Monday, October 17, 2011

Eben Pagen (David Deangelo) Wedding Vid WTF ?????????

Holy fucking shit this is weird!!!!!

Check out this video of David D getting married, in the WEIRDEST wedding vows ever!!!

David D gets married

I was going to break it down vow by vow like the Zapruder film, but instead I'm going to just cover some of my highlights.

First off it seems like Eben wrote these vows himself as if they were the marketing materials for some sort of hippy-fag program on relationships.

Secondly, this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I also showed it to a few girls I know and they confirm that they would have been creeped out enough to leave the ceremony.

Some highlights:

I vow to protect your solitude... Really isn't that kinda the opposite of a wedding vow??

What is that all white outfit Eben is wearing? Is this some sort of Bollywood movie that's just waiting for a dance ending?

That chick is beat. May we have a moment of silence for the idea that David D got hot chicks.

Why did they bring up their sex lives in their vows? It's almost like they were trying to convince me they actually have boney, nerdy, extremely pale sex with each other.

We will facilitate, momentous, opportunities to actualize... I don't even know what that means,

Their love is a crucible for evolution as well as conscious art. And here I just thought this was some rich asshole getting married.

Why am I not surprised that they mention Burning Man here, thus furthering my theory that Burning Man is for assholes.

Anyway what did you think of David D's wedding?



  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    um, is that a boy?

  2. Damn, creepy its looks like a female version of himself when there reading the vows

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I wonder if they Cocky/Funny each other at night when they're all alone...

    Also, check out that winning team on the grooms side lol

    Cory Capa

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    He looks a 100 years old. WTF happened to cocky funny?

  5. How. Fucking. Weird.

    New Age pseudo-intellectual cliches.

    Is the ceremony a joke?

    Is it a joint David D-Annie seminar?

    Anyway, it looks like she's going to be the one in that relationship picking up chicks from now on.

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I dunno sinn it just sounds like they love eachother. That girl is beautiful and she loves him back. Who cares how they express that?

  7. Don't be jealous Sinn - be happy for others. : )

  8. Anonymous5:48 PM

    To quote the great songwriter and lyricist Gord Downie, "'s so deep it's meaningless".

  9. I definitely agree with Sinn on this one. The wedding is uber weird. Notice how Annie (the bride)speaks exactly the same as Eben with the same timed pauses and the breathing pattern. Creepy. Look how Eben's eyebrows twitch as he reads his vows. Oh man, this is the "cocky-funny" master at his best.

    P.S. Right again Sinn that chick is beat. She looks like a passed around meth addict mixed with a bit of butch. Makes me wonder if any so-called professional pick-up artists or "gurus" actually get hot chicks...

  10. Sinn, I say this with full respect of what Ive learned from you over the years..but for the first time ever I see you clearly not as a man, but as a maimed boy whose been left behind. Please dont end up as 'that' guy!

    Look past the surface theatricalities and see two people whose hearts are strong enough to be fully open to each other and the world. That takes GUTS. Nothing is sexier, more beautiful and more mature than two people who bring a message of love and who would clearly live and die for each other and what they believe in. In a word, that is AWESOME.

    Teach your own teaching: be happy for another.
    Be awesome brother.

  11. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I couldnt finish it. I was cringing the whole time

  12. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Umm... For all your knocking of David Deangelo, have you forgotten that you attended his "On Being a Man" seminar and tried to win a free Dr. Paul cd? The contest was regarding who had been the creepiest with women- and you volunteered. That was in 2004- so obviously you still felt you could learn a lot from him. Also, don't knock marriage. That's lame.

  13. markus1:22 PM

    "Look past the surface theatricalities"

    You can't. It's like a 1000 watt light in your eyes.

    These are two massive egos who mutually agreed to 'put on a show'.

    The complete lack of restraint is tacky.

  14. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Sinn's marketing campaign:
    1) steal a famous name from the book The Game
    2) become the number one charleton by repackaging
    the material he learned from Mystery, CJ and others
    3) throw everyone in the community under the bus

  15. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Bro, you're the biggest hypocrite of them all. Right after you said to be happy for others, you decided to talk shit on Eben Pagen to boost your own popularity.

  16. Anonymous10:26 PM

    lovely ... I bought his cocky funny ... it hadnsome good lines ... I also purchased some sinn products ... sinn is a master david d is a salesman .... I learned a lot from sinn and future and now lol at every but sinn ... also captain jack is the bomb ... red mole has lost it ...

  17. Anonymous12:26 AM

    there's nothing hypocritical about what sinn is saying. he never said he was UNHAPPY about the guy's wedding nor did he bash on marriage as a whole.

    obviously if the girl is fucking hideous, she's fucking hideous. and obviously if your vows are far than normal from what you would usually hear from regular weddings that's obviously going to stick out, especially if it's about sex.

    alot of the things david mentions is very pickup based in roots, so it's not a far cry to say it's fucking weird when it's in the vows portrayed to your wife infront of family who just don't get it.

  18. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I think sinn is just actualizing this. He has a point. Wouldnt he go for a chick thats sexy as fuck?? This trips me out a bit. But then again, ive seen a few chicks that only I can see somthing in, and I see the gold in them.

  19. Anonymous3:44 AM

    so the bride gets to wear the tuxedo now? lol cool. couldn't stand even 3 seconds of it's weirdness.

  20. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Very odd! At least Sinn you got a name check :)

  21. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Ok the bride isnt a 10, but I tell you, that skinny little fuck slut is great in bed, eben said in his vows, he encourages her expanding sexuality and shit like that- im telling you this chick licks ass, she is an experimenter, and she eats pussy too, i would bet my life savings on that. And all that talk about exercise, they are very body conscious, im sure when eben gives her a facial, it is a real facial, she massages his cum into her pores to alchemize his essence and transform into a more perfect couple---haha im not kidding, sick women like this are all over NYC, and they are sex degenerates, bravo eben, bravo.

  22. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Notice the emotionalism while speaking her vows, practically crying at times (9:37 mark...."to really feel your pain"-wow she is fucked up). eben will act as her therapist in this marriage, and as long as he can fuck with her mind sufficiently, he can maintain the union. She will divorce Eben the minute his hypnotic management of her psychosis fails, but i have confidence the master marketer/psychopath Eben will keep this cum hungry skank fully in line.

    truly an embarrassment that ceremony, but it serves ebens cause. Everyone who thinks she will wear the pants is totally wrong, she is a well conditioned drone, and eben will enjoy incredible group sex, using his new bride.... and cocaine, as bait. lucky lucky man.

  23. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Sinn, just be happy for DD. One day your wedding vowels will be posted for the rest of the world to critique and analyze. Still, it is cool your express your honest opinion unlike the rest of the world gone soft and politically correct, ahem facebook-esque talk.

  24. Anonymous9:19 AM

    she has a nice neck and nice arms, her tits dont fill out that dress, nothing wrong with small tits, but she should have worn a better dress. Great emotion she demonstrated in front of all those people, she cries passionately when talking of protecting ebens family, imagine the powerful moaning and crying when she is being fucked hard, and with a vibrating butt plug inside her. I wonder if she is capable of vanilla sex, or does it always have to be cruel and unusual. She has a nice tan, perhaps it is a spray on tan to cover up the bruises from all that rough sex she had at her bachelorette party.

  25. Anonymous1:25 PM


  26. Anonymous7:26 PM

    The Wedding: The purple on white lighting and the hindu bridesmaid secured a really nice 'we probably would have met in Vegas' feel and the vows were evidence of a mistake in his game - over analysed (with extra anal).

    No wedding is ever good, its a signed contract to losing half your stuff to the woman who's running off with the Latino businessmen 3 doors down, but hey - if they want to look like douche-bags on the alleged 'most important day' of the womans life (which shows real substance in the modern woman, right?), they can go for it. Douche-bags be douche'ing.

  27. Anonymous4:57 AM

    creppy strange how DD vowed around 3mins in "THERE ARE NO SINNS IN THIS RELATIONSHIP"

    I just thought that maybe DD knew sinn was gonna watch it so he tried to say sinn don't watch my video or something like that

  28. Danny2:17 AM

    Fuck, this is creepy. is this setup usual for American Weddings? why are they frame controlling the wedding? isn't that the priest, rev's or whoever's job? they might as well of just got married at home, on their own. David D could have bought a diploma off the net or some shit.

    Look at that vicar's face all the way through, he is disgusted and amused at the same time.

    fuck I'm listening to this in the background and I just him say, 'I vow to create an extraordinary sex life for us...' wtf? haha this is sham.

  29. Dude. Where's the positivity challenge? STILL wasting your energy on mindless commentary. These are people, quite simply, passionate about what they feel, and very, very, DIFFERENT from you. Let them be themselves. Wedding vows are ALWAYS scripted. Be flexible. We could all only hope for such acceptance and openness in our relationships.

  30. Anonymous6:30 AM

    he IS happy for them, all power to him - he just thinks its weird. Do you not think its weird?

  31. Anonymous1:30 PM

    A couple of observations.

    He established himself as the tribal leader by making his groomsmen dress up like waiters. Nice little AMOG move while he's all peacocked out in that white tuxedo. Was one of the fat groomsmen Thundercat, btw? If not then at least a couple of them were on the Thundercat diet...I did recognize Sean Royster in the wedding party, who's one of his c&f compadres.

    For another level of creepyness, check out Annie's wedding dance down the aisle:

    She's trying to seduce her dad, and 4:57 in, Dad is actually cupping her breast!! No question DoubleD is marrying a chick with daddy issues, but I think it was F.J Shark's dictum that the more fucked up a girl's relationship with her father is, the better the sex is going to be, so Eben may in fact be rockin' it in the bedroom...

  32. Anonymous5:35 PM

    fuck all the jerks on here who hate on sinn! dude is totally right. this is the weirdest most fucked up relationship i've ever seen.

    everything they say and promise to each other is filled with neediness and scarcity. think for a second. does that sound like a healthy relationship code of conduct that mature people should live by?!? these vowels are larger than life from the get go and destined to fail.

    plus this woman is extremely fake in the way she talks and expresses herself. the way she screams "i will" towards the end sounds like a sociopath that has not only to convince herself but the whole audience that she actually can live up to that bullshit. well knowingly that she cant. uber fake! or look at how she takes off her glove at the end....fake superficial shallow behaviour of a wannabe spiritual being that acts as if she's enlightened like jesus..

    really?! i'm shocked at how full of shit DD is. there's not a single iota of maturity in this guy. that whole scene looks like 2 teenagers promising each other all of eternity. haven't they had intimate relationships before?! there's no balance, no middle ground, no healthy relation to life in there.

    i vow we shall live long enough to witness their divorce or violent murdering of each other. gimme a break!

  33. Anonymous10:03 PM

    gross...seriously this was so disgusting....their vows were like reading a sales letter and the fact the Maria and nose I mean andros was there is enough to make any human vomit she is about as spiritual as the fucking devil.... this video made me sick...along with the other disgusting videos on this link of the two of them...seriously I always thought Eben was gay and turns out I still feel that way after watching him marry his 12 year old tranny bride....gross!!!!

  34. Anonymous10:04 PM

    someone needs to send the video to the salty droid I'm just sayin...


    Hay mr.Eben's paganism I have to give it to you man you really do practice what you preach. I have to say that you're "wedding vow's" were the perfect blend of cocky and funny.

    hey, pagan person man. So just to make sure that I speak in a way you can understand me i took the time to construct this rant with cocky/funny lines that i found off of google.

    That chick is beat. May we have a moment of silence for the idea that David D got hot chicks. I never believed him, but thousands did.

    to really marry a "woman" like "her". (Be serious now bruh)…. I'd divorce her a week later and take half her money.

    I vow to protect your solitude...Can't you come back with something more original?

    The white outfit Eben is wearing? Nice……..You Buy that new?

    Hey pagan, Why are you bringing up sex for the first time. What are you frustrated. I was on the phone with your mom.I don't think she would approve.

    We will facilitate, momentous, opportunities to actualize...Fake emotions are classic.

    Two billion years of evolution and that's what you come he with.

    Hey Annie, You look like shit. Is that in style now?

    I'm sorry, do I resemble your therapist.

    If God had intended those two to marry, he would have set them both on fire.

    As of this beasty and the beast bad romance novel. And doing the whole timed pauses and the breathing pattern. really ? Save your breath. You'll need it to blow up your life!

    no son ! people don't even know bruh. Fuck Eden. fuck his shitty shit of a shitty shitshit of a "life". Fuck his and his husbandifes mutant fucking head.


    I think the lines found in this link really sum up what i think of his wedding.

  37. KING DAVID11:15 AM

    Did this dude really just make an eternal commitment with skeletor ? yes he did. That fool must have spent hours digging his face in a thesaurus to find all most new age cheezy word known to man and then he jam packed them all into what sounded like a suicide note in the disguise of wedding vows.

  38. Squid3:12 AM

    Oh Sinn, you are a funny fucker. Reading these comments cracked me up, good stuff dawg.

  39. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Damn that was messed up! What personality got maried (spelling intended)?? Eban P or David D.? Was Dr. Paul there writing Rx?

  40. Anonymous6:58 AM

    wwell any marriage is kinda weird if u think about it. Idk what type of ceremony or what background they have to decide whether its weird or not.

    The guy facing the camera is the real money thou. His right eyebrow is permanently raised, which makes everything more comic. Nice post

  41. Anonymous12:09 PM

    It strikes me as really interesting that most of the men posting their comments here (and any other pick-up bulletin board) have a/ never gotten laid more than a few times in their lives and b/ never understood cocky and funny. Yet they love to put down David D (who'll do just fine with a decent-looking bi-sexual wife and enough money to buy and sell all the other pick-up gurus combined)

  42. Anonymous7:30 AM

    hahaha this is presenting exactly a PUA guru... Really,it is bad as fuck.

  43. Anonymous4:59 PM

    What the fuck

    Such a weird video

    They both overemote unnervingly at very odd times

    DD has such weird facial tics during his vows and he emphasises odd words

    she shouts and shrieks disconcertingly

    I don't think she's as nasty as everyone else seems to, but I'd expect him to do much better

    She'd be a fucking freak in bed though

    Bitch has no inhibitions and no shame

    Totally agree with the guys saying she licks ass and experiments

    DD was the first thing I heard of in the community

    But now I question everything

    The horror

  44. Anonymous2:15 AM

    When you are operating from a reality construct of manifesting ideals independent of pragmatic restrictions, you will get wedding vows of this nature. This is New Age New Thought Self Help indulgence at its finest. It was entertaining. Frankly, why fucking not? It's not like these people are going to live forever. The fact that they manage to give two shits about social norms and live in an egocentric/egoless contradiction is simply further evidence that all of existence is ultimately arbitrary in meaning and can be used solely for personal amusement. Funny shit

  45. For someone as rich as Eben, I would've expected a more grand wedding. It feels really cheaply made, in like the worst setting, reminds me of a cheap 80s disco. Now the wedding does seem like a massive sales pitch, he runs it like he runs seminars... (somethings not quite right). His wife looks alright... It is what it is. The wedding vowels were a little weird, but then again both David and his wife are a little weird (and that's ok). Eben never claimed that he was good with women though, he only delivered methods he learned! Everyone just assumed hes this amazing dating coach when he wasn't. It is what it is, I personally think he should be taken down as a role model to men, and that he should now take the back seat and move onto something else.

  46. Look to sum up everything. The wedding was really cheap. For someone as rich as "DAVID DEANGELO" you would have expected at least something grand. The entire thing was shot in a rubbish looking disco ballroom - filled with really placid looking individuals. I don't think DD should be a role model to men, in fact he should retire. I also don't think Sinn is any better! To be honest, nearly all of the mens self improvement coaches out there are scum in some way or form, who want to profit greatly for ideas other people have invented and used long before they did. Torrent FTW, and fuck you all!

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