Friday, July 23, 2010

My Best Video Ever


I really hope you liked the video I sent you

In it, I told you about the Seduction Roadmap,
which is a scientifically proven 4-step process
that will get you laid as much as you want, whenever
you want.

I also, talked about the first step of the Seduction
Roadmap, which is all about creating sexual attraction.

If learning how to create sexual attraction at will
Sounds like something you want to do, then you're
in for a real treat...

I just put up a BRAND NEW video on the blog where
I demonstrate my #1 best technique for creating
sexual attraction with a smoking hot girl!

You can check out the video here:

Seduction Roadmap

If you've been reading my emails for any length of time
you know that I've put out quite a few really
good videos (I am the King of Content after all haha),
but this video you're about the see is probably
my BEST ONE ever. And that's no joke either.

See for yourself:

Seduction Roadmap

It doesn't hurt that the girl in the video is
super-hot :)


JS -- The King of Content

P.S. It looks like a like of people we're able to
watch video the first video in the series.

It turns out that my server wasn't equipped
to handle so many people being on the site at
the same time.

Because of this, I've decided to keep the first video
in the training series for a little while longer
in case you missed it.

So watch both of these videos now:

S Roadmap


  1. theurbanunderground2:14 PM


    qualification *makes* the girl believe you have standards.

    standards *make* the girl believe you have self-esteem

    qualifcation *makes* the girl believe you have self-esteem.

  2. is that from 60 Years of challenge?

  3. Fuck you urban underground you ginger, fuck you barry kirkey.
    Nick Cotton king of REV60 will reign supreme.