Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love/Apathy/Hate and Pick Up Artists...

Get ready for a long rambling Public Service Announcement...

It makes me laugh when I run into guys in the community and they ask me about other teachers or what not. Inevitably, they are shocked when I have nothing to say. I guess they think I sit around all day thinking about how fucked up a ton of dudes who work in the same industry as me are. Like I'm angry, or on a one man mission to somehow change a bunch of other grown ass men.

I don't.

As I explain in real life, I don't hate anyone in the community. I NOTHING them.

In my mind the reason I do this, is because it's worse. There is no feeling worse than when you realize someone you think is an enemy couldn't care less about you. Since Dec a lot of guys have learned they're in 1 sided feuds with me that only exist in their minds. Once I make a decision that you're out of my life, I don't think about you anymore. EVER.

If someone hates at least they are acknowledging the other person exists.

My Current response to questions about anyone else( Who isn't a friend) in the scene will continue to be

" I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that name or company."

The reason I felt the need to clarify this is because I get a lot of emails asking if I hate this person or the other.And I hear a ton of second hand stories that start out with " Well you hate so and so." I don't. If I make fun of someone, it's because I think it's funny... 10 minutes later, I have forgotten about it. I honestly don't think about the community or Game outside of working hours. It's amazing how it all goes away when I shut down my laptop :)

As I've always said, if you approach someone and they are really rude(hateful) then you have something to work with at least. The worst reaction you can possibly get is apathy. Because apathy, means you don't have the capacity to emotionally reach the other person.

And there isn't anyone in the community who has the ability to affect me emotionally.


JS-The King Of Content


  1. Prague11:44 AM

    to be honest, that podcast you did on the charlatans made you sound if not hateful, then at least bitter.

    But I agree it's a better philosophy to not let someone get to you, and it's better to positive about what you like than be negative about people who don't deserve your attention

  2. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Podcast before the next election please

  3. J,

    I would love to hear more about what you did to get your emotions/thought patterns to a point where you can't be emotionally affected by others' rudeness. Maybe it just naturally happened through the riiiidiiiculous amount of approaches you did, but maybe you did things consciously. And if so I and a lot of others would love to hear.


  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    A serious war erupted between Doc Love and Sinn !

    70 year old guru vs the Sinnmeister General!

    'What about Interest Level ??!!' Doc Love screamed. Then he had to take a blue pill.

    His post is like a threat in a way, don't mess or I ignore you, you have been warned... no??

  5. Anonymous12:46 AM

    yea right you ~~ how about that podcast where u ripped into every1. You're prolly not over that stuff that Steve Eltopo wrote about you.

    You're dishonest sinn, because you dont keep your words ... or ur promises.


  6. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Charletans podcast was EPIC, best ever recorded on the scene.

    Sinn was angry in that pod, for a reason - he saw his R&D and intellectual property show up in another Gurus day-game product - stolen outright. A Haven of Wood ! Ladder of physical word-theft escalation!

    PS: 'Doc Love' is on, he gets paid to do a column, and people rip into him.

    Guru-game = knowledgable men... seducing men !!??

  7. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I feel like I remember an "I hate you Jordan Harbinger" in one of the podcasts...

  8. Prague2:52 PM

    Have I missed something? I got one or two day game products last year but not Sinn's. Could I have got something that was taken? How's anyone to know who's first? Why didn't you take the guy to court?

  9. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Sorry but I smell bullshit. Whats happening Sinn you used to be so geniuine?

  10. Fuck this flake ass community drama. Move the conversation towards something more useful 12m2m, bootcamps or how the fucking Dallas Mavericks can't ever make out of the 1st round of an NBA series.

  11. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Nigga please REDSTACKS been wack y'all needa get off Steve's ballsack!

  12. I agree man. The best way to avoid drama, is to avoid drama. Duh, right.

    Btw, your charlatans podcast was hilarious. I was listened to it in bed the other night and my gf started hitting me because my uncontrollable laughter woke her up. She was like, "What the fuck are you listening to?" and I was like, "HOW's THE TUNA!?" She wasn't impressed, at all.

  13. Anonymous12:24 PM

    If what you are writing is true,you wouldn't written it.

  14. Anonymous7:02 AM


    This charlatans podcast was ok, why wer'nt afc adam and gambler mentioned?

  15. Anonymous12:55 AM

    huge bullshits here. you are just in that more positive mood now. you were obviously in some other mood, a few months, when bashing a new person every day. It is easy to feel it, you were not just having that, there was some kind of hate behind, stop trying to deny the obvious. Just be ok with it, say "Oh yes a few months back, I was a bit angry and pissed, lot of negative energy in me at that time"

  16. Anonymous6:00 AM

    If you really didn't think about it, you wouldn't have even made this post... Plus your rather public rants about Mehow also prove otherwise...

  17. Anonymous7:22 PM

    The Charlatan podcast was awesome. I really think you were on to something with these podcasts.

  18. Anonymous12:54 PM

    How about the girl who reads your blog and tells the girl you're seeing?

    I recall a "You need to die" somewhere in there.