Saturday, January 12, 2008

Traveling and thinking... That's an awful blog title.

I't's been a busy few weeks...

The instructor/friend formerly known as Future, came and spent a week with me out in Dallas around New years. We were planning to go to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend and then teach the London one day programs together. Unfortunately Future has now retired and could not come on the trip. We chilled out a lot and got to do a decent amount of work while he was here as well...

I'll post some stuff about the Superconference soon. For now all you guys need to know is that I'll be coming with 100% new content that I have never discussed publicly before. I've been working on some really cool new stuff on frames and roles and I have a ton of thoughts on shortcuts to get better, faster. I'm pretty excited! I'm also going to be teaching strippers and hired guns again and that will also have 100% new content and possibly a guest teacher if I can convince Shaft DD Juice to come. I have some really cool new faster and more fruitful ways of dealing with strippers and hired guns.

I've been doing a bunch of reading and for fun (and better learning) making up book reports for all the books I've read. I'm even been using that to build some new exercises I run on program.

Right now I'm in Barcelona. I met up with a friend in Amsterdam which was a pretty fascinating social experiment in and of itself. It's fascinating how normal the red light district is. People live there, it's not at all sleazy it's just factual. It's where the whoring happens... It really tripped me out when I first got there as I expected it to be a bit more hidden. The hash bars too.. It's all just super out in the open. I guess it's just like Vegas where the locals stay away from it and the tourists bring in a lot of money for the city. I'd be really interested in seeing the stats on violent crime there as it would make sense that the decriminalization of both prostitution and soft drugs would change the mindset. But then again the soft drugs aren't really where violent crime happens anyway. These are the things I think about..

I finished A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and while it's fun to mock the guy, I think a lot of his concepts are rock solid for developing the kind of calm prescense that women are attracted to. It also really helps with focus and concentration. TD told me that he's training himself to make "being present" his default state. I like to use becoming present as way to stop bad thought loops. you guys can experiment with this in field. The next time you feel really bad approach anxiety or you're uncomfortable moving a girl, or trying to get her to come home with you, whatever... Stop and take a deep breath and focus on feeling your hands. That's it. Feel your hands and stop thinking. Take a few more deep breaths like that and you should find your head a lot clearer so you can then focus on the next step. See most guys who have taken a course or read or studied any of this material, know the steps. You know what to do next, but your thoughts fuck you up. You start micromanaging, instead of focusing clearly on the next step. You don't need signals or permission. Girls will let you know when they aren't ready, but you have to keep pushing the envelope. Most guys think way too much.. Thinking is the enemy in field. The more you can trust yourself to do the right thing by learning a solid base of techniques and tactics, the more you can focus on the process. Being process focused allows you to be in the moment and vibe better with the girls. The final rules of pick up are dictated by the specific girl you are trying to pick up. The more in tune you are in with her through being in the interaction the better you can read her specific signals and know what SHE needs to move forward. That's why this stuff is important.

I stupidly only packed going out shoes as I forgot how much walking people do in Europe. Which is extremely appealing to me even if I did have to search through tons of eurochode sneakers to find cool ones. Walking around stuff that has historical value, as opposed to the walk of fame or the franchise food chains of Dallas, is pretty special. Barcelona has some pretty amazing architecture. And thieves. We keep getting warned about the thieves. Which makes me wonder exactly how they learn pick pocketing and if I could teach myself on a coat... That might be one of my New Year's resolutions.

I haven't posted New year's resolutions because I don't think you should wait for a specific time to make personal changes. Every second you can either regress or progress. I don't believe in equilibrium in self help. You may need time to sit on the couch and unwind, that doesn't mean your regressing. But I think you need o constantly be striving to achieve the best health, wealth and relationships you can. Anyway i do want to make some plans or skills to learn for this year, because it will just help me sort out things I want to focus on this year... I'll do that later though too. But running with the Bulls is for sure on there...

That's about it for now... I'll be back soon.



  1. NastyMick12:38 PM

    The crime rate in Amsterdam isn't particuarly high. All of the junkies are pushed out into the suburbs and pretty much overlooked unless they're making a nuisance of themselves.

    I'm sad to hear that Future has retired/quit I used to love his blog I got a lot out of it. Seemed a very intelligent guy with great insights. A good guy too.

    I loved A New Earth and took a lot from it. Personally I found it both fascinating and insightful.

    Good to see you blogging again Sinn. Stay safe.


  2. I started reading A New Earth a few days ago. I was doing that "feeling the hands" and I felt my whole body in class...very comforting even though my friends were like "wtf are you doing" but I continued. I never used it for my approach anxiety though. I will try it out.

  3. Great to hear from you again Sinn.

  4. Xtreeme5:01 AM

    I love you man. More corectly, I love your blog :)

    Good post.


  5. Never met this future guy but from what I know, he will have a place in history. The dude is a bit too high energy for my liking but at the end of the day he’s super cool guy, with a cape.

    p.s>> so does this mean that breakthrough comfort will be coming out on DVD, if so then all the best man!

    p.p.s>> it’s good to hear from you Sinn……..

  6. Dude if you're still in barcelona tomorrow (monday) theres a big party going on involving (BLOND)swedish and american chicks, i'll get ya in free.

    email me at

    Anyways if you tell me how long you're staying i can point you where are the best clubs here in town, watch-out for pick pocketing in the tube ^^.

  7. Hey Sinn,
    If you want to catch the Barcelona game on the 15th jan, I have a spare ticket! Let me know if your around.R

  8. Do nothing4:05 PM

    Go ahead, constantly strive then.

    I went through a mid life crisis this year, knocked me flat on my ass.

    Clinical depression. Spent a year doing nothing..........funny thing about this 'doing nothing' stuff....
    Insane creativity. I was hearing whole orchestral compositions. It was because I was doing 'nothing'.

    That's how children are...and why they are so creative.

    Picasso said "it took me years to paint like Monet, and my whole life to paint like a child"

    I know EXACTLY what he means now.

    TD has little creativity now.
    He's an "established" consciousness.

    But, when he was 22, 23, whooooaaa,
    wiiiiide open, tore up masf.

    Mid-life wipes off the operating system. Start over. Good thing.

    Painful though.