Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scripted Qualification

I gave a talk to some of the members of the 12m2m at home program on Monday about the 5 most common intermediate/advanced sticking points.

One of the most important of these sticking points is making sure to use scripted qualification.

What I mean by scripted qualification is that you qualify for the same qualities every time you're interacting with a woman you're attracted to. Not only will this help you to qualify enough, it will also help you screen for women you actually like.

It's also not that hard, all you need to do is turn some qualities you like into qualification statements or questions.

Currently the qualities I qualify for are:

Mean sense of humor
Works out consistently
Is not too involved in the club scene
Is Bi-sexual

and a large qualifying question like " What's your best quality."

By sticking to scripted qualification you have a much greater chance of the girl showing up for a date or leaving with you that night.


JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Currently the qualities I qualify for are:

    Mean sense of humor
    Works out consistently
    Is not too involved in the club scene
    No cat lover
    It's ok to eat Japanese and Indian food

    and a large qualifying question like " What's your best quality."

    Unn,this qualification "Is Bi-sexual",it happen a lot if she went catholic high school.They even take videos themselves.When I first heard about high school time,I thought it was joke.But she really did it.If she went catholic boarding school,this rate is so high.

    Bi is not high requirement for me.It's common.Bi girls are common.

  2. Sinn

    Watched your vid on and was really impressed. I'm not gonna point any fingers, but 80% of the time, when I watch a trainer's sales pitch (or whatever), my first thought is: "I don't believe him."

    You, on the other hand, come across as an actual human being; no fake smile or forced enthusiasm. I'm not really focused on seducing women at this point, but I'll be following your blog with interest.

    George P.H.

  3. Good point. When I read the term "scripted qualification" I was a bit skeptical but I guess you don`t mean using the exact same words as a routine every time. You just mean screening for specific criteria you`ve decided in advance. I think that`s important.

  4. Anonymous6:59 PM

    hey sinn, what happened to captain jack? did he stop lecturing afcs coz he doesn't need the money anymore?

  5. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Thanks for showing some example of qualification.

    Girls who try to qualify your requirement,she is into some extent.It's good test and girls gives you shit test?If you are good enough to trust?

    Deep connection is one of the important factor for physical relationship.Before she invest her emotion,looks etc are matter but once she invested enough emotionally.Those are not big deal.

    I learned from your products.Your advice is practical.

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    yes sinn, please explain what has happened to captain jack


    I think that the non-physical qualities I want to start to qualify for are

    girls who are expressive, adventurous, chill, independent, and who like to have a good time.

    and "takes it every way except personal" to quote lil wayne.


    but for real though lol


    I want a girl with blonde hair, pink highlights, big boobs, nice ass, a perfect 10 with purple eyes and who is sexessfull in life.

    so i think I'll start with two small hoops

    can you the nude ?
    You suck good dick, don't you, bitch powerpuff cunt? (notice the NLP tag thinggy at the end)

    then I'll through out two medium hoops

    can you cook the nude...... while i slap your ass with a spatula ?
    Do you like anal?

    Large hoop
    If you had to name your three best sex positions, but none of them could be about your personality or anything that can be associate with "making love", what would they be?