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Mailbag Question-critique a routine stack...

Hey guys,

I’m looking around my place in the aftermath of another crazy night out and I don’t feel like dealing cleaning that up with a stick and a rag… SO I thought I’d do a mailbag.

Today’s email comes from a member of my year long coaching program 12 Months to Mastery. We were rescheduling phone consultations around the holidays and he had an extra question.

“Also, do you have time to look over my routine stack if I send it to you?
I was looking over the sticking point process and realized I need to be
doing things consistently to get accurate results. So I made a new stack
that hopefully will keep my sets consistent. It's pretty basic, I just
want to make sure I have the approriate material to start with and that
the sequencing is correct.



No problem Q. I don’t espouse a particular philosophy on the use of routines. I think they’re helpful, but they can cause you to develop bad habits because you become reliant on routines. I also don’t think you HAVE to use routines to get girls. But they are an effective strategy and should be recognized as such. So let’s take a look at the stack:

Routine Stack Working Model

Opener: (Select one) [Kino Ping] (Smile & Be loud!)
1. You guys seem cool…So I had to come over and say hello……
2. You guys seem fun……I had to come say hello.
3. I was sooo going to wear that tonite.
4. Sincere compliment…….(Default)
This section is good because it has a variety of openers. I personally believe you should have between 1-5 openers you like at any given times. Some openers work better in specific situations like approaching mixed groups or seated groups. It’s also good that he mentions to kino ping or touch on the opener. You want to break that touch barrier immediately. He also mentions smiling and being loud, if you can do just those two it will make a big difference in how many groups will talk to you.
The problem with this section is that it doesn’t have any different types of openers. Every opener on the list is a direct opener. This means it’s an opener that states interest in meeting the girl or group. You want to have both indirect and direct openers in the arsenal so that you can approach all different scenarios. Here I’d add an indirect risk opener like Brad P’s Horsegirl or The Don and I’s Child support opener. I’d also add a regular opinion opener like one of my favorite openers the “Died in your Arms Tonight “ Opener it goes like this:
Hey guys, help me win a free drink from my friends. You know that song “Died in Your Arms Tonight?” You know who sings that song? My friends say it’s Journey but I know it’s Cutting Crew. So all you guys have to do is wave over there while I say Cutting Crew. Cool?
Negs / Teases:
Yep….You guys are definitely the coolest girls I have met….In the last 30 seconds.
You guys are totally adorable…..You’re like my little sisters…..I’m going to put you in my pocket and adopt you as my new little sisters….Wait a minute….You guys are potty trained right?
Ok these teases are a little… weak. You need some teases that either sexualize the interaction, or paint her as a little bit dorky. These are friendly and bantery but not good this early in the interaction.
Instead I say use teases like
“ I don’t know who your last boyfriend was, but he did not spank you enough.”
“ You should really run away, I’m a horrible person. I make up for it by being somewhat charming but do yourself a favor and run along. Plus I’m really bad in bed ☺”
But it is the right idea to have a few default teases ready for when girls get bratty, or when there is an obvious lack of social tension or attraction( AkA the “polite” response). Teasing is a major part of game, as it passively sets the frame that you are cooler than the girl. If you tease a girl and she laughs, the frame has been set.
Time Constraint / Transitionary Compliment:
You guys are fun though…….I gotta get going soon but……
I don’t recommend using time constraints unless you are using them as part of a push pull, or as a tease. If the girl says something I can misinterpret as creepy, I’ll often look at my arm and say “ look at the time, I have to go feed my cat…They can be helpful in seated groups though, because it’s awkward to just go up to a group and grab a seat with them.
No real problem with always using a time constraint, but don’t feel you always have to do it either.
Just out of curiosity…..How do you guys know each other?
- Waypoint for lock-in
Here you’re using a social question as a transition. You can do this if you got attraction off the opener. If you haven’t gotten attraction yet, then you’ll just be boring the girls with that question. There’s a ton of ways to transition from observations, to phrasal transitions like “ It’s just like when” or “that reminds me of”. You can also just start talking about whatever your next subject is.
It’s good that you have a default way of transitioning set up before hand though. Next time just make it something you can use regardless of whether they’re attracted.
Attraction: (Watch for IOI’s)
You guys look like you are……. (Cold Read)
Are you guys adventurous? (Qualification Ping)
I know everybody asks you this but…..What do you do for work? (What do you do routine)
I’m sorry…..What did you say your name(s) was? (Bad with names routine)
DHV Story : Melrose story / Hole in jeans / Bench press /South Beach (Only as needed)
IVD: Murder Mystery routine or dollar bill routine (Only as needed)
Hmmm…. You pick interesting fingers to wear your rings on…. (Rings Routine) (Mini-Isolate)
- Waypoint for move and / or isolation.
In your attraction section, you seem to be very focused on cold reading with the “you guys look like” mini cold read, followed up by the work routine. In fact this whole style is very low key. This stuff is great for singles and low stimulus environments like lounges, coffeeshops etc… Not great for bars and clubs IME. You might want to make the rings something you use EVERY time. I still use that as a default transition. You also have some DHV stories you tell if needed. DHV stories are kinda relics at this point, the only stories you really need are your life story and a few short funny ones that happen to mention a girlfriend ☺ You don’t have any push/pulls, you don’t have any statements of intent, you don’t do any pacing of the current situation or framing. You’re also not that emotionally engaging. I would throw in a quick past adventures projection early on like the Spanish Chambermaid routine here:
“ You know Sally here is being shy because this is the first time we’ve seen each other since “the incident.” What happened was when Sally went vacationing in Spain last year we had a little fling. And I don’t usually tell people all of our business up front but I cheated on her. Yeah, but I added it up statistically and I made the right choice, it was my only chance to ever sleep with a Spanish Chambermaid and I had to take it. I’m sorry I hurt you… But you did cheat on me with the pool boy first….”
And yes I totally stole the idea from that episode of Seinfeld where George goes off sex and becomes super smart. Geoff formerly of RSD was the first guy I saw use past adventures projections like that one.
Overall I think you need more fun and playfulness in the attraction phase. You’ve got the intriguing/interesting side down and the masculine side down but you need more playfulness and fun.
Qualification & Framing: (Waypoint for isolation.)
Do you believe in Love at first sight? (Love at first sight Short pattern)
You look like you are XYZ nationality….. (Nationality qualification routine)
“ I’d be lying if I didn’t say you were a beautiful girl….But I don’t mean anything by it.”
I wonder what (target’s name) was like when she was seven? (When you were 7 routine)

This qualification sequence needs a ton of work. There’s no small hoops. You need small hoops to build momentum so you need a small qualifier like “ are you adventurous or spontaneous.” You ping early on with a small hoop, but you want to use another one to build momentum for your medium hoop(What nationality are you?) and you need another medium hoop before your large hoop. You also want to soften the hoop by taking out the part where you tell her you don’t mean anything by her being beautiful. Instead say “ but there are a lot of beautiful girls here, what makes you special?”
It’s good that you have more than one piece of qualification material, but you want to stick to the format of two small hoops, two medium hoops and one large hoop. Also I’m not sure why you stuck Toecutter’s Love at first sight pattern in qualification. This piece fits in to either attraction as a transition or into comfort, as an escalation. You should also insert some quirkier things that YOU specifically want in a girl. Everyone should make a list of the 10 nonphysical qualities they want in a woman and use those qualities as their qualifiers. Trust me this makes life and game much easier.
Sexual Framing
You know, you’re kinda throwing me a little bit… (As needed) (Good Girl Face routine)
You know, you SEEM interesting….. In college I studied Psychology and one of the first things they taught us was the Strawberry Fields Test (Strawberry Fields Routine)

Non Judgemental frame / cold read (Not finished yet, will add in later if needed)
You certainly want to add more to the sexual framing stuff, you need things like discretion, Independence, decisiveness, etc… You also want to throw in physical stuff like biting your lip at her, triangular gazing and verbal escalations like “ If nobody was here right now, I’d bend you over this table and take care of business.”
It’s good that you’re recognizing the need for certain sexual accelerators though…

Grounding / DHV:
With me, it’s interesting…….Like I how I grew up_________ I always did_______ and it pushed me to do _________(ambition story).

Comfort: (Select as needed)
1. Heart Melter
2. First Kiss
3. Cosmo
4. Cube
5. Kiss Close
You also need more of a plan for comfort besides just a few routines and a kiss close. You need to have contingencies in place for getting her to give you her phone number and or leave the venue with you and get back to your place. You need to have a plan for the date and a story to seed it to get her excited to go on it. You also need to have a way of escalating things sexually and logistically. You want to have a list of things you’re interested that you want her to know about, as well as a few ways of getting to know her at a deeper level and determine compatability.

Overall I’d say this stack has a lot of good structure, but could use some refinement in the actual material being used. It could also probably use a bit more emotional stimulation and interactivity throughout the stack.

Hope that helps everyone out there, if you guys have questions about routines in general, specific routines or routine stacks, email me at

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    Wow. Sinn thanks a lot for this, I found it really helpful.


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    This was incredibly helpful. Thanks.

  3. fcuk sinn FCUK! GOLD!

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    thx Sinn, probly the single most useful thing uve ever posted.
    Few points which wud be interesting 4 u to post about

    (i) how do u maintain ur sexual prizeability, + not trip her ASD with the escalation+framing? On paper, there doesnt seem to be much cold to go with the hot in urs+ CJs game, so a lot of guys r going out + trying to mimic this stuff, implement the sexual framing + the girl's like "i know this guy wants to f*** me really badly", so where there's the challenge/intrigue, cos there's no prizeability?

    im still waiting for the new Mehow 10 second product which he says was inspired by watching u + other "naturals".
    Seems that it's more about being dark+ edgy + an asshole + talking in high impact 10 second bursts, essentially an emotional slot machine, +baiting the girl into drooling all over u - hav u seen/tried his new stuff?

    Thx, + keep up good work

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    Awesome post. Really helpful!

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    This is one of the greatest things i've read from the community so far.
    There should be more concrete/down to earth stuff like this and MUCH less NLP and pseudo sociological theories in the community.

    Thanks Sinn!!

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    It would be great if you would make analysis of routine stacks like this one a regular feature. Sometimes it takes repeated exposure to the process to see the patterns. Thanks a lot!

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    If I went to a college that taught Strawberry Fields in Psych class, I would transfer IMMEDIATELY.

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    Wow this guy asking you for a review of his stack is a mehow fan :)