Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Dual Goals Of Qualification

What's up bitches?

Man it hurts my head, how little people understand the concept of qualification...

List that with the other major grievances in my life, like weed dealer time, women who wear underwear with jeans, and of course Kobe Bryant.

So without any further ado let me give you a simple idea of what you're trying to do with qualification.

First understand that qualification is a process or mechanism not a phase of an interaction. Women qualify themselves a lot, you just have to be paying attention to it. Also there is no "end" to qualification you will always need to qualify women even in relationships. As you will see why in a few sentences...

So the two goals of qualification are as follows.

1. Get the woman to comply and invest energy, time, and effort in an attempt to impress us or positively affect our opinion of them. That second part is extremely important as women may comply and invest in order to get something from you, or just to be polite. It is only qualification if the compliance and investment is in direct relation to impressing you or positively affecting your opinion of her.

2. Give the woman non-physical/sexual reasons we like her. AKA compliments. Women always need to know why you like them, even ten years into a marriage. As Chris Rock once famously said in a standup special, " women need air, water and compliments."

Hope that clears things up so that I can avoid explaining this concept every g-damn day of my life :)


JS- The King Of Content


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    hahaha!! last part funny and the add that to the list part too!....but thanks for clearing it up though :D

  2. Markus9:18 AM

    "Hope that clears things up so that I can avoid explaining this concept every g-damn day of my life :)"

    Yo forgot EXAMPLES.


    Girl: I like swimming too ( like you just said ), actually I was given a gold medal for swimming.

    Disposition: Seems interested in the conversation, looking at you, she wants to impress you!!!

    Not Qualifying.

    Girl: I like swimming too ( just like you said)
    actually I was given a gold medal for swimming.

    Disposition: Doesn't seem interested in the conversation, maybe looks away, it's just a statement of fact, she's NOT trying to impress you.

    Hope that's it.

  3. Anonymous6:20 PM

    you say men must qualify always even ten years in the marriage, but how would i qualify my girlfriend that Im in a long term relationship with? It seems stupid to ask her whats the most special thing about her bc i should already know that. Should I do Hook Bait Reel Release instead?? Thanks

  4. Anonymous7:55 PM

    @ Anon 6:20

    Compare her to other women, talk about their traits and what you like. She'll try to convince you she has them too.

  5. First off why is a weed dealer ever a problem?

    a) You quit as per your blog circa who the fuck knows but I read it. Which was BS.

    b) You are supposedly a man of great social ability. Dro is not hard to find nor is a trustworthy, priceworthy, reliable guy. Unless you yourself are something of a D. Hmm.

    As to your opinions on qualification .. I feel qualified (LOL) to comment having been maried for 10 years myself.

    1. Obvious as fuck. In actual fact what else are you even looking for at all? She wants to impress you and make you like her as a person aka everything else follows. Of course you are shooting for that. In fact that is the #1 thing to shoot for.

    2. No woman truly believes herself to be pretty enough. I would thereby recommend complimenting on both looks (physical) and other. Just other is not going to be enough. I realize why you said other - most morons are happy to plough with physical compliments. However the best of the best are sparing with physical compliments by nature thereby making them very powerful given the right moment.