Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions!!!

Hey guys,

Here's my annual list of stuff I probably won't get through all of.Then next year I'll be able to look back at how accurate past me was about future me.

Here's my resolutions:

1. I resolve to quit smoking cigarettes for good on my Birthday. The last two years will then be referred to as my "early 20s angst filled cigarette days." For about a month I was counting down the days. Though I should add that I am down to 1-2 cigarettes per night I go out drinking. And zero, when I'm sober.

2. I will start and maintain a sports blog. I'll link to it when it's created. I spend way too much time reading and thinking about sports and like writing about it enough that I should do it more.

3. I'll finish the entire 12 Cities in 12 Months tour and book on time. I know there will be 3 weekends/Thurs/Mons used up in June for bootcamps, unless the bootcamps are done in one of the 12 cities... So as long as it's completed within 3 weeks of the year, I should be good. It's gonna be hard to do all the writing for that and the business stuff. I can already tell...

4. Work on Same night Threesomes. I've seen a bunch of really cool stuff happen lately and I want to start working on a body of informationand structure for going out and taking home two sets for threesomes. I've already got a good outline on the waypoints that need to happen, and frames to set...

5. Do Yoga and boxing once a week each. I really like switching up the different ways I exercise and both of these are great. The cool thing about this combo is that it covers both masculine and feminine polarities. The boxing is great for getting that good focused, aggressive, masculine, dominance. Yoga is good for being centered, letting go, relaxing, getting into flow and state. I've done that a few times since getting home and I feel really good internally, very balanced.

6. Read more literature. I read a good amount of self help, sports stuff, and research stuff. I'd like to read more literature. I'm reading Atlas Shrugged now, which I realize is a very self help way of sliding into classic literature, but I digress. So I'll be reading more regular books.

7. Create a work/life/game schedule that works more efficiently. Right now there's so much work to do with keeping everything updated, creating content for 12 Months to Mastery, doing long term business stuff etc... I want to have set work hours, set time for reading and research, set time for working out, set days for gaming, girls in rotation, and time to relax. I need way more structure at this point to get everything done and have a life.

8. Learn all the words to Trapped in The Closet chapters 13-25. The drama gets deeper the further we go with Trapped in The Closet. Though I will say calling AIDS a package is weird...

Allright that's probably enough.

Let's see what you guys resolutions are...



  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Holy fuck, don't bother with Atlas Shrugged. It's one of the most trite, emotionally draining books, if taken seriously, there is.

    And I say that as a bona fide, puppy hating libertarian. It's really not a good book.

    If you want to find stuff you like, one of the most efficient ways is to just to read a bunch of short stories. That also happen to be one of the more interesting literary formats and requires a lot more skill than blathering on for 300 pages.

    Another way is to get a bunch of books cheap and mercilessly discard them if they don't offer anything interesting after 20 pages.

  2. Anonymous8:28 AM

    very solid and a lot of healthy thoughts as motivation in there! the sinn a few years ago wouldn't have come up with such a bright list.

    especially 4. and 5. are great!

    good luck and happy new year mate!"

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Regarding Number 7. Eventhough you wish to avoid self-help books, you might consider one last one:

    Or rather check out his bullet points:

    Basically it's about his number 4: Simplify. It takes the stress away.

  4. Good luck on the smoking man!

    I quit cold turkey about 3 months ago, and it can be tough! It's good you're already down to just a few.

    Kick ass in 2009!

  5. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hey Sinn - wanna stop smoking?

    Just about everyone I know who has quit has used a book called: the easy way to stop smoking the easy way by alan carr...

    even my mother quit this year a after a packet a day for about 30 years :/

    here's the bizzo below on him -but everyone raves after reading this book

    "A successful accountant, Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day addiction was driving him to
    despair until, in 1983, after countless failed attempts to quit, he finally discovered what the world had been waiting for —the Easy Way to Stop Smoking. He has now built a network of clinics
    that span the globe and has a phenomenal reputation for success in helping smokers to quit.

    His books have been published in over twenty different languages and video, audio and CDROM
    versions of his method are also available.

    Tens of thousands of people have attended Allen Carr's clinics where, with a success rate of over
    95%. He guarantees that you will find it easy to quit smoking or your money back"

    Apparently in as little as 1 read of the book smokers often quit ( qualifier - I don't smoke! )