Sunday, August 15, 2010

Learn Directly From My Biggest Influence; Captain Jack


Most of you have probably already heard about Captain Jack. We were wings for a couple years and we probably had a higher output than any other Wing tandem in history. A couple of years ago I named him the world's best pick-up artist. (I've been OUT in the field with more professional 'name' PUAs than anyone else so I am the most qualified to make that kind of judgement.)

Anyways, here are 5 posts by CJ I think you should read. I believe they will change your game forever. Even if you've already read them before you should read them again. CJ's posts are often layered with little bits of golden information that you 'get' only with more and more experience.

Here they are:

Post 1:Romance = Sexual Tension

In this post, CJ discusses a lot of the dynamics behind Sexual Framing. It launched his very effect 'Framing Mastery' program where the number of SNLs quickly exceeded the number of PUAs on the call. Many were getting multiple SNLs in the same week.

Post 2: Game Dynamics

This post doubled CJ's blog traffic. It describes the framework and rules behind all human interactions and makes PU so simple and fun and returns the thrill of pick-up back to the PUA. It expands on these ideas:

All Games are Based on Agreement.

Game Dynamic 1: You and her must agree you are both Players in a Game You Both Want to Play.

Game Dynamic 2: You and her must agree you are both playing the same Game TOGETHER.

Game Dynamic 3: You must show her that you VALUE her Game Goal.

Game Dynamic 4: You must demonstrate that you can carry her through the Obstacles… first by handling them in her mind, then in the immediate environment then over time.

By passing each dynamic you get closer to sex. Her statements and questions are evaluated in the light of which Dynamic she is trying to Clarify. This is a must read post.

Post 3: Keeping It Sexual In Comfort . This is for those PUAs who find themselves getting stuck in boring, non-sexual conversations or Day2s that go nowhere.

Post 4: Gun To The Head Gaming Part 1. This is what CJ would do if goons broke into his house and told him he had to bet laid THAT NIGHT or they'd come back and shoot him in the face!

Post 5: Gun To The Head Gaming Part 2 . This is a checklist that every PUA should measure themselves against every night they go out. It is a way to truly measure your performance and shore up your weaknesses. PURE GOLD!

Why am I asking you to go read them? Very simple.

1. I know that reading them will boost your Game to the next level. No doubt. Each post in itself could do that, but all 5 together is a virtual guarantee.

2. CJ has just put every product he's created up for sale at a deep discount. I think everyone should invest in his material. I don't want you to miss out. Go here to read more about his "Insane Completion Offer" .


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I would also add captain jacks 'sticking point analysis' to his must reads.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    i like the concept of "playing both the same game" and the other stuff... i would say these posts are from the 2nd king of content

  3. I love his modified Strawberry Field routine. I was a reader of his blog a while back and I liked the way he thought and how he managed to increase his results from his own observations.

  4. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Great post! This is why I believe Sinn is the best PUA right now. It's crazy to see Sinn's game progress. I think I've been reading his material since he was 23. Well done bro!

    Let me share a story that really opened my eyes last night. I hope this will make book nerd PUAs realize that there's no silver bullet to gaming, which I finally got my nail in the coffin answer last night.

    Last night I ran into Tyler Durden at my local bar (Seattle). The bar is very famous and is called "Ambers". So anyways, I'm drunk as shit and was just out to have a good time and I noticed a lot of cousins and girls I screwed were there (not saying I get laid a lot --I don't, but the ones I banged were all out this night). So we're all at the bar and I noticed Tyler Durden kept on getting rejected by all my exs and even my own cousins. Like the whole night, it was just one bad set after another. On a serious note, I have no hate for him but couldn't believe how gay he just appears. My own cousin on the ride back home said some "fruit cake" wouldn't take my signs of i'm not 'feeling him' --She was referring to Tyler.

    One credit I'll give him is he has balls of steal. Didn't matter if it was black or anything, he was the first one up to apparach any 7 and above. He kept on going at it and some losers who were into the community gave him the goo-goo eyes a few times, but they didn't treat him like a rock star or anything. With the exception of like 5 to 8 guys, most of the bars didn't know who he was or were just observing from afar like me.

    It was a sobering affect to see one of our "greatest" PUAs not being able to even get a phone number close from my 7s and 8s which most I met randomly at bars myself. I have more respect for Tyler after watching him crashing and burning than I ever did reading him nailing all the girls at the clubs. He appeared human. But the sobering affect I got was that no matter how "good" I get, I can only be as good as Tyler, which is still a lot of crashing and burning. It made me see that all these routines and all those lines really don't mean shit. A man who knows what he wants and is confident will get the job done. After all, man kind was getting pussy before the game and they sure will after the game becomes standard pickup.

    Respect to tyler, you are a real trooper.

    Respect to Sinn, my favorite friendly drunk PUA of all time.

    sincerely, fanboy.

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    hey man did you mix ( game dynamics ) in your seduction roadmap course