. Emotion plays a huge role in attraction. I'd personally rather have someone hate / love me than not have an opinion of me at all and the key is to create an emotional experience.

    Denny and JT has it right, though. It's all about creating a fluctuation of emotions and laughter is a good start. That's why humor plays a strong role in any type of initial interaction with women.