Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The G.O.A.T Weighs in On Kobe VS Lebron


  1. G.O.A.T stands for Greatest of All Time For those that don't listen to LL cool J.


  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Here are my rankings for greatest of all time in the 4 major sports (sorry soccer or what Brits call football does not count in the US)..

    1. Baseball - Babe Ruth. Barry Bonds never lead his league in ERA and wins. Nor did he hit over 50 home runs in baseball fields with center field walls at over 440ft. Case closed. Ted Williams lost 4 years to WWII and almost 2 to Korea. He might have been the better hitter overall but no one has had a greater impact on sports than Babe Ruth. No one.
    2. Football - Jim Brown. The guy put up numbers in 8 years what took others in 15. He never won a title but he often would play 2 quarters a game (due to bad knees) and still had over 100 touchdowns in only 93 games. Cleveland never lost for three years when Brown played a whole game. Like Mickey Mantle if he had better knees the record books would be over. The Sporting News rated him the greatest football player ever. Yeah, he was that good.
    3. Basketball - Michael Jordan. Sort of the son of Julius Irving but more "muscular" in his play. Jordan is a smart player and brought out the best in his teammates. A true leader. I dont care about the gambling. Yes a man can fly.(he also proved how difficult it is to hit a 90 mile an hour baseball and a major league curve).
    4. Hockey - Wayne Gretzky. No one has been a strong of a force since. At only 5'11 (yes he is logged as 6ft but he is not) he dominated lines like no other. Lightning quick, commanding and an natural leader he would make 6'4 defensemen shake their heads. Bobby Orr may have been a better defenseman and Sidney Crosby might outdo Gretzky but the odds are not good.

    So who is the greatest of these? Its hard to say. They all have different games. Sports is very similar to Pickup. You have to adjust to your environment and work with your strengths. All four above did so and mostly with class and intelligence (I said mostly..lol).

    Great stuff.