Friday, April 09, 2010

Sex Addiction is SUCH a SCAM...

I'm a little punchy today I'm not gonna lie...

In light of me not being able to watch ESPN without being bombarded with columns about how Eldrick Woods is performing some sort of miracle by doing his job, after he fucked his own life up and Jesse James leaving rehab after a whopping 4 days of a 45 day program, it's time for me to give my take on "sex addiction."

"Sexual Addiction" may exist in some EXTREMELY rare cases, but if you're not getting arrested daily for going to hookers or unable to function as a normal member of society because you have to have sex every couple of hours... You're not a sexual addict.

The fact that both Jesse James and Eldrick Woods were able to hold together seemingly separate lives points at a much deeper psychosis. Now you could argue that a sex addiction is easier to hide than a drug addiction or alcoholism, but if you're ADDICTED to something eventually people start to notice. Eldrick lives in such an isolated robotic world no one could tell for awhile( Or like Rachel Uchitel they got paid $10 million not to talk).

Then you can look at one of the first celebrity "sex addiction" cases I can remember David Duchovny a few years back, right around the second season of Califonication. You know the show he starred in after 4 years out of the public eye. He claimed to have become a "sexual addict", but it's pretty funny how his descent into sexual addiction happened right around the time he started doing television again... Almost as if as he became more famous and recognized by a younger generation of women that somehow spurred on his "sexual addiction." It also didn't hurt that he was playing a sex symbol (Hank Moody of Californication) as opposed to an uptight FBI agent. (Fox Mulder of the X-files)

And why don't we ever hear about any "Sexual Addicts" who are really bad with women... It seems like "Sexual Addiction" only affects high net worth individuals, with a lot of access to vagina.

Let's be real, if you call something an addiction, it gets people off your back and justifies making selfish choices. If you repent and blame a disease it takes all the pressure and personal responsibility off of you. After all it's not my fault I fucked my girlfriend's best friend, I'm a "Sexual Addict, I can't be held responsible for it, it's not my fault!" Which is the kind of pass the buck philosophy that ruins countries...

JS- The King Of Content


  1. Just 11 more steps... lol

  2. Gougou2478:01 PM

    Someone on a radio show noticed how single men, like say Warren Beaty, can mess with dozens if not hundreds of women BEFORE they are married, but go to Sex Rehab if they exhibit the same situation AFTER they are married. So, before marriage -- "Way to Go!" after marriage -- "Well, he needs to go to Sex Rehab because he's freaky...."

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Sex addiction is just another word for horny little bitch. I decided

  4. I agree. Southpark had an episode recently that made a very similar point:

    "America demands to know: Why do rich and famous men keep having sex with attractive women?!?! IT MUST BE SEX ADDICTION!"

  5. Anonymous7:42 AM

    You should watch one of the recent South Park episodes dealing with Tiger Woods if you haven't already. Basically the exact same take as you on the sex addict thing, haaha.

  6. Sigh...

    "I need to have a woman now!!! I need to have sex.. .NOWWWW.... argh!!! I need sex!!!! MORE.. .seexxxx!!! NEEED SEEXXXXX!~!! "

    There is no such thing. It is really an excuse for a wussy. And even if there was such a thing, then it's basically the fact that he doesn't know how to keep his pants up. But then again, wussies can't control their sexual behaviors. lol.

    Wussies having too much sex is sexual addiction. LOL!!!! HAHAHA

  7. Mordy7:55 PM

    While I completely agree with your views on sex addiction, your argument brought the following to mind:

    You can't have a crack addiction if you don't have access to crack. So, yes, sex addiction "only affects high net worth individuals, with a lot of access to vagina."

  8. Gotta say mate, feeling the anger in this post! Agreed though, a lot of things are called addictions when its just a person expressing who they are naturally. My mates think I'm a health nut. All I do is exercise daily for 30 minutes and eat a raw food diet.

  9. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I would have to respectfully disagree. I have nearly had my life destroyed by my addiction to sex. I have met many men in recovery programs from all walks of life who have been in the same position. I know that it might be hard for you to understand if you have not experienced it. I might have had the same attitude you present a few years ago as well had I not hit a low point in my life and picked up the addiction. I really dont think these celebrities are trying to avoid responsibility for their actions by "blaming it on a sex addiction". Who wants to be known as being a sex addict? People do not understand it and think that its creepy.

    The term "addiction" itself does present a problem, its hard to define and it can mean different things to different people, and the compulsion to do a pleasurable thing over and over is really just the symptom of deeper emotional problems. I think that future definitions of addiction will include process addictions as well as substance addictions because the brain chemical dopamine is responsible for addictions regardless of where or what kind of pleasure is being created by either a chemical substance OR a chemical originating from the brain.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I know what you mean. I suffer from bed, couch, cereal, bicycle, water, computer, drum machine, cheese, burrito, pizza, knife, school, pants, shirt, socks, underwear, glasses, air, bus, time, phone and sleep addiction. People need to recognize my disease and take pity. I can't control myself!