Sunday, January 13, 2008

Future Retires...

So a lot of people have been commenting about Future retiring, it's true.

He officially retired a few weeks ago.

We're not planning on having a DVD of it anytime soon, though I will be teaching it in London this coming weekend.

It will be sad for me, because I had a lot of fun doing bootcamps with him, but I ultimately think that it's the best thing he could do for himself.

If you read his blog before he tore it down, you can probably piece together what happened, but it involved a girl finding out about all this stuff and his feelings about teaching.

He will be missed.



  1. Hey Sinn,
    If you want to catch the Barcelona game on the 15th jan, I have a spare ticket! Let me know if your around.R

  2. I wish Future all the best in his pursuits.. He's a great guy.

    I think his quitting had more to do with realizing what your true passions are and the importance of pouring 100% of your limited resources into it.

    Teaching MM is probably one of the biggest life commitments out there short of marriage.

    I don't know how you guys do it.


  3. yeah it is sad, I loved future's perspective on things, he mentioned a new seduction free blog, do you know the link?

    His movie reviews were always good.

  4. massive_damage1:01 PM

    THough I never met him personally, I will also miss Future and his blog for entirely selfish reasons.

    There's a lot of guys writing a lot of stuff in the community, but he was only one who you could actually enjoy the WRITING as well as the content. It was the only 'community writing' I've ever seen that could stand on its own whether it was a community or non-community guy reading it.

    I will miss his emotional honesty and genuine love of the language.

  5. what was the old link to the blog that is gone now?

  6. Yeah, at first I thought he was being a huge pussy for shutting it down, and I guess I still sort of do.

    But fundamentally, being a teacher of seduction skills is really not very high value to women, and it freaks them out.

    There is nothing wrong with making a blog about having an awesome life (all aspects of it) and we all enjoyed reading his words on that, so hopefully he continues that in some fashion. Shutting it down was rather drastic.

  7. The Sleeper8:01 PM

    I wonder what happened.

  8. 30plus3:07 PM

    There's no Future at TMM!