Friday, September 02, 2011

7 Day Positivity Challenge Day 4: Falling off a bit

Yesterday was the hardest day of the challenge so far.

I had a very important meeting pushed back til today and then ended up having to get a lot of busy work done to fill up the day.

My roommate also has some of his friends in town and they are grating on my nerves a little bit...

But on the brightside it is now Friday and after kickboxing and my very important meeting I will be free!!!!!

And it's a long weekend so that means drinking, pool parties and general awesomness.

I'll try to keep updating over the next 2 days but no promises.



  1. Erik Ablaze9:55 AM

    Day 4 was rough for me, too. I had a huge block of negativity right in the middle of the day that I couldn't push through or relax through or any combo of pushing or relaxing. I had to just wait it out.

    Old habits die hard, I guess. It reminds me of quitting smoking. I smoked from 12 to 22. I'm 28 now, so it's been 6 years without a smoke. I remember the first few days were, actually, the easiest in spite of what most people claim. After the token excitement of quitting wore off is when some hardcore cravings surfaced. There was no way to escape the cravings besides being patient and trusting that they would subside.

    This has been an interesting experiment, though. While I can't say I'm feeling super positive, it's causing some revelations to surface.

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Cool,kick boxing.Something move your body clean your mess.

    Kick and punch and get good sweat!I am sure you will have good labor day weekends!

  3. Danny2:05 PM

    Yeah fuck this positivity shit. i got to Friday and wanted to kill my entire office. I'm glad I started being negative again or I might have killed myself

  4. Batiatus6:49 PM

    Hey Jon, I just discovered some of your PUA content and it's great stuff, I think I relate to your style more than anyone else. Just wanted to say I enjoy the stuff I've seen from you so far and thanks for your contributions.
    Goodluck with the positivity challenge - just don't be too hard on yourself.

  5. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Sinn, please fix your podcast on iTunes or put it somewhere in mp3, me and my friends can only download the last 3 episodes!

  6. Danny, you are positively FUCKED UP in a real negative way.

  7. Danny3:47 PM

    Hey Jon tyler (hmmm, hero worship?), nice to meet you too. it's all good now I'm back on balance. I just think being too nice is bad for the soul. I like variety. Good to see that you are so positive though, judging another human being so blatantly. What a nice fella you are

  8. Nice one.Great article.

  9. Stick with it. I'm on Day 5 of my own challenge and interestingly, Day 4 was also my roughest. But today has been easier. This has been a very cool and positive experience.