Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Article: Pick-up For Minority Men

My buddy Victor Kurgen, wrote this 2 part article I thought would be useful to a lot of you guys so here's part 1- 

Pick Up For Minority Men Who Like White Women

Over the many years being in the inner circle of pick up, I have noticed a ton of guys in both Sinn’s and before that, the Mystery’s bootcamps (circa, 2006) of minority guys getting into pick up because they want white women. I mean, that makes sense. I have always wanted to have white girlfriend as well.

Fair enough. That’s why I got into the community as well so I can relate.

But, time and again, I see these minority guys make the same mistake time and again, and it makes them fail and they go back to their boring lives and just give up. There are some prime reasons for this, and that is, they rely on their cultural reference points and do not open their minds to the American mindset.

Two Types Of Minority Men

Now, what you have to do here is to access where you are here. Are you a minority man that was born here in America or did you immigrate here from another country?

If you were born here, you have a greater advantage than someone who emigrated here from another country. The reason is because you understand the subtle social cues that are expected and read by American women. That includes general social mores, body language and the sometimes subtle language games that are played between man and woman.

These items should be looked at and accessed buy them minority man.

But, then again, I have hung out with guys who are immigrants who just rock with white women and they get the hot ones. But they do all the right things.

I have also met guys who are American born who are really good with women as well.

So, it is possible to reach new heights when it comes to the minority man. BTW, this also applied to white guys that want women but there might be something about themselves that they cannot help, like height, baldness, a speech impediment, or something like that.

White Women Mentality

It’s hard to believe in this day and age in the post Obama world that most women have preconceived notions about men from a specific culture that are stereotypes. It’s sad, but it’s there. I can’t even begin to tell you about the horrible stereotypes I have had to endure in my 48 years of life as an Asian American.

I’ve had to deal with these things growing up pre-community:

-I ain’t going to date that Jap.
-I don’t date chinks.
-I don’t like gooks.
-I can’t date you . . . because you know . . . .

These are just cruel and if you grow up in this environment, it does mess with your self-esteem and self perception.

Today, you will really not get these brutal comments but you may get some version of this depending on where you live.

What would probably be more common is something like this:

I don’t date _______ (fill in the blank.).
I only date white guys.

Get this: I had this hot woman tell me this:

I don’t date Asian guys because they have small dicks.

Can you believe that.  (Haha. I ended up sleeping with that woman.)

Just know that these are just stupid chick logic and she does not really mean it.

Indeed, the good news here is that you can overcome all of these bad stereotypes by knowing how to deal with them when they do come up and to make your culture part of your identity by having a stronger frame than the girls.

These are just stupid objections women have that are based on what that woman has heard or seen from movies or someone of authority that that women has in her life.

So, for you, you have to be okay with your culture and make it part of who you are and never make an apologies for it. Women are just testing you anyway. If you fall into their frame they will not be attracted to you.

Breaking Stereo-types

In a way, you really don’t have to”break stereotypes” if your cultural identity is successfully woven into your identity as a minority man and is part of your over all frame. You just have to have negs ready to go if you feel that a woman says something that targets your culture.

So that ends part 1 of this article, part 2 will be posted Friday, so be sure to check back!



  1. lol I winged with Kurgan back in 2006 in OC before either of us were teaching. Good guy and glad to hear he's still rocking it. The hilarious thing though is that his post here sounds like it was written by a chinese fob who just discovered google translate. Cmon, kurgan, you're a teacher. Proofread!

  2. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Nice topic.
    As a Fob minority myself.This is one of my favorite topic.Kurgan advised me spot around OC.

    Kurgen do you still coach guys?I mean live training one.

    1. Anonymous1:53 AM

      Lol kurgans badass! I talked to him a while ago and he said he does 1on 1s for $1000 I think. Id get training with him hes cool

  3. Johnno11:36 PM

    Looking forward to the 2nd part!

  4. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Nice post. Good thing I'm asian american. I personally use as much preselection as I can to my advantage and use sexual framing and whenever a girl gives a racist remark i just use a cocky-funny line and just kino plow and they just let me get away with it. Most girls that say racist shit are just drunk or whatever. Most of em actually don't really care about race that much IMO or maybe I'm just lucky so far. Think about it, if a girl was getting you all aroused sexually, would you really give a fuck about what race she was? hell no. Every girls still has preferences but still even they know that race is a pretty stupid thing to disqualify a dude assuming he is socially well adjusted, fun, preselected, and has the balls to sexually escalate. Getting blown out PURELY based on race is as rare as getting called out for being a PUA, it does happen but its honestly just like every other shit test.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    It' funny how this is the exact opposite of the prev post "Not Accepting Rudeness"...

  6. Anonymous8:19 AM

    as a minority I also love white women but am on a latina bender at the moment ...