Friday, October 21, 2011

The Counter Productives

Happy Friday!

The weeks are really flying by as we get to the end of the year huh?

Today I wanted to talk about a new concept I've been teaching my Private Coaching students over the last few months.

I call it The Counter Productives: The concept is this, every guy has things he does that are counter productive to their success with women. This could be anything from rationalizing you don't have the time, to thinking a girl is too hot to be interested in you before you approach her.

If you can figure out the things you do that are counter productive, rather than focusing on trying to do the right thing, you can just remove the counter productive behavior and by default you should do the right thing by process of elimination.

Here are some common examples of counter productive behaviors I've seen:

Hovering- if you stop hovering, you either approach or don't approach right away thus making a much better first impression.

Not making enough time to go out- Instead of making reasons you can't go out, look for ways to go out within your schedule. Something as simple as going to the mall for an hr after work can markedly improve your results.

Making excuses not to approach- Either approach or don't but one of the worst mistakes guys make is getting into the habit of looking for every excuse not to approach. There will always be a reason not to approach if you look hard enough. The guys who get better either approach or don't but they don't waste time making excuses as to why they're not approaching.

Worrying about what type of girl she is before you approach her- This is a prime example of what I like to call "mind reading" except unfortunately for us, none of us can actually read a girl's mind. I'm reminded of this time and time again when a girl will have an accent or be from out of town or have a personality completely the opposite of what I would have guessed before I approached her.You NEVER actually know what a girl is like until you approach her. Good or bad.

The beauty of using counter productives is it's a much easier way to improve your game. For a lot of guys remembering to do something is MUCH more difficult than remembering NOT to do something. Also because a lot of us are unaware of our own counter productive behavior, once it's pointed out you'll notice yourself doing it almost automatically and once you notice it, you can begin to stop it.

Try this out yourself, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Another great concept by the King
    I'm going to put this practice.

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    Fantastic article.