Sunday, April 18, 2010

RHONY Power Rankings week 6

Oh Joy of Joys I get top watch NBA basketball while writing about The RealHousewives.

So a quick explanation of the Power Rankings, it's based on Tim Goodman's TV show rankings in the SF chronicle. That means that each week is treated as a different entity, meaning as much as I love Bethenny if she isn't as involved in a particular episode or is just not that interesting she drops from the top spot, etc...

With that explained, let's go to the Rankings.

1. The Ramonacoaster. It took me 2-3 attempts to get all the way through last week's episdoe cause I was exhausted and kept passing out. Yet every time I woke up and when I watched the episode all the way through, I was amazed at Ramona's verbal assaults on Jill and Kelly. Plus the story about Ramona tricking new Housewife Sonja Morgan out of a dress that was on sale 20 years ago was awesome. As I said last week Ramona's craziness really stirs the drink for the entertaining episodes of the show. This week she finally says what everyone was thinking by telling Kelly she has no brain! Plus it was SUPER awkward to watch her try to seduce Mario with candles and Champagne. Which leads us ultimately to the Brooklyn Fashion Week show... Ramona's eyes look like something a frog on cocaine would have, she waddles with her elbows splayed out and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I defy anyone to watch that scene and not laugh.

2. Sonja Morgan. Making a VERY strong RHONY debut the latest housewife to join the cast, is Sonja Morgan. She reveals she divorced her last husband when he was 77, she has a daughter and a CRAZY expensive house on the UES where she divides her closet among places she wears the clothes, there's a Miami closet, a Colorado closet, etc... She also has a picture of the enigmatic Max who dated Kelly last season. Sonja explains to Luann how she picked Max up outside of Equinox on his first day in Manhattan. This leads to my second favorite scene of the episode where Sonja is explaining to Kelly and Luann about how Max was her "Thursday" guy and then she decided to date someone more seriously. Kelly NEVER says anything which is amazing she she brags about dating Max at every other chance she gets. Sonja also seems to be the most cougar-esque of the housewives, so I'm predicting some sort of sex scandal in her future. I'm very excited about the Sonja Morgan era.

3. Kelly. Kelly has some pretty awesome scenes this week. I have been laughing my ass off all weekend about her descriptions of PR 101 and PR 102. Which she tried to use to get Jill Zarin off her back about sending Bethenny a nice tweet. Then Kelly gets into it with Ramona where she is clearly outclassed in both craziness and verbal sparring. The scene ends with the classic Kelly statement of " I don't want to talk to you anymore." Said after Ramona has already called her a moron and walked off. I think Kelly might be a really big pothead, cause her reaction time, not so good.

4. Jill Zarin. This week we get a ton of snarky comments from Jill Zarin, and unfortunately as she admitted on "Watch What Happens Live" she was trying to be like Bethenny with the one liners but they just don't seem to work. She trashes EVERYTHING about Brooklyn fashion week and then leaves without making ANY effort to go see anyone involved in the show. Then she hosts some Kodak party and gets into it with Ramona. I would have put her higher but couldn't talk through the constant pitching of her book...

5. Bethenny. I love Bethenny but all she does is find out she's pregnant and we see that she really doesn't have any friends she could call to tell. Just kind of sad, and leaves me still longing for the fiesty, funny, Bethenny.

6. Alex. Alex puts on Brooklyn fashion week and then disappears for the rest of the episode.

7. Luann. Luann is basically still trying to talk about how she does so much charity work and yada yada yada... She gets points for introducing Sonja Martin who I predict will be fabulous but other than that she sucks.

Next week we get a good preview of some more Bethenny/Jill Zarin drama, and I'm excited.


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