Monday, October 24, 2011

Goal Hijacking

Hey there,

Short post today on the topic of goal hijacking.

What is goal hijacking?

Goal hijacking is what happens when a person sets a goal whether it's to lose weight, make more money or get better with the opposite sex. Then this person shares his/her goal with a group of like minded individuals at a seminar, a mastermind group or an internet message board, and then their goal gets literally hijacked by another goal they hadn't thought about before.

A common example I've seen looks like this: a guy wants to get a girlfriend so he'll be less lonely and have more sex. Then he starts googling "How To Get A Girlfriend" or " Get better with girls" and the like and finds all these products that sound amazing!!! Or he get on the message boards and reads (Often fake) Lay Reports by these guys that sound like something written to Letter To Penthouse (Also fake).

All of a sudden, getting a girlfriend doesn't sound so great anymore.

Goal hijacking happens A LOT. Especially when you haven't fully fleshed out what you want to get out of a given goal.

When it comes to goal setting, there are two parts: The goal itself and the benefits you are going to get from achieving that goal.

To use the weight loss example, if you lose 20LBS, you're not only going to reach your goal, but you're going to get increased health benefits, you're going to look younger and more attractive and you're going to be happier and more confident in the way you look.

The weight loss is the goal, the rest are the benefits of achieving that goal. So when it comes to picking a goal for meeting women, we want to pick a goal that we not only want, but will get us the benefits we're looking for as well. Then we want to stick to it and focus only on that goal until we achieve it.

Otherwise we stand the risk of being the victim of goal hijacking.

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JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Derek Sivers did a TED talk on this called "Keep your goals to yourself"

    Basically he says telling someone your goal makes it less likely that you'll reach your goal. If you tell it someone, you already feel good - without doing any work.

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM

    After reading this I am going to the gym after all :-)

  3. Ablaze8:09 AM

    Very good advice, especially for new guys. I've always been more of a relationship and connection type of guy. I've had my wild times, but my greatest memories are from relationships with girls that I trusted and was emotionally invested in.

    Even as someone who had a lot of experience growing up, I found myself being a victim of goal hijacking when I found the SUISC. I went out and racked up numbers, but it seemed the higher my numbers got, the emptier I became on the inside. That's me though. I prefer a solid connection and nice build up to sex.

    Recently, I've been really sorting out all of the bad programming of some of the so called gurus in the industry and I'm getting back to focusing on connecting with girls, feeling positive emotions, and enjoying the process of meeting and attracting women. I'm not focused on the numbers and results so much and I don't care what anybody on the boards or in the lairs or anywhere else thinks.

  4. Goal hijacking - interesting way to put it. This has been a huge problem for me in business. I heard a quote once, something like "Most people are too visionary to get anything done", people set up too many goals and missions and can`t follow through with any of them fully, because they get too many new ideas before executing the first one. It sounds like a similar thing to me.