Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Article: Pick-up For Minority Men

This article is now available on my new site.

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  1. lol I winged with Kurgan back in 2006 in OC before either of us were teaching. Good guy and glad to hear he's still rocking it. The hilarious thing though is that his post here sounds like it was written by a chinese fob who just discovered google translate. Cmon, kurgan, you're a teacher. Proofread!

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Nice topic.
    As a Fob minority myself.This is one of my favorite topic.Kurgan advised me spot around OC.

    Kurgen do you still coach guys?I mean live training one.

    1. Anonymous1:53 AM

      Lol kurgans badass! I talked to him a while ago and he said he does 1on 1s for $1000 I think. Id get training with him hes cool

  3. Johnno11:36 PM

    Looking forward to the 2nd part!

  4. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Nice post. Good thing I'm asian american. I personally use as much preselection as I can to my advantage and use sexual framing and whenever a girl gives a racist remark i just use a cocky-funny line and just kino plow and they just let me get away with it. Most girls that say racist shit are just drunk or whatever. Most of em actually don't really care about race that much IMO or maybe I'm just lucky so far. Think about it, if a girl was getting you all aroused sexually, would you really give a fuck about what race she was? hell no. Every girls still has preferences but still even they know that race is a pretty stupid thing to disqualify a dude assuming he is socially well adjusted, fun, preselected, and has the balls to sexually escalate. Getting blown out PURELY based on race is as rare as getting called out for being a PUA, it does happen but its honestly just like every other shit test.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    It' funny how this is the exact opposite of the prev post "Not Accepting Rudeness"...

  6. Anonymous8:19 AM

    as a minority I also love white women but am on a latina bender at the moment ...