Friday, October 28, 2011

Today In Fuck You: People who tell you how in love they are two weeks after they start dating.

This is a particularly relevant topic here, as guys who teach pick up are the # 1 offenders of this particular brand of douchbaggery.

I HATE it when someone (guy, girl, whatever) goes on and on about how they're so in love with this new person they're dating, when they've only been dating a few weeks, and or are not yet in a serious BF/GF relationship.

Seriously you need to stop, before I lose my shit and start mocking you for being the naive and emotionally needy loser you are.

First of all, no one else cares! I don't give a shit. I mean of all the things in the world whether or not you're insanely happy with your new BF/GF whatever really doesn't matter. And I don't think I'm speaking for just me, when I say there are roughly 9,876,142 things I care about more than the status of your 2 week old relationship.

Secondly for whatever reasons ( Probably because I'm friends with community guys and players) the same guys who spend 74 hours yakkking my ear off about how in love they are, cheat on these same girls like a month later.

If you cheat on a girl you spent over an hour telling me you were in in love with, I should be allowed a free hour of wasting your time talking about the subject of my choice which will be "Chardee Mcdennis: The Game Of Games."

Lastly lest someone think this is some sort of rant against being in love or being happy in your relationship, it's not. I think it's fine to be in love and in a relationship. But that doesn't happen in 2 weeks. The same way they advise couples not to tell people they're pregnant for the first few months in case something happens. My problem is specifically with the people who spend an inordinate amount of time talking to others (namely me) about how they're sooo in love and happy in their relationship, when the relationship just started last Tuesday, or they are clearly not in a serious relationship and just want attention or something to talk about.

To those people I say : FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

To everyone else have a great Halloween weekend.



  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    How does this relate to the idea that breakthrough comfort takes about two weeks? I'm not challenging the idea because it happened with me when I used it. But I was curious how this related to that.

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I actually have the exact same question as the above. How do you bridge the gap b/w this post and breakthrough comfort where you said it can take about 2 weeks to fall in love using the material? Not to knock the product- b/c I think it's the absolute best product to come out of the pick up community.

  3. This post had me rolling lmao. Def made my day:-) Sinn u are nuts.

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    haha, this is so true

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    suck giant cock sinn and maybe choke on it, no offence bro

  6. MY KILLER PEEVE (and this has been the WORST year for it): I'm developing a pipeline relationship on Facebook, and WITHOUT WARNING, I go to a GF's page with something hot to tell her and I see "In A Relationship". A total heartkiller. And other than me WHO REALLY CARES? This is acceptable for a 14-year-old (not any of my GF's) but I'm 50 and my age range is usually post freshman college. I've had a 60+ GF do this, and (true to karma) the jerk broke her heart.

    Common courtesy that if a person is obviously serious about you in some way that you should be forthcoming and honest if your feelings are changing. If for no other reason than to give me an opportunity to ramp up my game!

  7. I assumed the biggest offender of this (by far) is someone you don't really talk to much anymore... And I can't think of any other coaches who do this. Maybe naturals?

  8. Anonymous3:32 AM

    I love how everytime Sinn makes a post about something that pisses him off, or is just stupid, everyone gets mad and tries to claim it's a vendetta against someone...chill out you faggots. I enjoy these posts more than ones about pick up.

  9. I will call all of these posts and raise you 9,000cr - people who claim 'love' in a new relationship (barring the long term, boarderline stalking, creep factor - coz we all know some prick who's had it for a girl for 7 years and has a strike rate of 0.02%)are scumbags, filling the world with benign bullshit about someone elses 'perfection' when, inevitibly, she's probably going to end up syphoning bodily fluids out of a trucker or worse, taking half the morons shit with her on her way to her new BF's place.

  10. Very well put.

    But you're far more compassionate than me to vent on here. I'd just say it to their face.

  11. Anonymous11:12 AM

    jealous much?

  12. If they always speak positively I don`t mind so much. But if they talk my ear off about how in love they are one day and how bad their relationship is the next day, then I get annoyed. Because then they`re trying to take me on their emotional rollcoaster with them.

  13. Anonymous11:37 PM

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