Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last 5 and a half weeks Part 4- What Kind Of Asshole Drives a Yellow Porsche

I had a date last night where I royally fucked things up... I'll actually be breaking the date down for the guys on my email list, so if you haven't signed up and want to read a live breakdown of what not to do on dates go HERE and sign up.

All right back to the Australia adventure. When last we left I was thankfully leaving the Gold Coast and streaking towards Sydney, schnitzel and of course weed. When we left on Sunday Moxie had called his friend P. His friend P actually turned out to be an AWESOME guy. Like one of the coolest most down to earth people I've met. he's going to be splitting a place in Whistler with Moxie and I next November. He also had the weed. If you read my adventures in Cairns you'd know we'd been looking for weeks... Literally to no avail. Add to that being away from home for almost a month, living out of a suitcase, eating bad for you food, swapping germs with random club girls every night and it's not a pretty picture. So props to P for the assist there.

The next day we had to walk all around Sydney to find a seminar venue, The Sheraton by the park wanted 26,000 for the day. Whew.

Earlier when I was in the Gold Coast I had met some people who tape seminars to produce products. Because of the exchange rate and their very reasonable rates, it would never be cheaper to film products. Plus I have a strong base of readership over in Australia. So I decided to try to find a room in Sydney to film 4 different programs:

1. Day Game- This was by far the best taping of day game. Combined with the Q and A stuff and "extras" we recorded, this is gonna be a great product and finally reveal all my day time tricks and tips.
2. The 4 Steps of Natural Attraction- This is a brand new program I'd only been teaching to small groups in different lairs. I break down all the tactics and techniques down to the essential traits that cause attraction.
3. Same Night Lays- This was a really good taping with a special section on In Venue Lays and some racy stories from the last few months.
4. Breakthrough Comfort- This is the way to get out of the friendship zone and make women fall in love with you. There's a new 3 part system and overall frame introduced in this taping.

We ended up getting a great room and a great turnout. There were over 50 men and women there the first night and almost 30 there the next. The filming went really well, but really long. We filmed from 6 PM to 3:45 AM then came back and did it again from 11 AM to 1:45 AM.

The filming did not go off seamlessly as I had to throw a kid out of the seminar on the second day. The first day his friend and he had been giggling all day and passing notes and drawings. The second day he was drawing on the board during breaks and messing with the AV system. Finally his cell phone goes off in during filming and I tossed him out. He apologized at the next break and hung around outside the seminar room for the rest of the day... As in I didn't let him back in, he hung around the lobby of a hotel for about 6 hours.

My opinion is if the seminars are free, you have a responsibility to be respectful. I actually spent money to bring those seminars to the guys down there. So there's no tolerance for disrespect for myself or the other guys who are giving up their time to be there and actually want to learn.

Thursday I had a chill day where I didn't do much of anything. I relaxed after the huge work days.

Fri and Sat and Sun Moxie had a bootcamp. So I hung out with P and some other people I had met while I was down there until mercifully my Australia trip ended last Monday.

And all of that leads me to the title of this entry.

Moxie has a friend, who is the BIGGEST asshole in the entire world. His name is Rob. Now the funny thing about Rob is that he is a really cool guy. He's fun to be around, he's fun. I actually liked hanging out with him in Sydney. But for the first 20 minutes I met him, I wanted to stab his face off with a screwdriver. See Rob shows love to people by being a cunt. He will agitate, insult, harass, and generally belittle everything and everyone. It's just his nature. And he's not a bad guy in nature. He's not a good person by any stretch of the imagination, but those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Now the funny thing about Rob is that he drives ... That's right a Yellow Porsche. So if you've ever seen a Yellow Porsche sitting somewhere, or wondered who that guy in his yellow porsche was, now we know. An asshole. And if you're in Sydney maybe the world's biggest asshole...

I'm sure there's more from OZ I'll remember in chunks but that's all for now folks,



  1. hey sinn, soz for being disruptive, i was the kid who got kicked out.

    funny thing, me and my friend were, drawing pics, and making jokes, to keep it fun and light. however it became disrepectful when we interfered with the filming. im sorry for that.

    if you would like some images of your speech including horse girl, sinn holding cigarrette, and anti slut defense army, then email me.

    I really enjoyed your seminar, and was very eager to learn, now i gotta take all my legit notes and somehow work on them. cheers sinn.

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    WTFs your prob, Adam?

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    come on the guy said sorry. He paid the price of missing all that free content.

    When is the release date I want thosed DVD's

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I read this post a few hours ago, and, I kid you not, some dude here in Sacramento was driving a yellow Boxster and made an illegal right turn in an intersection when he should've stayed in his lane going straight. Guy was fortunate not to hit the cars making legal right turns. What an asshole.

    Come to think of it, the character, Sally, who is one film's biggest assholes and most failed PUAs and who Arnold Schwarzenegger's character dropped off a cliff in "Commando" drove a yellow Porsche. There might be something there to this yellow Porsche thing...