Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Girls- Volunteer

Just a quick thought I wanted to post today.

A great and overlooked place to meet girls is through doing volunteer work usually with animals or children.

Since I hate children, I volunteer at a dog rescue place in a very expensive part of LA by the ocean and have met several attractive and legitimately sweet girl to hook up with from there.

I also get to play with dogs and not have to take them home with me, which is a side benefit as I'm way too irresponsible to have a pet.

So there you go, check out some charities you could volunteer for in your city nad you'll end up meeting a lot more women.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Those women are much more emotionally stable.But I doubt cat rescue is not good idea.Cat ladies are crazy in general.The person who have dogs can take care of dogs.Sorry Cat lovers.

    I know cats girls and dog girls.I prefer latter one.

    Charity for homeless.Like downtown burrito project etc.

    Bars and clubs are good practice for social skills, but I do believe getting know girls from activities have much more possibility to meet quality girls.

    Yoga,jogging,foreign language,wine,volunteer.

    Volunteer activity girls have better quality.In the bar,you don't see much regular job girls.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    "You look a dog person..."
    "omg You have a cat!?, I hope not more then 1, otherwise i have to go meet my friends!"

    ...Cant tell you how many times i have said that.