Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Flaking Video

Hey Guys,

I've been getting some questions on flaking so I decided to make a quick video to explain what's REALLY going on.

Check it out here:

And if you find yourself in need of more information on Eliminating Flaking Forever check out the Flak Elimination toolkit Here




  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    My problem is first interaction is not bad but after time passed,she lose attraction to me.It is hard to maintain charm,I mean you sometimes hit gold mine.You don't know this girl like you but when the time passed fall into friends zone.

    You have french kiss,make out and sex but she lose when the time goes by.

    Jon,I really appreciate you.I mean seduction road map and 5 minutes chemistry really improved me.I had good time but I could not maintain relationship.I emotionally invested too much then after she said let's just be friend.I feel really depressed.she still talk to me but it's totally different from month ago.

    I know your word is move on next one but it is hard to recover because I invested my emotion to her too much.

    I want to know the way recover from this quick.I think there are so many guys who needs to recover from divorce.It's really feel bad now.I know divorce is much more worse.

    About flake,I use text and call together.Yes,like you said I used phone too.

    Loosing attraction is much more bigger problem for me.First I was not that into her.she rather gave me present etc.

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Do you know what happened to Captain Jack's blog?

  3. Very useful advice. Thinking back on all the flakes I can remember, all of them fit into the category of either (a) not interested, or (b) loss of emotional momentum.

    Would you say that if she ignores your text ping then that means there was a problem with the initial pickup so she`s not interested?

  4. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I seem to lose emotional momentum when I ask for the number. Things can be going perfect but then when I ask for the number I feel a sudden drop in emotional momentum and I imiddiatly know the girl is going to give me a fake/flaky number. I have a good feel of when a girl is highly attracted but I have a problem that I always lose the momentum when I ask for the number, I always ask when I feel the energy is peaking but then it always just drops. I have no idea what I can be doing wrong, maybe u know?