Friday, January 25, 2008

The attack mentality

I had a thought while I was in London with the Sheriff-Mr M- AFC Adam crew. It actually started when I was reading a great book called " how to be like Mike". Not suprisingly the book was about Michael Jordan. And yes I'm sure this is my 5,0089 MJ reference. I also quote the departed and V for Vendetta a lot. Deal.

But in this book there was a section where MJ was talking about exerting your will and coming back harder every time you encounter resistance. I started thinking about game(again a shocker I know) When most guys are out, they get hit with a bad reaction and they get totally wrapped up in their heads. They start to think about all the bad things that have happened, or could happen in the future, and they lose sight of the purpose of being out. To get the girl. The only way to get the girl is to keep hitting sets. keep attacking, keep making moves and going into the next set harder then you went into the last one. That's the only way to have success is developing tunnel vision and focusing on making things happen. Next.

I'll expand more on this later probably in the teleconference.



  1. PUA! at the Disco3:49 PM

    totally sweet post. i use this in pretty much every aspect of my life. plus, i always feel a renewed sense of motivation when i start thinking like this.

    oh and a review of the toecutter seminar would be wicked sweet. and when i say that, i mean totally awesome.

  2. Fader8:32 PM

    Then hopefully you wont let my crushing defeat of you at Drinks and NHL deter you from letting me take you and savoy out again in Vegas.

  3. dope post, helping me through my drought at the mo


  4. Xander2:04 AM

    I learned more from MJ than I did my own father. He's really an inspiration. I met him at basketball camp when I was 10 and I cried when he left.

  5. Almost done with school, man. I can see the light! Thinking Gabe and I might hit up a road trip and stop in dallas to say whats up. Just got a new celly so text or call and hit me with the digits.

    Keep it gangster...

  6. Welsh_Dragon6:02 PM

    Nice post m8. Live life always this way.

  7. Vstar1:28 PM

    Sinn, this is a great post. Thanks!

    I referred to it in my new blog, and wanted to make sure that it's ok with you?



  8. Vstar9:29 PM

    Sorry bra, here's the link:

    Looks like maybe I should consider blogspot if I want to stay in tune with the rest