Monday, July 05, 2010

New Breakthrough Comfort Call Link!!!


Sorry we reached capacity WAY faster than we imagined with the last Breakthrough Comfort Link.

Here's the new link:

Breakthrough Call

We will reach capacity again fairly quickly I would imagine, so download the call quick;y.

Also we still have 5 of the 25 spots remaining available in the Breakthrough Comfort Training Program which you can find all the details about here:

Breakthrough Comfort Training Program

The training program will be closing tomor July 6th at Midnight, so make sure you sign up today if you want to learn how to make ANY woman fall in love with you.


JS- The King Of Content


  1. You kind of rip on TD a bit much in the beginning if you ask me, although i can't really disagree with any of it.

    Then you talk about guys who are not really looking to be players, and just want a really cool girlfriend. Very insightful and true. It's interesting how the community rarely addresses this adequately.

    I especially enjoyed the segment where you said pick up tactics are not hard and fast once you are in a relationship. Good point that many guys who get lost in pickup don't realize.

    The part about the golden mirror was ABSOLUTELY insightful. Right on Sinn, this is why you are the king of content.

    Future projections is something that is really important in my game.

    Thanks for this free content sinn... much appreciated.
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  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    thanks for the new link.