Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Seduction Roadmap is CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who took part in it.

We sold out all 500 copies before midnight last night.

Sorry if you missed it...



  1. Anonymous1:35 PM


  2. Mark Standingonthebox@gmail.com8:27 AM

    It would be mean a lot to me if you reopened an additional 100 slots. As a first time buyer I was hesitant but after being exposed to some glowing reviews I honestly regret not buying the product. For the record I am in no way associated with Sinn.

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    why only 100 slots?make it to 100000 more slots...i'm not associated with sinn either.

  4. Anonymous3:20 PM

    or 2 bizillion more sluts, sorry, i mean slots..

  5. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Me too, man. Hopefully to pick up one of your casts soon. Your stuff is inspirational! I used my community knowledge to send a sample screenplay for graduate school and it got me to a highly selective round of interviews (only accepted as an alternate). Keep changing the world for the better, bro.

  6. Anonymous7:30 AM

    todays email that sinn sent on "winners and losers" was one of the best innergame emails he sent!!!!!

  7. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Just read the Game Acceleration Doctrine. Motivated me to go out today and have great results. What this guy is offering is great. Awesome

  8. These other guys are right here. Sinn puts out grade a content. He just needs to keep his blog fresh more.

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Dear Jon

    Transcript # 5

    "You want to be aware of where you're kissing girls as well—you don’t want to kiss them in places where they're not going to be comfortable, because then they will have some buyer's remorse."

    Buyer's remorse is a post-decision problem without any particular has happened but the purchase. It is an unspecific feeling of error or guilt without any change in what you have or expected to have as an actual product.

    It is NOT buyer's remorse when a car does not meet the expectations when actually being used. And it is NOT buyer's remorse when you find out you have been delivered a car with an engine you did not order and want to give the car back.

    Yours sincerely,

    Frank a.k.a. TommyMo

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