Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maximizing Your Time With Pick-Up

One of the biggest misconceptions out there in regards to picking up girls, is the idea that rejection is your biggest enemy.

Everyone gets rejected sometimes. Plus most rejections you will face are much less painful than the ones you imagine. At their most intense girls will walk away from you. No more, no less.

That's why rejection is not the enemy. In fact rejection can be a very helpful tool for letting you know when it's time to move on.

Instead I would offer the idea that time is your biggest enemy when it comes to cold approaching.

Because most bars and clubs are only open for a few short hours, there is a real limitation on time that does not extend to approaching. You could approach every girl in the bar, but chances are you won't be able to do that in the 3-4 hrs you have.

I don't want to limit this to night game either as I myself have been guilty of spending 30-40 mins chatting with a chick during the day time only to find out she has a bf or husband.

So instead we want to focus on maximizing our time when we are out, which we can do by following some basic rules.

The 5 rules for maximizing your pick up time are:

1. Set goals for your time. A lot of guys go out with the goal of "doing some approaches" or " Working on their game" then they end up standing around by the bar "getting comfortable". Instead you want to set a # of approaches you want to attempt in the set amount of time. Once you do that you know how much time you should have between approaches as well.

2. Approach Right away. I personally have to do a few warm up approaches in order to make the transition from anti-social to social. Most of you guys reading this are the same way. So you need to approach as soon as you get into the venue. It doesn't have to be the girl of your dreams but you need to get used to immediately switching into "social mode."

3. Don't spend more than 25 minutes in a row with any one girl, unless you KNOW it's on. This is my biggest personal sticking point as I like talking to girls and will enjoy chatting even if it's not going anywhere. It's a mistake. Instead you want to keep the interactions to 25 minutes or less until you have a really good sense it's on.

4. Don't be afraid to walk away. When it's obviously not going anywhere, don't be afraid to leave the interaction. Now if you're a newer guy it may be worth it to "plow" for 10 minutes to get practice with that sort of thing but if you're already fairly successful and it's not working, just leave.

5. Re-approach girls you talked to briefly later on. Sometimes walking away is the only way to get the girls to change their minds about you. But at the same time it's worth going back and talking to the girls you approached earlier later in the night as things change quickly. Same thing for short sets during the day. A lot of the time girls will like you better the second time around.

So that's my list of ways you can maximize your time while doing pickup.


JS-The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    " Everyone gets rejected sometimes."

    Most guys get rejected 90% of the time dude.

  2. "I don't want to limit this to night game either as I myself have been guilty of spending 30-40 mins chatting with a chick during the day time only to find out she has a bf or husband."

    Why not just be direct and find out within 5 minutes? Or were you talking about the past you?

    #2: lol fail, why are you in anti-social mode in the first place? I mean, in the morning when you've JUST woken up, I can understand it. But at night? You've had a WHOLE day to warmup and get into social mode. Unless you sit at home all day...

    I like you Sinn, but some things are just way off about this post...

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM


    at times I've day gamed only to spend 6 hours to approach 2 girls

    time is the enemy sounds very profound

    thanks sinn!!!, i never saw it this way!

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    This is night game advice.Yes,at the bars and clubs abundance of choice.

    If you were in like NYC or London or Tokyo or Osaka,this applies to day game too.You can talk to girls on the street.

    In LA,day game is like Galois is saying.Beaches and some busy malls are bit different but I do believe this advice is about night game.

  5. Erik Ablaze4:20 PM

    I agree, pretty much 100% with this post, Sinn. I don't know what the people above me are talking about... This is all really sound advice and obviously based on real experience.

    Once again man, your advice is real and honest. I just read "The Game Acceleration Doctrine", by the way, and it’s one of the top 5 best books I’ve read about pickup.

    Keep it coming man. Fuck the people that talk shit about you. They may night like how crass you can be sometimes, but to call you anything less than an awesome contributor to your practice is just bullshit and anybody with a shred of real experience and skill sees right through your haters.